Can medical marijuana be used to treat Bipolar?

A recent study conducted in Glen Oaks hospital in New York, showed that marijuana could have a beneficial effect on neurocognitive functions of patients with bipolar disorder.  The study was performed on 200 BD patients, 50 ofRead more ›

Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

Because fibromyalgia is a syndrome – that is a condition with a whole variety of symptoms – it is very difficult to be specific about the best strains to use. However, there is one marijuana strain that seems to receive more plaudits than any other when used to treat this condition.

Fight against Federal Crackdown in San Diego

I seem to be reading (and writing) a lot about folk taking up the fight against the recent federal onslaught on Californian medical marijuana dispensaries and cooperatives. Now a tale from San Diego

Dr Tod’s List

Dr. Tod Mikuriya began to study medical marijuana while he was still in medical school and, ultimately, became head of the NIH (National Institute of Health) non-classified marijuana research program

Chico Battle, California

Residents of the beautiful Chico, in the Northern Sacramento valley of California, say a new ordinance outlaws medical marijuana dispensaries and safe access

Israel and Cannabis

Read Montel Williams’ thoughts on his marijuana fact-finding mission to Israel.

Finding The Best Dispensaries Near you

Whether you are troubled by Anxiety or Alzheimer’s, Migraine or Multiple Sclerosis, you can find and compare Marijuana Dispensaries in your area, sort the dispensary directory by the in-home delivery option or amount and type of medicinal marijuana needed.

Medical Marijuana in Prague

News today that a government body in the Czech Republic is drafting a new medical marijuana law.

California Drafting 2012 Ballot for Medical Marijuana

Advocates of medical marijuana in California said yesterday – Tuesday 25 October 2011 – that a 2012 ballot initiative is being drafted calling for state-wide regulation of the mushrooming medical marijuana business.

Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

Did you know that there are twelve states that have decriminalized possession of cannabis for personal use and that Mississippi is one of them?

Medical Marijuana and Amyloidosis

How often have you seen Amyloidosis on the list of conditions suitable for medical marijuana treatment and wondered what on earth it is? We give you the low-down on this rare medical condition

The hijacking of Medical Weed

The muscular young man with greasy hair, tattered clothing and a menacing demeanor sauntered into a Los Angeles fast-food emporium the other day, his breath reeking of liquor and his demands very frank.

Medical Marijuana in Louisana

If you are a Louisana resident needing to use marijuana for medical reasons, then you can help change things for the better.

Medical Marijuana and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cannabis has been shown to have powerful immune-modulation and anti-inflammatory properties; both of which are of great relevance to sufferers of rheumatoid arthitis…

Medical Marijuana and Alcohol Abuse

There have been numerous reports of marijuana being used to ‘cure’ alcohol abuse but, as any alcoholic would tell you, this is simply the substitution of one addiction with another but is there a case of supplanting booze with weed…

Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

We walk you through the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program which was given the green light by Governor Chris Christie on July 19 2011

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