Currently pending in the Wisconsin Legislature is the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act (JRMMA), the approval of which would allow the use and growth of cannabis for the treatment of certain illnesses.

On Tuesday of this week, the Wisconsin branch of NORML, along with another advocacy group, Is my Medicine Legal YET (IMMLY), held a Day of Pray for Compassion ceremony on the Capitol steps.  The protesters sent a pray to the heavens and, just to be on the safe side, to the Wisconsin Legislature as well, asking for the right to use the healing powers of marijuana.

Speakers at the event included Gary Storck, president of Wisconsin NORML and spokesperson for IMMLY, veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, an Ojibwa Indian performer and others who have diseases for which they say medicinal cannabis is the best option.

Commenting on the protest, James Cleary, associate professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Heath, said that he had already prescribed oral cannabinoids for patients with advanced cancer.  However, he went on to say,  “as an oncologist, I am against approving the smoked version. That is the advantage of the Sativex product at this stage, or a vaporized version (of cannabis).”

Note: Sativex was developed in the GP for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

A vaporized version entails heating the plant material in a vacuum rather than burning it, thereby reducing the intake of irritants and toxins when inhaled.

However, Cleary acknowledged the difficulties with Sativex or other oral methods of taking cannabis due to solubility issues.

The legislative issue state and nationwide

The bill JRMMA, authored by Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, and Senator Jon Erpenbach, D-Waunakee, would offer a medical necessity legal defense for those who are prescribed marijuana for treatment. This means patients holding or growing marijuana would be protected from arrest and prosecution.

JRMMA would also establish a licensing and registry system under the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. DHS would also be given the power to designate which diseases would qualify for the use of medicinal cannabis.

The future of medicinal cannabis in Wisconsin

Senator Erpenbach’s spokesperson said it is difficult to tell at this point whether the bill will make it out of the Senate and Assembly health committees and to the floor votes before the end of this legislative session in May.

“I think advocates are working with the committee to iron out concerns,” she said. “There’s a possibility to move it to the floor, but it is a diverse committee that has concerns, and they need to be addressed before a (committee) vote.”

Accordingly, Erpenbach does not want to hold a vote until there is more confidence the bill will pass through the committee.

Senate health committee member Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin, said a lot of what she has been hearing in committee is that medicinal cannabis is used more for relaxation and comfort than for pain relief.

Lazich also pointed to the fact that the medical community — in particular the Wisconsin Medical Society — does not think medicinal cannabis is more useful than current drugs on the market. She added she supports the idea of more research on the effects of medicinal cannabis.

“When the Food and Drug Administration reach a point that it should be legalized and go through a pharmacy with a prescription … then it will be acceptable, but until there’s a legal prescription with legal pharmacy — same as other drugs — I don’t support it,” Lazich said.

Lazich added the other states that have legalized medicinal cannabis for growth in “pot houses” have had a lot of crime associated with those facilities, and she did not want something similar in Wisconsin.

According to Laundrie, if the bill does not get voted out of committee, it will need to be reevaluated and reintroduced in the next session. She added she is not sure Erpenbach will be part of the reintroduction but emphasized Erpenbach has not changed his position on the issue.

Storck said the timing for legalizing medicinal cannabis is perfect right now, as the Democrats hold the majority in both the Assembly and the Senate, and Gov. Jim Doyle has vocalized support for medicinal cannabis.

He added he was concerned about what would happen if the bill has to be reintroduced next session, as the Republicans may reclaim the majority and there will be a new governor.

“No medical marijuana bill has progressed this far, and now we have a governor willing to sign it. The problem is that Republicans need to support it and we can’t quite get them all,” Storck said. “We’re waiting for them to understand this is not a partisan issue and affects everyone.”

Medical Marijuana Laws State-by-State


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  • ryan says:

    i was shot in my head in 2009, they perscribed me xanex bars which made me a zombie. i got off them on my own which was really hard. i turned to weed and oil. it helped me like nothing else. im being charged with a felony for having weed and oil b/c it was my second offense. isnt it decriminalized in dane county? unoffical medicine, but used it for medicinal purposes.

    why do i have to be a felon for this?? its not right. any great lawyers want to take this to trial for me? this could be big for the news… and the movement…

  • E. says:

    Marijuana has been Proven to be a Safe, Medically Effective, Cost Effective treatment for Many serious illnesses. We could save Billions in healthcare costs & sick people could become Productive Members of Society & Independent once again with consistent alleviation of symptoms. Most prescription medications are processed, unsafe, have detrimental side effects, are unnecessarily expensive, & don’t really provide effective symptom relief. I for one am Very Tired of being Forced to be a slave to my illness, when I could utilize marijuana, eliminate almost All of my prescribed medications & completely support myself; something I Can’t do currently. I also have an education, it sure would be nice to be able to be well enough to Use all the skills I have & be a benefit to society instead of trapped in my house bedridden.

