Medical Marijuana: Maryland

marijuana-marylandCannabis for medical use was approved in Maryland May 22. 2003 and became effective on October 1, 2003 via Senate Bill 502/House Bill 702. This law requires the court to consider a defendant’s use of medical marijuana to be a mitigating factor in marijuana-related state prosecution. If the patient, post-arrest, successfully makes the case at trial that his or her use of marijuana is one of medical necessity, then the maximum penalty allowed by law would be a $100 fine.

Since Maryland only provides an affirmative defense in court for medical marijuana patients, there is no real process for becoming a patient other than receiving a valid doctor’s recommendation. Therefore, there is no registration fee, identification card, or list of eligible medical conditions provided. Additionally, Maryland’s medical marijuana law does not state what is considered to be valid written documentation to prove eligibility, or how to find a physician to recommend medical marijuana.

Cannabis Quantities Allowed

Possession: patients may possess less than 1 ounce of marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.  No additional provisions are given concerning the consumption of marijuana for medical reasons.

Cultivation: There are no provisions for the growing of marijuana.


No mention of caregivers is made.

Paraphernalia associated with medical use

Maryland’s medical marijuana law states that: “if the court finds that the person used or possessed drug paraphernalia related to marijuana because of medical necessity, the maximum penalty that the court may impose on the person is a fine not exceeding $100.”

26 January 2010: New Medical Marijuana Legislation for Maryland?

medical marijuana legislation in Maryland has been approved

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  1. I have a medical marijuana license from MI. We own a home in WV. (Husband is contractor and works out of state constantly.) Currently separated and had to move back to WV home. Marijuana license expired and unable to get pain mgmt. in WV. Facing more shoulder surgeries and need to combat pain. How can I find caregiver in my area? I know that I will be breaking the law but WV does not support pain due to so many lawbreakers in my state. I no longer have strength to drive 500 miles one way to pay $1000 for one month supply of medical marijuana. WHO can help with low income patients? Sin to see people take my money without one minute of remorse. But I have no choices. This is what leads people to deadly drugs and alcohol. We need to keep these conversations in the public eye until it is answered.

  2. Hello ,
    Is MML passed in Maryland.I suffer from a spinal cord injury and have a disease called Syringomyalia it is extremely painful and dibilatating without pain meds.I am tired of being addicted to opiates and want MM to help with my pain.If it hasn’t passed what is it going to take and what is the time frame for finalization. Thank you,Tom

  3. Hey my name is Edgar and I have hypertension and anxiety I live In maryland and I saw that we don’t have a M.M. Bill but I was wondering if I’m able to apply to get one from D.C. Because they have one and it’s the closest to my state

  4. Hi I’m Jennifer and i have A.D.H.D I was wondering if I can get a medical marijuana card. I live Maryland.

    • Hello Ms. Jennifer, I was just looking over this medical marijuana blog and saw your question about being able to get a M.M Card here in Maryland. UNFORTUNATELY! Our fellow Marylanders have NOT YET PASSED! a “Medical Marijuana Bill” here in Maryland making marijuana available to those of us in need of it’s medical benefits! and HOPEFULLY! one day soon WE WILL! get a “Medical Marijuana Bill” Passed here in Maryland. So PLEASE! ask your friends to vote for it “IF & WHENEVER” it comes up on a Ballot! Also ask them to ask their friends to do so also! and so on & so on! and as I’ve said “Hopefully!” We’ll get a “Medical Marijuana Bill” Passed soon! Oh Also, Would you go to and sign a petition to have Marijuana “DECRIMINALIZED & RE-CATEGORIZED!” by the FED’s & the DEA! and also ask your friends to do the same! Thank you! Sincerely The Rev.Rob

  5. Where in maryland or D.C. can i get a medical marijuana card?

  6. Interested in which politicians support medical cannibis options for state of Maryland?

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