Medical Marijuana Cards and Marijuana Doctors

medical marijuana card

It is essential that you have a medical marijuana card if you wish to use medical marijuana legally. A licensed marijuana doctor can help you to get a medical marijuana card.

We have published a doctors directory to help you find the right medical marijuana doctor in your local area.

Marijuana can be used to treat many medical conditions. However there are considerable differences in medical marijuana laws between the states.

If you are travelling into another state with medical marijuana be sure to make yourself aware of the medical marijuana laws.

Medical Marijuana Cards and State Laws

  • Each legal state allows for different conditions to be treated with marijuana. Click on the state links below to find out which conditions are allowed to be treated with cannabis and what you need to get a medical marijuana card.
  • The vast majority of the states will not allow non residents to qualify for a medical marijuana card. However Arizona and Maine will allow non residents to apply for a medical marijuana card. We are unsure whether Delaware will accept non residents once their medical marijuana program has been set up.
  • Unfortunately it is still unclear whether medical marijuana patients visiting these states are allowed to use marijuana: Alaska and New Jersey.

We would love to hear your experience with medical marijuana doctors below.

Doctors’ Support for Medical Marijuana

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