  • Corey says:

    The problem here is only about 10% of people really need it for medical resins and 90% want it just to get high . Even the people that have left comment on here if you read them are just making excuses for wanting it like there lonely so they drink because weed isn’t legal if all of these dumb asses that don’t really need it would stay out of the fight and off that the chat sites it would make it much Easier for the government to justify it .

  • JB says:

    I have family tremors an I once used marijuana to self medicate an will say this its was a help I could drink a glass of water an not spill all over hold a plate of food without spilling it plus many more things I am unable to do without help .the other treatment they nero surgeon said the treatment for my condition would be placing a pacemaker at the stem of my brain with 67% chance it would work but I have choose not to cause the quality of life an risk I feel would not be worth the risks I have found the marijuana that was a help but as it is against the law I find myself having to count on others to help with day to day tasks.But if they were to legalize it I could do most these tasks on my own .So I stay hopeful that Wisconsin will see the benefits of this alternative herb as not just only a treatment but as a exstra money income for our great state….

  • Suzy says:

    I, too, have a lot of pain, every day and as you age it only gets worse. I have to seek alternatives as I have a history of bleeding ulcers and a whole host of some serious health conditions. There are a lot of ways to use Medical Marijuana other than smoking it as I took a course in herbal medicine and preparation and believe me, I’m living proof but I never told my doctor(s) that I make and use my tincture that I call “Liquid Gold”. G-d put these plants on earth to use but not to misuse and I need this stuff. Also, not to brag or anything, but I was given approx. 2 years to live and it’s now 10 and one doctor was really surprised that I was getting better and wanted to know what I did, so here it is again, my “Liquid Gold” and I really could make some more but don’t have any………May g-d forgive those who refuse treatment for those that really need it and have no other choice but to use an alternative!

  • People that can bennifit from this medicine should be able to get it. people who would deny them should get their head examined.

  • rbman says:

    i can understand you feel i get these side effects from meds seizures out anger have depression and bad headaches same migraines find myself angry have seizure smoking relaxes body and so i can sleep as expected state slash life predictable

  • Benjamin says:

    So in other words, because a person could grow their own and not have to pay for a pharmaceutical product some of these politicians are opposed. That’s bullshit. There are other methods to reducing/removing/treating/medicating pain other than products that make others wealthy. Get your heads out of your asses WI politicians.

  • mike says:

    weed is the only thing that helps me. my doctor said he would write me a perscription but it is illeage in Wisconsin. we need to chenge this.

    • jackie says:

      hello eron my name is jackie and im also in need of the bill to pass im a recent breast cancer survivor and i currently smoke marijuana for the pain as well as to get an appetite in order for me to eat i have to smoke sad but true…

      • E. says:

        Hi Jackie, I hope you’re feeling better! I am gunning for medical marijuana in WI with everything I have! I was born with a rare neuro condition; my autonomic nervous system is deformed, so I can’t control Any of my involuntary body functions. But I Can with marijuana. I don’t know what it is about that drug, but it completely regulates my body when I use it for various periods of time. I would be living in a hospital without marijuana. I am also in college right now, am a single parent, live in HUD housing & am on SSI. I shudder to think that I would loose Everything if I was ‘caught’. The government would rather see me in a hospital than working a job & being a contributor.

        Did you know marijuana is classed with Heroin on the Federal Drug Scale? That makes me sick (no pun intended). I Really hope WI can get it’s act together & help us sick people. Good luck to you Jackie, I hope you’ve been feeling better lately & I hope we can get what we need in short order, I don’t think some of us can wait much longer for legislature to get it together.

  • Eric says:

    In late January I started using it regularly for my Depression. It works great, without the shitty side effects. Since, I’ve started, I’ve never felt, that life isn’t worth living.

  • Daniel Blecke says:

    I have a hurniated disk in my L5s1 and I’m tired of the side affects of the meds I’ve been on . I would be more than glad to try something new ! – Beloit. Wi

    • Daniel Blecke says:

      My pain level never gets below 6 and there are times it gets so bad I get dizzy and nauseated . From what I have read and heard over the years it should do more and I will have less side affects than taking narcotic meds . So if you know how to help pain without taking pills then please help people like me 🙁 pain sucks!

