wake and bake

The Science Behind A Wake And Bake

Why do so many people like to consume marijuana in the morning? What’s really going on in a wake and bake? If you’ve ever consumed marijuana in the morning, you may have found yourself wondering about theRead more ›

Valentine’s Day: A Cannabis Gift Guide

Have you checked your calendar recently? It’s time to decide what to get your valentine. Now, you could go with the standard bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates and a teddy bear, but let’s be real —Read more ›

Seasonal Affective Disorder marijuana

How Marijuana Can Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Experts estimate seasonal affective disorder, aka SAD, affects about 10 million Americans. Marijuana may help. Experts estimate seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, affects about 10 million Americans. This disorder occurs when mild feelings of depressionRead more ›

eating raw marijuana

Can Raw Marijuana Be Eaten?

The question that people ask themselves is if they can get high from raw marijuana, the simple answer to this is no. To get the best out of marijuana when it comes to getting high, then theRead more ›

cbd preventative

CBD as Preventative Medicine

Highlights: Research has indicated that CBD has benefits which could include a reduction in the risk of cancer, metabolic disorders, and anti-inflammatory properties. Small doses of cannabinoids have been found to stimulate new nerve cells in animalsRead more ›

marijuana and banking

Marijuana and Banking, are we finding a solution?

Marijuana-related businesses have experienced a problem with regards to getting a bank account. This has been mostly because banks have denied them the opportunity to open accounts even where marijuana has been legalized citing reasons related toRead more ›

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