Budtender Traits

Managing a cannabis dispensary is not an easy task. After filing all the necessary paperwork, applying to the relevant licenses and finally opening your business to the public, you need to find the best employees to make sure your customers leave happy and satisfied.

As the legal cannabis industry is a relatively new one, finding experienced candidates is harder than in other areas. However, there are 5 Essential Characteristics that you must look for while interviewing your potential employees to make sure they will be the right fit for your business.

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While it is not necessary to be a botanic expert, every good budtender must be familiar with the different strains available in the market and their related properties. An important part of every interview you conduct must include several questions for you to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of the different varieties of Cannabis. A good budtender will also know about the commonly used extraction methods, CBD concentrations, cannabinoids and terpenes.

If you believe that the candidate does not fulfill your expectations in this area, try to evaluate their willingness to learn. If a person seems keen on gaining knowledge, you can consider the option of training or enrolling him or her into one of the many cannabis crash courses available in the market.


As mentioned previously, it is not easy to find potential employees with extensive experience in the cannabis industry. However, if you manage to find a candidate who has worked even at the entry positions of a marijuana business, this could save a lot of time and money on trainings.

While experience is certainly an asset, make sure to ask for references from your candidate’s previous position and double-check their authenticity. Giving a quick call to a former employer can make the difference between a great hire and a regrettable one.


A budtender is the person having direct contact with customers and therefore friendliness is a key aspect. A person who is open, talkative and charming certainly has more chances of selling a product than a shy or unconvincing one. While this characteristic is rather subjective, your first impressions on the candidate will play a key role here.

During any job interview, a candidate is trying to sell their services to the potential employee. If you have a good impression and feel motivated to hire this person, chances are your customers will be similarly inspired to make a purchase.


While every business requires employees to be punctual and committed, the cannabis industry is especially vulnerable to unprofessional personnel. A good budtender must never disclose any medical information from patients, keeping strict confidentiality and maintaining a friendly but professional rapport with every customer.

To evaluate a candidate’s commitment and professionalism, having a look at his or her previous work experience is also useful. Traits such as punctuality, problem-solving skills and teamwork are positive signs that you are about to make a good hire.


The positive side of the legal cannabis industry’s relatively young age in the United States is that there is wide room for innovation. While there are key steps to follow and guidelines to comply with, cannabis dispensaries simply do not have enough models of success to base themselves on.

A perceptive employee who is willing to identify a problem and come up with creative solutions is something that every cannabis business owner must look for. With the future of legal marijuana being brighter than ever, every contribution to process-simplification is a positive one.


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