CBD for dogs in pain can bring that comfort home. Top tips you need to know

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CBD for dogs in pain

In addition to treating anxiety, cannabidiol (CBD) can provide relief for dogs living with pain. CBD is a natural, pet-safe compound derived from the cannabis plant that is both non-psychoactive and non-addictive. It helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain for your pooch by affecting the endocannabinoid system. In fact, natural pain management is one of the main reasons dog-owners decide to try CBD. What they often find though, is that it’s a great treatment for a variety of diagnoses, including epilepsy and cancer. Even though humans and dogs have the same endocannabinoid system, always choose a CBD product made specifically for dogs.

Like humans, dogs develop aches and pains as they age. There may be no underlying reason for your dog’s pain other than their senior status, but issues including, joint problems like arthritis or a slipped disk, infection and/or injury can also cause pain. Even though they can’t tell you when they’re in pain, you know your pet better than anyone. Usually you’ll notice some warning signs in their behavior. Here are a few indicators that your pet may be in pain:

  • They’re shying away from pets and playtime.
  • They’re eating less and/or sleeping more.
  • They’re relieving themselves indoors.

Once you’ve decided to try CBD with your pet, arm yourself with knowledge by researching the different types of CBD and which type you think would suit your dog’s needs. Two of the most common types of CBD for dogs are chewable tablets and tinctures. Each have unique pros and cons. For example, tinctures can be difficult to administer but are great for controlling the dosage, while tablets are slightly slower acting but come in dog-friendly flavors. Online retailers like CannaBiDog even carry a tablet with a specific Joint Formula made to maintain healthy hips, joints and cartilage — plus, it tastes like beef! Tinctures are most often administered on an as-needed basis, and even though both tinctures and tablets can be used this way, tablets are best for dogs suffering from chronic pain because they come in a convenient daily dose.

It can be scary to find out that your fur baby is suffering from one of these conditions, but treatments like CBD are available to help. CBD can help your dog reclaim a zest for life, especially if they’ve been suffering from chronic pain for some time. After you do your research, be sure to share your plan with your vet to help refine the dosage.


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