Can Marijuana Turn You Into A Psychopath

Can marijuana turn you into a psychopath? The everlasting battle between marijuana and psychosis continues. Numerous studies so far have proven that marijuana can cause schizophrenia. Then again, numerous studies have also found that marijuana will not cause schizophrenia. As always, there are several arguments that support both cases. Before we dwell into those arguments, lets just emphasize that marijuana usually becomes a problem if used heavily in your teen years. Basically, the sooner you become a daily user, the more likely you are to have psychotic problems stemming from marijuana consumption. After 28 years of age, after your brain has developed in the neurological department, you can pretty much smoke all the marijuana you want and psychological consequences should be non-existent. Well, at least until somebody comes up with a study that proves marijuana is bad for you until the age of 35.

Can Marijuana Turn You Into A Psychopath?

Schizophrenia & Psychosis

In defense of marijuana, it is safe to say that it doesn’t cause schizophrenia. It is likely that people with psychotic disorders will use drugs in order to alleviate those symptoms and that in turn may cause psychotic symptoms. Look, we’re not fooling anybody here. Obviously, marijuana causes psychotic symptoms; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get high. A certain chemical misbalance does occur in the brain, which is why you talk shit, laugh uncontrollably, have disorganized thoughts, etc. However, to claim that you are permanently damaged does not make any sense really. Then it all comes down to how much marijuana you actually consume. If you are a daily marijuana user and have been using for a longer period of time, you’re not that in touch with reality, no matter how much you convince yourself that you are.

In a nutshell, yes, marijuana can cause psychotic symptoms but to claim that it causes schizophrenia is a bit far fetched. For instance, people are smoking pot today more than ever and we have seen no increase in patients suffering from schizophrenia – the percentage still lingers around 1%. Also, if you are suffering from any other type of psychosis or if you are from a family that has exhibited psychotic behavior then yes – you are likely to suffer from a psychotic seizure if you smoke marijuana. However, if there are no genes to support your psychotic behavior, then you can pretty much consume all the marijuana you want.

Education Is The Mother of Salvation

Then again, there are studies that prove marijuana will turn you into a psychopath since there are more cases of people showing up at emergency rooms because they are suffering from marijuana induced psychotic episodes. What the public has to keep in mind is that most of these causes are induced because of the high potency of currently available marijuana. Most casual smokers aren’t that educated on marijuana strains, whether they’re dealing with indicas or sativas, or let alone which strain is high or low in potency. If a casual marijuana smoker encounters a strain such as Bruce Banner #3 or Super Lemon Haze, then the ER might seem like the next logical step.

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