Vaporite Inc introduced the Vaporite Vaporizer to the market in 2007. The Vaporite is a box-style, direct inhalation vaporizer. It is made in China.


  • Digital Temperature Gauge
  • Hands-free Whip
  • Hardwood Construction
  • Glass Encased Ceramic Heating Rod

Vaporite Vaporizer in Use

  • Heat up time 3 to 5 minutes
  • Temperature range to 496°F
  • The advice is to heat to maximum temperature for 5 minutes, then reduce to 360°C for 1 minute before you begin vaping
  • Drawing very gently will help prevent your herb from burning
  • 90 day limited warranty

Included with the Vaporite Vaporizer vaporite vaporizer

  • Vaporizer Unit
  • 2 Hands Free Vapor Whips
  • Aromatherapy Bulb
  • Wood Stir Tool
  • 2 5/8″ Replacement Screens
  • Power Cord 110V
  • Instruction Manual

Vaporite Vaporizer User Comments

  • I have a vaporite so trust me.. turn it up all the way.. it goes to like 496.. it takes like 15 min. to get up all the way. grind up the weed pack it in the whip, you have to take long hits but you dont have to pull hard
  • The Hands Free Technology, Digital Temperature Display, and affordable pricing make the Vaporite Vaporizer a solid entry level Vaporizer for the novice vaporizer user
  • I hate this. I have a iolite and an aroma basic. I saw this one at a smokeshop off of hollywood blvd. the box looked old but the price was right. so i bought it and when i got home to use it it took so long to heat up like seriously 15 or 20 minutes. and even then it wasnt great. terrible

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