American company Integrated Thermal Management Solutions brought the Evolutions vaporizer to market in 2004; it immediately won the cannabis cup for best vaporizer. Intergrated Themal Management Solutions are the manufacturers behind several vaporizers, including: The Fogger, The B-Real Vaporizer and the Super Vapezilla.

The evolutions vaporizer features a sealed air flow, courtesy of a silicon air seal placed over the whip. This means there is no leakage of cold air so the interior heat level of the vaporizer remains constant – ideal for medical marijuana users.


  • Silicone Air Seal over the Vapor WhipEvolution v7 vaporizer
  • Inert ceramic heating element
  • State of the Art Digital Controller
  • Quick set temperature
  • Warning light when increasing/decreasing temperature
  • Fuzzy logic

Evolutions v7 Vaporizer in Use:

  • The Evolutions Vaporizer overshoots desired temperature by 10° and reduces temperature from there to achieve desired temperature quicker
  • When the green light is flashing, this represents the Evolution Vaporizer heating or decreasing temperature to reach your desired temperature
  • To change temperature on the Evolutions Vaporizer, press the Select Button and dial in the desired temperature; no need to press anything else
  • Fuzzy Logic determinea how much more heat is needed to maintain the desired temperature
  • Automatically compensation for the cooling effect of drawing from the Vapor Whip

Included with the Evolutions v7 Vaporizer

  • Evolutions Hot Air Generator
  • Evolutions Vapor Whip
  • 2 3/4″ Replacement Screens
  • Evolutions Vaporizer Operating Manual


  • Accurate temperature regulation
  • Excellent build quality
  • No waiting after inhalation
  • Holds vapor for hours
  • Three year warranty (the Digital Volcano gives just a two year warranty)


  • Price
  • No balloon option


The Evolution v7 is expensive but you get what you pay for; because of its accurate temperature regulation this is an ideal unit for medical use. Some users say they prefer the Volcano but even then they give it an excellent review.


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  • Peter says:

    It is really good because ts accurate temperature regulation this is an ideal unit for medical use. Some users say they prefer the volcano vaporizer but even then they give it an excellent review.

    • Michael Bloome says:


      I just ordered an evolution from the company on line but haven’t gotten any confirmation. Do you have a phone number to get in touch with them?

      Thank you

      Mike Bloome

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