The Hot Box vaporizer is manufactured by 1 Source Products who are located in California, USA.  Hot Box Vaporizers

Hot Box vaporizers are generally fairly simply made, yet are an effective, solid style of vaporizer. The vaporizers are constructed from tile or stone such as onyx, marble and fossil. They also come in colours such as Ebony Mother, Scarlet and Cobalt Blue. The tile boxes are painted in a huge variety of styles including flames, one colours, pictures of girls, spiders, Rasta, Rubik’s cube, money… you name it. They certainly offer some funky products, many are one-offs and custom artwork can be requested.

Hot Box herbal vaporizers claim that the stone and tile construction is patented, with part of that patent being a ‘highly engineered heat source allows the Hot Box to heat-up and sustain its optimal temperature more efficiently’.

The Hot Box vaporizer uses a ‘highly engineered ceramic nichrome heating element’. The Hot Box Vaporizer is used with standard glass vapor whips, or vapor wands as the manufacturer named them. This means that you would use the Hot Box Vaporizer with a glass vapor whip held to the heating element while you enjoyed your vaporizer inhalation.

You can buy the Hot Box vaporizers with the addition of a metal box for safe keeping or simply a ‘Vape pack peace pouch’.  Hot Box Vaporizer

The Hot Box aromatherapy attachment is available. Simply slide the attachment over the glass heat element and fill it about 1/3 full with your choice of incense oil. Do not fill the chamber to full. Wait for the smell of the oils to fill your room, replace the oil when required.

Hot Box Vaporizer Features

  • Direct inhalation style herbal vaporizer using the wand and tubing
  • Mains operated, power cord length is unknown
  • Static temperature, not adjustable
  • Ceramic nichrome heat element
  • Tile or stone housing, very sturdy and feels solid and very stable
  • Built in the USA we believe
  • Looks like a funky box and not a normal vaporizer   Hot Box Vaporizer
  • Dimensions are unknown
  • Hot Box vaporizers claim that ‘heat up time is approximately 10 minutes for optimal use’ but they also claim it can be used in under four minutes.
  • Hot Box vapours ask that you ‘finely cut your herbs for optimal use’
  • Warranty – Hot Box vaporizers are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months. If you experience difficulties with your Hot Box vaporizer outside of the 12 month warranty you are able to claim ‘refurbishment’ for a nominal charge.

We like the Hot Box vaporizers they are simple and a bit of Californiafication in design with their wild pictures and stone styles.


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  • Mark says:

    Simple design, sleek and smart. The use of the ceramic heating element is a superior heating element compared to cheaper units that are using a modified soldering iron.

    This product won’t break the bank for you and will get you into vaping your product sooner than saving up for a more expensive unit.

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