    • sassy says:

      w/ptsd,anxiety,constant pain from a back injury ect…any doc will gladly write a scrip and send me on my way. I’m the one who has to deal w/the pharmiscuitical companys that keep their bank rolls coming in. It’s me that takes the chance of getting busted for pot to actually rely on the badly needed relief from symtoms of side effects of the narcotics and live with the stigma of being an addict by force. Jepododizing a long standing reputation of having to get only 1 thing from people and that’s sympathy and tollorate arogance of those opposed to using pot insted of following the norm. I stuggle everyday to think outside the box to maintain self-esteem and credit myself for putting up with a society that has created a monogumus attitude.
      Wisconsin needs to pass the bill and not the buck. Buck up little misters. We need do need folks who move forward using histroy to guide us. Government needs to step aside and allow us to experience the freedom this country was founded on. I for one do not feel free as an adult being monitored by politically charged agendas geared towards perpetuating dissension among citizens. Live and let live. Let the bill pass and allow us who need it just to feel well and not have to put up with the coruption that is created amongst pot dealers and users either. That risk I don’t want to live with. Being vulnerable as it is sucks. You all know what that feels like to find a source. Look out side the box and take a look at who /where the couruption comes from…DAH!!!

      • libbie says:

        please let me know if there aqre going to be any meetings or such to get something on the next ballot . i can do calling and getting interested people togeth

  • Bone Tumor Man says:

    I SIMPLY CANNOT SEE why WI doesn’t sign a bill into law to legalized this NATURAL OCCURING (not synthetic) drug. You don’t see any Attorney Commercials stating: “IF you were the victim of a “Pot Injury Then you may qualify for benefits! Call….”

    C’mon “elected officials–HELP THE SICK AND IN PAIN IN YOUR OWN DAMN STATE!

    I have had multiple surgeries for a hip bone tumor (for which I am NOT a candidate for a total hip replacement due to my compromised immune system and my body’s already demonstration of rejection of titanium–which is a major part of a prosthetic hip.

    I also suffer from severe Fibromyalgia to when there are days I cannot get up.


    • nancy says:

      Wisc. here, Can a person get Med. Marijuana from another state?

    • E. says:

      YEESSSSS!!!!! I agree Over 100%! I hope we can make this happen, it’s Total B******T we have to live off SSI & be dependent when there’s a Safe, Effective drug out there that Will help us. I’ve been praying for this bill too. Otherwise, all us sick people need to get together as a group & we all move to medical marijuana states…..I’ve been looking into it even though I’m scared to death moving out of state alone with my kid (who just got diagnosed with my health condition, damn). It’s a major risk I’m considering @ this point. Hang in there BTM….

  • Mike Anon says:

    I see no reason why marijuana should remain illegal. Cigarettes remain legal, but they have no medical use what-so-ever, in fact, all they do is cause health problems led on by addiction.

    Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal and recreational use, and if it’s such a big issue, I don’t see why the government wouldn’t just tax it? People who have no interest can continue their own lives as if nothing happened, and current users would be stress free with the burden of the law being lifted from his or her shoulders. On an off note subject, alcohol is legal and in my own opinion is far worse. Even at a very high amount of THC intake, the high is not comparable to being drunk at all.

    Marijuana should not be thrown into the same group as other drugs simply because it is not addictive, it’s a completely natural plant, it’s not chemically synthesized, and it does NOT cause sickness or death. I also believe that this plant should not be considered a gateway drug. People who wish to do harder drugs are going to do it no matter what, even if marijuana didn’t exist.

    I’m so sick of politicians and the way the political system works. Weed Works Wonders

    • E. says:

      Mike, check this out. I watched a documentary on Medical Marijuana on PBS 2 years ago. When the Head of the Federal Health Dept. was asked by the commentators WHY marijuana was illegal while cigarettes & alcohol were legal, the head of the Dept. responded…..”Because it is.” That’s IT, Because it IS.




  • Zeppo King says:

    This needs to be legalized for cystic fibrosis too, i know its a lung disease so smoking it wouldnt be the best, but if we could eat it then we would gain weight- which is healthy for us. The more weight we put on the better our lung and pancrease funtion. As a person with cf, i am in favor of the legalization, but i also have Glaucoma!

  • JB says:

    I am a libertarian Republican and strongly support Governor Walker in his effort to reduce the unaffordable compensation of state-government employees. But I am disgusted with “my” party on the marijuana issue. If we’re really for limited government, then let’s be consistent and repeal all “laws” restricting the right of adults to use marijuana, on their own private property, for any purpose — medicinal or recreational. LAISSEZ FAIRE!

