CBD for dogs in pain
March 19, 2019

CBD for dogs in pain can bring that comfort home. Top tips you need to know

In addition to treating anxiety, cannabidiol (CBD) can provide relief for dogs living with pain.…
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Skin Conditions CBD
March 18, 2019

3 Skin Conditions CBD can help you with

With the recent legal changes in the United States, many companies have begun using cannabidiol…
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CBD Oil and MCT
March 12, 2019

CBD Oil and MCT: The Perfect Combination

Whether you want to buy CBD products to help you relieve any chronic or traumatic…
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January 4, 2019

Canada gets prepared for Cannabis Edibles and Creams

The Cannabis Act (also known as Bill C-45) legalized recreational cannabis use nationwide in Canada.…
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cbd muscle recovery
December 6, 2018

Can CBD assist Muscle recovery?

There is some extra hype around CBD these days. Currently, CBD oils have been the…
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medical marijuana holiday season
December 3, 2018

7 Benefits of Medical Marijuana During the Holiday Season

Have you cooked dinner for 20 people? Bought presents for everyone? Don’t forget about decorating…
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winter blues
December 1, 2018

Winter Blues? Give Old Man Winter The Slip

Dark days and long nights can bring a low mood. If the winter blues have…
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Bong Brands
November 14, 2018

Top Ten Best Bong Brands of All Time

It’s time for you to buy a new bong. You know what style you want,…
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Marijuana Penny Stocks
November 12, 2018

All You Need to Know About Marijuana Penny Stocks

Since the marijuana industry has received so much hype, you can also expect that the…
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CBD Oil For Dog Seizures
November 7, 2018

The Effects of CBD Oil For Dog Seizures

We’re all familiar with how humans can have seizures and how there has been research…
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Medical marijuana UK
legalization of marijuana
November 6, 2018

Medical marijuana products now available on prescription in the UK

For the first time, medical marijuana products can now be prescribed to some patients across…
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CBD oil for dogs with seizures
October 31, 2018

Can CBD Oil Help for Dogs with Seizures?

If you did not know, it is also possible for a dog to end up…
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