Riverside Banning Mobile Dispensaries As Well?

When somebody mentions California, two things that instantly pop up are The Governator and marijuana. Over time, both became brands that California was known for and Cali became USA’s own personal Amsterdam. We already covered all theRead more ›

Measure F or Measure D?

Giving the power to the municipalities to ban dispensaries never sounded like a good idea. However, on May 6th, 2013 the Supreme Court of California did just that. Cities in particular now have the power to decideRead more ›

Illinois Medical Marijuana Update

Just recently, a bunch of lawmakers in the Senate approved of a medical marijuana legislation in Illinois that basically allows patients with certain medical conditions to rely on medical marijuana in order to ease their pain. TheRead more ›

More Dispensary Shutdowns in California

Just when we thought things are finally getting better with the undergoing medical marijuana reform, we get jumped by the news of the month. A dozen of dispensaries in California just received a “threatening” letter from theRead more ›

Proposition D in Los Angeles

With all eyes on California right now, many dispensary owners have found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nobody wants to see their dispensary closed for good. The announcement regarding the upcoming shutdown ofRead more ›

San Bernardino Dispensary Closed

As we previously reported, the Justice Department is taking steps in shutting down most of the illegal operating dispensaries that have spread across California during the recent years. However, last Monday, the California Supreme Court also permittedRead more ›

Operating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

As a consequence of medical marijuana legalization, dispensaries are either fully operational by now or are planned to open in the near future. In order to open a medical marijuana dispensary, you’d have to be located inRead more ›