Our goal is to help promote the legalization of medical marijuana. All people with these medical conditions should be able to purchase medicinal marijuana without fear of breaking the law.

To get medical marijuana in the USA, follow these steps:

  1. Determine whether it is legal to use marijuana in the state you live in to treat your medical condition(s).
  2. Find a marijuana doctor in your local area, the clinic will be able to determine whether you qualify for medical weed, to treat your condition. If you qualify they will be able to provide you with a medical cannabis card.
  3. When you have your medical marijuana card, you will then be able to purchase legal marijuana from a local marijuana dispensary.

We recently started our marijuana forum to provide our visitors with another way to interact with each other.

If you are thinking about starting a medical marijuana business, opening a dispensary can be lucrative and fulfilling, you get to provide medicine to people in need.

One of the main reasons I started the blog was to make people realise that marijuana may be the best drug to treat their medical condition(s). It has low side affects and is less addictive than many prescription medications.