The Da Buddha vaporizer is manufactured by 7th Floor LLC located in Colorado Springs, USA. They use high quality ceramic heaters. Da Buddah’s ceramic heater is made from alumina ceramic. They claim to have tested almost every brand of heater and that theirs is the ‘same crystal structure as a sapphire and ruby after the sintering process.’

The sintering process occurs when the ceramic within the heater is heated to a very high temperature, melts and then hardens again at which point it becomes harder than it was originally.

The Da Buddah is a simple analog vaporizer to use. The whip is hands free meaning that while your vaporizer is heating up you can grind up your herbs; place them out in a bowl or on the table then use the whip like a vacuum to inhale the required amount up into the whip. Once you have your herbs in the whip just push the ground glass connection into the Da Buddah vaporizer and begin inhaling the vapors. When you have finished the vaporization process and the marijuana is now predominantly brown you can reverse the process, remove the whip carefully and blow the used herbs out into the rubbish bin. This is a simple method which works very well.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Features  da buddah vaporizer

  • Direct inhalation vaporizer using the wand and tubing
  • Mains operated vaporizer
  • Fully adjustable temperature, however no temperature range is mentioned
  • High quality ceramic heater, sintered and made from alumina ceramic
  • Anodised aluminium housing and primarily glass whip construction
  • Built in the USA
  • Oil diffuser ability
  • Solid construction
  • A three year manufacturer’s warranty

The Da Buddah heater is made like most heaters of this type by printing a resistor on to a sheet of alumina ceramic. The alumina ceramic is then rolled into the shape you see, a white coloured rod which gets red hot. They claim that cheaper ceramic heaters are constructed by putting nichrome wire in a ceramic tube and then simply capping it with ceramic putty.

Da Buddha Vaporizer: The Bottom-line

This is a solid vaporizer that does the job well. Great heat element that can be left on for years so the manufacturers claim and we have known of people leaving it on all day, off at night for over a year with no problems.

User comment: “I got my DB in yesterday and I have to say it was much smaller than I expected (which is awesome).”


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