The Iolite vaporizer is manufactured by Oglesby & Butler who have been creating gas powered tools since 1984 and are located in Carlow, Republic of Ireland.

The iolite vaporizer is a small, hand held vaporizer of mainly plastic (zenite) construction with a stainless steel herb chamber; it is regarded as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market with 1000s sold in just a couple of years.Iolite Vape

The iolite vaporizer only uses FDA approved food and medical grade plastics, thus adhering to the ISO: 9001 -2001 quality guidelines.

The iolite uses a similar temperature controller to the Volcano vaporizer but a different heating system.

The iolite has a patented flameless gas catalytic conversion heating system and thermostatic temperature gauge. You fill the iolite with gas just like you would with a refillable gas lighter. Then once the iolite is switched on it initiates a catalytic reaction between butane and oxygen, to give heat, it is claimed, within 45 seconds.

The catalytic conversion makes the gas become completely inert; there is an exhaust system in place to expel any leftover butane simply as water.

Iolite Vaporizer Features

  • Direct inhalation vaporizer direct from the small strawIolite Vaporizer
  • Portable, hand held only 2.8 oz / 81 grams
  • Static temperature, not adjustable
  • Plastic (zenite), stainless steel
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Heat system is via butane, no heat element as such
  • Built in Ireland
  • No batteries but requires gas refills like a refillable lighter would*
  • Use time is claimed to be 120 minutes per refill
  • Patented design http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20100024834
  • Warranty – The iolite herbal vaporizer offered by Oglesby & Butler comes with a two year warranty.

*Iolite recommend using gas refills from lighter brands: Vector, Colibri, Newport, Dunhill, Braun, Xikar, and Power with ‘5x refined’ being the best quality – these cost about $10 for a 320 ml bottle.

Iolite manufacturers claim that there is a thermostatically controlled bi-metal regulator which maintains a consistent temperature of 374 ° F (190 °C).

Iolite claim that 374° degrees Fahrenheit (190° degrees centigrade) is the perfect temperature for vaporizing “your blend” but we would suggest that the lack of temperature control could be an issue and we know for a fact that marijuana, or more specifically cannabinoids, will usually begin to vaporize at 285 °F (140°C) through to 392°F (200°C) so you will miss out on the low end.

The iolite cordless vaporizer is truly a portable vaporizer. It lasts up to two hours on a single refill and is made by a company with 25 years’ experience in the ‘gas tools’ industry.


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  • thomas says:

    iolite vaporizer used a plastic mouth piece which would get slightly warm. Thankfully, the iolite company recognized this problem and is now using a metal mouth piece which can be used for extended periods of time with no noticable difference in heat.

  • I love vaporizer says:

    Iolite vaporizer is really a good vaporizer. I also like the NO2 but I prefer the draw i get with the iolite.
    Definitively i would love to control the temp of my iolite…

    Good review 🙂

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