    And by the way, the Great Saviour Obama has made ZERO effort to lessen federal penalties for marijuana “crimes”, and he shows no signs of doing so. The only presidential candidates in either major party who honestly & publicly demand an end to marijuana prohibition are Republicans: Congress Roin Paul (Texas) and Gary Johnson (former Governor of New Mexico)……………..

    Let’s keep up the fight against marijuana prohibition at federal and State levels. And re-electing Obama is NOT the way to do it. Nor is electing someone like Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, etc, who will also let the government lock up peaceful marijuana smokers forever.

    • Eron says:

      I get severe migraines, have serious anxiety and A.D.H.D. Marijuana has been my best friend for many years, I don’t see any wrong in using a simple plant to relieve the pangs of every day life… It should be at our discretion, plants are our life!!!!

  • josh says:

    I smoke weed everyday most people would have no idea that I am high. On the other hand when I drink all that runs through my head is shit that is going to get me in trouble. I feel latly that I am turning into an alcoholic due to the fact that I moved an don’t know anyone.

    U shouldn’t need a card to get medical weed if that is the case where is everyone drinking card maby. That would be a good idea. Stop beating around the bush and having everyone hate u it is going to be legal one day y not now y r we still throwing people in jail. All because they wanted to relax after a hard day of work.

  • TRISH says:

    What I really think it boils down to is the drug testing for jobs (because they can’t tell the last dose you took) what a joke and money (for the doctors and suppliers of course). I have O.C.D., bi-polar, anxiety disorder nonspecified, and ADHD.

    Plus I have hypothyroidism and a spot on my pituitary gland that I must take meds for to keep it from growing. I take 12 pills a day 3 of them are IB’s for my headache(a wonderful side effect of one of the other drugs and 1 max. strength zantac for my bad heart burn and always carry tums with me because it is so bad. The saddest thing however, is my doctor isn’t even done prescribing me pills. I guess I am not taking a pill for all the conditions I have because she wanted to start out slow. I stopped reading the side effects of the pills because there are so many.

    But I either have to deal with them or the illness. I am 32 years old and I would love to use marijuana to see if it helped me and possibly got me off of some of the other drugs I am on. I only know of one side effect of marijuana and that is the “munchies”. When your doctor prescribes you a pill and says it “should help” but you will need to come in every six months for blood work to make sure it isn’t causing too much damage to your liver and kidneys, I am going to assume it really isn’t that great of a treatment option.

    Isn’t it our choice to choose what we want as a course of treatment? No it is the doctors’, because they get big kick-backs for every time they write out the prescription and you go fill it every month. It is so crazy. Living with constant pain, physical or mental, is hard enough. If there are other (possibly better) choices of treatment let us have the options to try them.

  • Mike maye says:

    Miss Mary Lasich, If this becomes legal will you lose on your investments inregaurds to medical marijuana being legal, and are you that cruel, that you would let people die, just to have your way.

    You make me ashamed, and people like you, God help you, you are wrong and you know it. I have been treating myself with it, is it hurting you. You don,t have to take it, when you get sick. Use the pills that tares your stomach all to hell, and feel the pain. You are ignorant!

  • darryl carter says:

    wow medical marijauna is great in Hawaii andit is great in Cally it is also great in colorado and its great in michigan got busted for possession in Iowa no grace for medical card holders also got busted in wisconsin no grace there either gonna do time.

    They don’t care how we comply with laws and our lifestyle for some of us its hard to be ourselves you gotta hide and pretend you are someone else not an American the worlds peacekeeper through cohersion and death wake up America Obama time to bust the move on their ass….stop persecuting americans for marijauna any where stop being in sensitive to the world America is anal.

  • Kimmie says:

    Like everyone else commenting on her, I too wish that they would legalize marijuana. I have Lupus, Depression; Fibromyalgia which causes extreme pain & fatigue not to mention all the other symptoms with these illnesses.

    I currently take 13 different medications a day including pain medication, antidepressants. I have smoked marijuana as well to relieve pain,inflammation,anxiety,sense of well being & it actually allows me to be more productive.

    The pain medication that I take makes me sooo tired I can’t even stay awake much less function enough to even do normal tasks of taking “care” of myself, cleaning my house or taking care of business outside the house. I agree that it should be legalized completely as well. Hell, tax it like you do beer & cigarettes & I’ll bet we could reduce the deficit really fast. I know that will probably never happen tho. But for sure they should legalize it for medicinal purposes.

