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The Vapolution Vaporizer is manufactured by Vapolution who are located in Chico, California, USA. It’s a portable device as it comes with a battery pack and also the additional 12v car adapter. It uses the direct inhale method of vaporization. The battery pack comes at a cost as the area you put your herb in is rather small which somewhat limits the size of hits you can get off it.

Vapolution Vaporizer Features:

The Vapolution vaporizer is made from all glass, Vapolutions big selling point. This means that the heating element is glass / ceramic and the bowl is all glass. No plastic, no metal, no screens but this means small pieces of herb can fall through the bowl, this is why people use screens of course. We are not sure what is wrong with ceramic as it is inert, so too are most metals but still glass can make for a fantastic vaporizer. The mouthpiece is made from 100% borosilicate glass which Vapolution claim is ‘carburated for better airflow’.

The basic Vapolution vaporizer package includes the vaporizer itself, in a choice of black or green, a 12v direct current power supply and a car adapter, one medium and one small glass bowl, two vinyl whips, and two retaining washers.

The Vapolution herbal vaporizer is built to last a long time. It’s the ‘work horse’ style of vaporizer. The unit comes delivered in a plain brown colored box, with popcorn packing peanuts and the glass wrapped in bubble wrap. There is no assembly required, you just plug it in and wait maybe 4 – 5 minutes before it can be used but we think it is always a good idea to keep your vaporizer on for a full 30 minutes before the first use, this extra heat will help burn off any unwanted manufacturing tastes.

Vapolution Vaporizer in Use:

Insert one of the glass bowls into one of the vinyl tubes.  You may find it easier to immerse the whip into some boiling water for a few seconds if you are using the larger of the two bowls, as it is a tight fit.  Then place one of the retainers over the bowl this is simply to prevent the bowl from damaging the glass heater cover.

Connect the vaporizer to the power supply and flick the illuminated switch to turn the Vapolution on. Set the temperature to the highest point so that the heater heats up quickly, and then turn the temperature down.  You will find your own preferred temperature after you’ve used the kit a couple of times.  Pack the bowl with your herbs.  The manufacturers recommend that you roll your herbs and do not chop them (rumour has it that they tend to fall out of this vaporizer quite often!).  Inhale through the mouthpiece.

The unit can be allowed to run for a surprisingly long eight hours with no apparent problem, although it should not be left unattended, simply because of the increased danger of fire if you leave any heated device unsupervised.  Speaking of fire, the Vapolution is a well insulated device with two fire walls, so you’ll be heating the herbs and not the room!  It also means that the unit can be picked up without risk of burnt fingers.

Cleaning is a matter of soapy water for the whips and rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit for the glass components.

As far as consumables are concerned, replacement bowls are available at around $5 each.  Also available are colored glass mouthpieces, which look very like the glassware provided by the Silver Surfer people.  They will cost around $10 which will add a little color to your life with one of these mouthpieces.

The Vapolution Vaporizer kit includes:

  • Vapolution is a direct inhalation style glass on glass vaporizer
  • The Vapolution vaporizer is a direct inhale style vaporizer
  • Mains operated, power cord length is unknown however there is an additional battery pack available
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Glass ceramic heat element
  • Glass on glass chassis construction
  • Build location – unknown but we believe it is in Chico, Northern California
  • 12VDC power supply
  • 1 Car adapter
  • 2 Glass bowls (1 Medium and 1 Large)
  • 2 Food grade 3.5 foot long whips
  • Dimensions are unknown
  • Vapolution heat up time is around 4 – 5 minutes
  • Warranty, the two engineers, originally from Chico State University who own the Vapolution Company are so confident in the quality and build of their product that they offer a life-time warranty against manufacturing defects.  They also offer a one-time replacement of your Vapolution, with no questions asked,

The basic package is around $150 with the ‘Ultimate Special’ at around $250 which gets you the 2 hour battery pack and charger, an ‘all-in-wonder’ bowl, 2 ‘buddy bowls’ and 2 coloured mouthpieces.

We have heard that the lack of screen means that fine pieces of herb can get inhaled or drop into the unit. We have also heard that because of the long narrow bowl herbs such as marijuana may not be uniformly heated and vaporized with some burning occurring at the end closest to the heater.

Vapolution Vaporizer User Comments

  • “I like the all glass vapeing but the narrow design of the Vapolution does cause some problems, it limits the amount of herbs and airflow. I get less hits off my Vapolution than I do with my Da Buddah but there is not a lot in it. They shipped it to me in the UK, got here in about 10 days.”
  • “Not a timed battery run (I got a little stoned) with the Vapolution but it got through a 2 hour movie and then faded. I do feel like I can get up in the morning and leave it on, unlike my Da Buddah which is a little more open to the elements and my Herbalaire which cuts off after 30 minutes. I do think though the element gets very hot and buds will burn if left in there, even at low temperatures. ”
  • “It’s not plastic coated the shell/housing is ceramic. The inside is semi-filled with mica flakes. Air comes in through the top of the tube where the bowl is inserted.
  • “The digital temperature readout is a good thing to have for sure in some of the more expensive models. But I like to avoid all the plastic tubing, plastic pieces, plastic bags and metal screens. It tastes so much better.”

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