Finding The Best Bongs of 2018

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Maybe you are a newbie seeking your first bong or a veteran looking to purchase another water pipe for your growing collection. Whatever be the case, knowing what to look for in a bong for the best experience will making the buyer experience much easier.

Which Bong Is Best For You?

This is simple question if you know what you are looking for in a bong and a hard one if you are still confused on what features you want.

The bong which you consider perfect for you might be the worst choice for another. In other words, the best bong for you depends your personal tastes and preferences.

What are the attributes that make up a great bong? It depends on who you ask, really.  Some seek out unique heady bongs that are crafted by glass artists.  For others it’s all about convenience, affordability and a water pipe that won’t break, which is something silicone bongs are perfect for. And some people just want a cool, smooth hit, which is what bongs that feature percolators or diffusers offer.

To make your search for the perfect bong a bit easier, consider the following points:

The material matters

Bongs come in a variety of materials.  Most are made of glass but they can also be made of ceramics, plastic, wood, metal, and silicone.

Usually, the glass bongs are the most sought-after ones. The reason for that is glass bong does not influence the smoke taste and are able to deliver the purest taste to the users. The other materials like ceramics and plastic may give off some of their own taste to the smoke. But it is a good idea to buy bongs that are made up of high-quality durable glass.

Again, there are ceramic bongs, which come in various shapes and designs. But if durability is the main thing that you are looking for then your best bet is to go with a silicone bong, as they are easy to travel with and will not break.

The good looking ones

If stimulating eyes along with mind is what you are seeking. A good looking bong is not a bad idea. You are already spending some bucks for bongs so why not go for something that may even lift up the look of your house along with your mood. This can be easily achieved with the beautifully crafted bongs. It can be a great way to showcase your personality and project your artistic tastes through a nicely designed bong.

Percolators and Diffusers

When buying the right bong it might benefit your experience to know about percolator bongs. Percolators help to deliver a smooth and filtered hit. Percolators are basically water-filled chambers that are built into the bong’s chamber. They work by exposing the smoke to water in the chamber to air bubbles, which cools and filters the smoke. before it is inhaled by the user.

A diffuser is another gadget in a bong which consists of holes. The diffuser helps to filter as well as cool the smoke when it passes through the water. These two are the things to consider when you want easy to inhale smoke giving a smoother hit and no; they do not compromise on your high.

Easy use and easy clean

For some, it is not about the look or the minute taste difference but more about the convenience of the bong use and later it’s cleaning. If you are looking for low maintenance and your main concern is the ease of cleaning, it is better to opt for glass bongs. Since the spots are easier to see in a glass bong, they are a better option to avoid complicated cleaning process after use.

Keep in mind that percolators might be a little complicated to clean and you should also stay away from ceramics and metal bongs if you are trying to avoid the extensive cleaning afterward.

The shape and size

Bongs come in an assortment of shapes. There is the beaker bong, the straight-tube bong, the round-base bongs and the multi-chamber bongs. Each shape focuses more on one aspect of the smoking experience. For example, you should opt for straight-tube bong if you want the strong taste without any dilution in concentration which happens in a wide base. While beaker or round-base bongs provide more stability during smoking.


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