Washington State Marijuana Update Pt. II

If taxes on recreational marijuana increase, two markets would emerge, one for medical and one for recreational marijuana. According to Rep. Reuven Carlyle, that’s not good. We should be working towards a single market, one that willRead more ›

Washington State Marijuana Update Pt. I

It’s so interesting to write about the implementation of marijuana regulations because what we’re witnessing here is history in the making. Ever since Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, the heat over those two statesRead more ›

Debunking Marijuana In The Newspapers

These days, you can prove anything. The Internet is such a vast library of information that it’s getting hard to distinguish right from wrong. You can find as many arguments to prove your point and to debunkRead more ›

A First Hand Medical Marijuana Success Story

Attitudes towards medical marijuana are shifting slowly but surely. Research on medical marijuana is somewhat extensive but still scarce in terms of the actual studies conducted in strictly regulated conditions. There are numerous articles around the webRead more ›

More Dispensary Shutdowns in California

Just when we thought things are finally getting better with the undergoing medical marijuana reform, we get jumped by the news of the month. A dozen of dispensaries in California just received a “threatening” letter from theRead more ›

San Bernardino Dispensary Closed

As we previously reported, the Justice Department is taking steps in shutting down most of the illegal operating dispensaries that have spread across California during the recent years. However, last Monday, the California Supreme Court also permittedRead more ›

Two New Marijuana Bills in Colorado

For some reason, these two new bills that have been floating around the House lately infuriated medical marijuana activists. We jumped on our seats thinking Colorado might be criminalizing marijuana again. That’s pretty much the only thingRead more ›

Medical Marijuana Research Blocked

University of Massachusetts Professor Lyle Craker wanted to plant some weed in order to start working on his own scientific research that is, obviously, directly connected to this particular plant. However, what Lyle didn’t know was thatRead more ›

Operating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

As a consequence of medical marijuana legalization, dispensaries are either fully operational by now or are planned to open in the near future. In order to open a medical marijuana dispensary, you’d have to be located inRead more ›

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Discrepancy

For some reason, you really have to admire some of the states that have legalized medical marijuana yet totally failed to implement the desperately needed regulations. One of those states is Connecticut, which legalized medical marijuana inRead more ›

Oregon Updating Medical Marijuana Regulations

Oregon just found itself amidst a booming medical marijuana industry and like any rookie; it’s a bit lost among the new crowd. There are 53,000 registered medical marijuana patients in Oregon and that’s a crowd you cantRead more ›

Questionable Dispensary Ban in Massachusetts

Massachusetts was never intended to have it easy as far as medical marijuana was concerned. Even after Question 3 was voted for, which consequently legalized cannabis use for medical purposes, there was some doubt that this willRead more ›

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