Montana’s Regulations

Montana was never a shining example on how to regulate the use of medical marijuana. Over the years, that actually escalated into a huge problem. The medical marijuana boom turned into a bubble because of its rapidRead more ›

Medical Marijuana in Oregon Could Flourish

Whenever you go into a business venture, regardless of the fact what kind of business that would be, you have to have a business plan. That business plan usually holds a profit/loss projection for the next fiveRead more ›

Illinois Medical Marijuana Update

Just recently, a bunch of lawmakers in the Senate approved of a medical marijuana legislation in Illinois that basically allows patients with certain medical conditions to rely on medical marijuana in order to ease their pain. TheRead more ›

Proposition D in Los Angeles

With all eyes on California right now, many dispensary owners have found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nobody wants to see their dispensary closed for good. The announcement regarding the upcoming shutdown ofRead more ›

Maryland almost legalizes Medical Marijuana

Last Thursday, gov. O’Malley signed the measure that although favorable to medical marijuana does not actually legalize the use of medical marijuana in Maryland. In addition, he also signed the death penalty repeal, bills against cyber bullying,Read more ›

The Future of Marijuana

When we recap some of the events that have happened during the last year and a half, we realize that there are now 18 states that have legalized medical marijuana and two other states that allow recreationalRead more ›

Illinois Voting For a Medical Marijuana Bill

Once upon a time in 1976, somebody actually dared to mention how marijuana might have medicinal properties, which shouldn’t be ignored. Then, Robert Randall, an avid medical marijuana advocate and the founder of Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics,Read more ›

Want to Grow Marijuana Legally?

We get asked how someone can become a 100% legally licensed marijuana grower all the time. We also offer a complete package to start your own legal marijuana business. Here are the steps you must follow: 1)Read more ›

Michigan Medical Marijuana Changes Pt. II

Caregivers affected by the regulations Caregivers might be facing a different problem altogether since they will be facing some new rules as well. In example, let’s say you’re a caregiver who has a sick wife at homeRead more ›

Michigan Medical Marijuana Changes Pt. I

Michigan legalized marijuana for medical purposes way back in 2008. Obviously, the law wasn’t intended for everyone but solely for people suffering from specific illnesses, like cancer or chronic pain, for example. True, you could list aRead more ›

Wyoming’s Medical Marijuana Case

The City of Wyoming is currently dealing with a medical marijuana patient with diabetes who has challenged an ordinance from 2010 that states it’s illegal to cultivate marijuana in Grand Rapids suburb according to local zoning laws.Read more ›

Kind For Cures Dispensary

We all know that medical marijuana is not exactly breaking news in California. In fact, medical marijuana dispensaries are popping all over the place. However, amidst all this serious business of legalization and regulation, sometimes its goodRead more ›

Update on the medical marijuana battle in Ohio

Ohio is thinking about putting the medical marijuana issue on a ballot so the people could actually vote on whether they want to legalize medical marijuana or not. However, there are groups, communities, organizations that are tryingRead more ›

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