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It’s simple really, smoke, no matter where it comes from, contains carcinogens (cancer causing agents). So, if you think you are avoiding the harmful effects of smoking by eliminating the tobacco in your joint, think again. Smoke from marijuana is just as toxic as smoke from tobacco. Among the by-products of burning weed are the polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons – the number one suspect in tobacco related cancers. The nicotine in cigarette smoke doesn’t cause any major problems (it does cause some minor ones, but it won’t kill you). Likewise, the THC in weed doesn’t cause any problems either. Combustion is the killer.

So, long story short, cut out the smoke and you cut out any serious health risks.

How Vaporizers Work

All vaporizers, whatever the price, employ a source of heat to bring the marijuana or other herb/plant material to just below combustion point – that is to just before smoke is produced. For cannabis the relevant temperature is 180°C to 200°C – that’s 356° – 392° Fahrenheit.

A variety of heat sources are used, depending upon the price of the vaporizer. However, the heat sources can be largely categorized as:

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

Remember those high school science lessons? Well, this is where that knowledge becomes useful.

Conduction Vaporizers

These were earliest vaporizers and they still have a place in the market today. The simplest of the heat sources and, therefore, the cheapest to buy, conduction vaporizers work by putting the herb directly on a metal heating plate.

Convection Vaporizers

This is where the more expensive type of vaporizer enters the market; in convection vaporizers, hot air is passed through the marijuana. The effect of this is faster and more efficient release of the volatile compounds (THC, CBD, CBN). At no time does the cannabis come into contact with the heat source.

Radiation Vaporizers

Remember setting fire to pieces of paper by using the sun and a magnifying glass? That is an example of radiant heat. Heat is directed onto the herb, which releases its vapors as it warms up. The resulting vapors are undiluted and of measurable quality, which means that this type of vaporizer is ideal for medicinal use as doses can be accurately measured.

Vaporizer Reviews

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing daily reviews of the most popular vaporizers and, as always, we welcome your feedback.


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  • Alejandro says:

    To recover form a marijuana dependency or addiction, they must first eliminate their cravings for the drug.
    Like anything else, there are several ways to go about this.
    That’s why there are countries that forbid the use of such plant to prevent psychological effects to become abundant.

  • Digital vaporizer says:

    It’s simple really, smoke, no matter where it comes from, contains carcinogens (cancer causing agents). So, if you think you are avoiding the harmful effects of smoking by eliminating the tobacco in your joint, think again.

  • Kyle says:

    for those who say marijuana smoke causes cancer i will happily prove you wrong i do studies for the medical marijuana and a few doctors have used the medicine on rats and humans a human smoking marijuana for 30 years was founded with no cancer no smoke damage to lungs and was healther than he should have been for his age… as for the rat it lived 5 years past a normal rats life span.

  • Mona says:

    REally….How many documented cases have there been of people dying of smoking marijuana. Is it really the smoke? Or is it the nicotine from cigarretes that causes the cancer.

  • Thanks for that great post. Visit medical marijuana orange county to see how we’re helping.

  • Michael Hofstad says:

    Correction, Vapes Get Rid Of Most, If Not All Carcinogens!

    So I’ll Tell You Like I Tell All Them Other Jealous Peeps……Back The Fxxx Off!

    Marijuana may not cure illnesses, but people who use it….forget about all the drama, all their problems and more meaning they can be themselves and show no care for what people like you think.

    Pot to me is like…Chocolate! It’s something everyone can joy!

    P.s Unintelligent person who posted the comment….I’m tired of you non smokers tyring to put your 2 cents where it don’t belong.

    Vaporizers heat weed to where the thc evaporates….not burns…Carcinogens come from burning material and inhaling the smoke….Vapes ain’t smoke…..use one before you open your mouth just cause your teacher told you it was bad.

    Smoking a joint will give you cancer…..vapes will not!

  • Don says:

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