Wisconsin Girl Dies Waiting for Implementation of Cannabis Oil Legislation


Sadly, Lydia Schaeffer, aged 7, a girl who inspired state legislation to legalize access to medical marijuana, passed away on Mother’s Day. She was suffering from a genetic dysfunction known as Kleefstra syndrome, which causes horrible seizures and many other different health problems. Her unfortunate situation has encouraged lawmakers of Wisconsin to legalize a marijuana extract cannabidiol, aka CBD, for children suffering from uncontrollable seizures – despite their opposition to a larger reform concerning marijuana use.

Many parents lobbied for their sick children

Sally Schaeffer, Lydia’s mother, and many other parents of sick children who would have had to leave the state otherwise, have lobbied the state legislature to legalize the cannabidiol (CBD) extract. For them, it was either that or leaving the state in search for another one that will allow them to treat their children with much needed, yet illegal in Wisconsin, medicine.

The high CBD oil was previously illegal in Wisconsin

The reason behind CBD oil being illegal is that it contained a small amount of THC, the psychoactive component found in marijuana. However, advocates pointed out that “CBD could never be used as recreational marijuana as it delays and even negates the psycho active effects of THC-Delta-9”. All this happened in April this year and it was said that the CBD oil, which has reportedly had a positive effect for children of Colorado, should be available in Wisconsin by the fall. Tragically, Lydia won’t be able to witness it.

More extensive medical marijuana bill was rejected

It happened earlier this year and it was a bill that would have allowed patients to possess up to three ounces of marijuana, cultivate up to twelve plants and it also would have authorized a system of state regulated medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Wisconsin. As in many other states, qualifying conditions would have included cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Chron’s disease, hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s, amytrophic lateral sclerosis, nail patella syndrome, Ehlers−Danlos Syndrome, and post−traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What has changed after this tragic incident?

Lydia’s mother is spreading the word about CBD oil, hoping that it will help other children – she plans to start a foundation that will aid families in accessing and affording CBD. She was also contacted by senator Wirch’s office – they told her they would try to have the bill her daughter championed called Lydia’s Law. Many patients from Wisconsin have welcomed senator’s sympathy towards the Schaeffer family, however, many feel like the sympathy and compassion should also be directed towards all other patients who need marijuana as a medical treatment.


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  • Keyshia Lewis says:

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  • Joe says:

    May the people running these states who are opposed to helping kids all rot in hell. Lydia’s Law is a good thing.

  • Dee Marie says:

    I’ve always been against “recreational” drugs of any kind; HOWEVER, seeing my 43 y.o. daughter suffer from seizures since age 13 has prompted me to hope & pray for the legalization of medical marijuana “CBD”. Pharmaceutical drugs are the real drug, all chemicals which don’t even stop the seizures totally and there’s always the fear of damage to other organs in the body. It appalls me that there are so many organizations, with the blessings of the government, that have all kinds of money for research, etc., yet epilepsy which was always a silent disease is still in the throes of being silent, as far as the government is concerned.

    If this is the UNITED States of America, then each state is to be united and all legalize the MEDICAL use of marijuana, CBD oil. If we aren’t a union, all of the same thought, then we are all separate states, certainly not united. My daughter has a husband, and two young boys and her greatest fear is to not live long enough to see them attend college, get married and give her grandchildren. This needs to stop!! Equal time must be given to those who suffer from these horrible seizures. I’ve witnessed many, and it’s sad, oh so sad…………………………………..

  • Eric says:

    So sorry to read this news. Any reasonable person can sympathize with her family in their pain. Sadly, those who have been elected to lead us are not reasonable people and worse, still harbor untenable beliefs in the real nature of this simple weed. The following passage is directly quoted from my letter of reply from Wisconsin Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner in response to my petition to him to support federal legislation supporting medical use of marihuana.

    – Begin Passage –

    Thank you for contacting me about the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment to the fiscal year 2015 Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations bill. It is good to hear from you.

    The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment was adopted in a 219-189 vote. The amendment would block the Justice Department from prosecuting medical marijuana users and providers who are abiding by state laws that have legalized the substance. Supporters view the vote as a step toward the loosening of federal marijuana restrictions.

    I did not support this amendment. I believe legalization of marijuana will come at the expense of our children and public safety. Marijuana is a gateway drug to other illicit drugs and behaviors. It is mind-altering and inhibits decision making and discretion, affecting not only the user but others around them.

    – End Passage –

    From this we can infer that Congressman Sensenbrenner supports the suffering Lydia and her family endured because his beliefs in unfounded knee jerk hooey tell him he is is right when common sense shows just how stupidly wrong he really is.

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