What a Marijuana Plant Needs to Grow Fast

Cannabis legalization is spreading all around the world. Many people are finally legally allowed to grow marijuana. Due to which many people are thinking about it. They feel growing marijuana is a complicated process, but it is just because you have not been given accurate information. Several people unintentionally make growing hard than it needs.

Growing cannabis requires constant attention, and this process consumes a lot of time. It is a tiresome task when one thinks about the fact that it takes five to six months. So if you want to grow fast, then this article will prove helpful and tell everything you need.

Actually growing cannabis is a straightforward process and anyone with a garden in the backyard or spare closet and few extra minutes in a day can grow his own professional-quality buds at home.

Understand What Does a Marijuana Plant Need to Thrive?

Every cannabis plant needs:

  • Moderate Temperature
  • Light
  • Air
  • Water
  • Growing Medium
  • Nutrients

When you come to grow marijuana plants, make sure you have a proper amount of these six resources.

Choose the Location

Growing marijuana plants inside the home are much more private than growing outside. It also provides you with more control overgrow. Also, an indoor marijuana plant can be surprisingly cheaper.

The indoor growing environment offers you more control over everything, which means that growing indoor allow you to continuously produce dank buds. But make one thing clear your indoor plants require more care than outdoor growing. If you do not provide them everything they need, they will die.

What Place Is Best?

You can grow marijuana plant wherever water and fresh air has easy access. For example, you can use a garage, a spare room, and grow tent. Pruning marijuana plants are easy when you grow indoors. This helps you increase the yield.

When you decide to grow an indoor marijuana plant, make sure to consider the temperature of your place. A young marijuana plant grows fast when the temperature is a bit warmer around 70-85°F. And when the plant is in the flowering stage it is best to keep the temperature around 65-80°F to produce the buds with the best smell, trichome production, and color. In short, temperature plays a significant role when you come to indoor growing.

Grow Light

There are a lot of grow light for cannabis, including sunlight, LED grow light, fluorescent light bulbs, and household bulbs.

When you grow with sunlight, make sure that your plant is getting seven to eight hours of direct sunlight for the better result.

Seed Germination

Beginning your marijuana plant grow adventure with the germination of seed. All the seeds need to start the growing cycle is the right conditions. Seeds won’t germinate until their four specific needs are met accurate temperature, air, water, and location.

When you come to seed sowing place them directly into the medium, I suggest you use a small-medium to start the germination process.

Vegetative Phase

When green leaves of your plant meet the light, photosynthesis begins. In this phase, your plant needs to be exposed to the sun for a minimum of eight hours.

Blooming Period

Blooming period refers to the flowering phase of the marijuana plant. This phase will be exciting because the aroma starts to develop. This is the last phase. After that, the wait will be over, and you can harvest.




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