    Can’t these idiot politicians see that it could greatly benefit those who deserve to live & enjoy their lives like every well person gets to in this country. I don’t wish my disease on anyone but What it will take is for one of them or their loved ones to be stricken with a disease that only marijuana can help & then we’ll see how fast they start advocating for its legality. I read on this site how the rep said that they don’t want it here because there will be an increase in crime because people will rob the smokehouses!!?? WHAT? She’s an idiot.

    Does she not realize that even pharmacies are robbed for way more addictive drugs than pot? Like oxycotin? Anyway, besides that point, there is always gonna be crime. Politicians need to wake up & see it for what it is…a drug of OUR choice not yours!!!!

  • Randy says:

    I’ve been in cronic pain for 15 or so years.I’m under the care of advanced pain clinic.The staff there is excellant! About 2 years or so ago I tested positive for marijuana.

    My doctor said we can’t have this happen again,this is not California. Indicating that he or she agrees with marijuana as a treatment for cronic pain. It’s about time to realize what seems to be the medical agreement that marijuana has medicinal rewards,just as many other plants have for years.

  • pj tal says:

    i agree marijuana should be legalized, it helps you sleep, gives you appetite when you can’t eat due to sickness or cancer, it doesnt make it so you cant operate or drive. On the other hand legal drugs like nicotine,alcohol and even caffeine have more dangerous side effects than marijuana. How about lunesta a new sleep medication, it can give you all kinds of side effects from enlarged feet to a stroke.

    The only reason they dont legalize it is because of politics they cant admit they were wrong all these years when it comes to marijuana. I smoke marijuana everyday and i use it for anxiety,depression and mental issues. Its the only medicine that helps whatsoever and im not taking designer, manufactured pills created by people who have no clue about the drug just what schools teach them, most people against marijuana drink alcohol, which is absolutely absurd to say thats its better than marijuana

  • Dr.dru says:

    I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for years.

    I had a massive infection and lost the sight In one of my eyes. For those that don’t know (there is somthing called the retinal blood-brain Barrier. The normal route, swallowing pain pills, vicodin, oxycontin, diluaded etc.

    They don’t work as well for certain types of pain and like I said-it’s about bio-availability, the route ingested in smoking that is all that helps the pain i’n my eyes. And if you have ever had to beg your doctor just for a few vicodin, what is this world coming to?

    Some famous actors O.D, and now it seems harder than ever to get and maintain adequate pain relief.
    And if you have ever had to experience the withdrawal coming off opiates. You are in for a rough ride, none that I know of with pot. It’s the same concept as the oxycontin I’m currently on. It has been re-formulated so it “can’t be abused”. You can buy over the counter salvia and other marijuana like smokeable items and now those are being re-fourmulated..?

    What’s up..enough of the reformulation shit and put that money twards the advancement of what as anyone who has every smoked pot know the benefits. No one to date had ever O.D’ed or died from smoking pot. Please think about what I have said and how it may or may not relate to your own beliefs.

  • fronz metal says:

    Its such a drag to have to fight for the right to use our medicine of choice. Quit being a bunch of retards and free the herb. The entire 50 states have the right . Life is about more than beer brats cheese and deer hunting.

  • Eric says:

    I agree with the top statement, Drunk driving is a problem here. I have less to worry about with high drivers… And the stuff is less harmful even if smoked…

  • Cody Collins says:

    Make marijuana legal in Wisconsin and make alcohol illegal

    i belive many people are afraid to let marijuana be legalized because of the truth of it. marijuana has never once killed anyone, never gave signs of killing someone.

    But then when you take a look at cigarettes or alcohol kill so many people in our nation. If all ciggerates were marijuana instead tobacco many more people would be less addicted to them and have alot less people dead a year.

    Plus healthy nation as a whole. Alcohol should be illegal with so many people driving drunk fighting while drunk killing while drunk theres the true crime.

  • fronz metal says:

    We have a constitutional right to use marijuana, medical and recreational. If we could legalize this substance then we Americans could actually be a free people. This whole thing is nuts , The Beasty Boys were right , we have 2 fight 4 r right 2 party. When will this sadists tyrrany come to an end. I want my marijane now. Free us up , are we run by coms or what???

  • Crandal says:

    For a year and a half now I have been suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, digestive problems, and chronic fatigue. I have been to many specialists in the last year who have done test after test and still so not know what is wrong with me.

    I have taken numerous prescription medications, none of which have helped. I have been smoking Marijuana for about six months now, and it has helped me more than any of the medications I have taken combined. Because of the symptoms that I have, I couldn’t pick up my kids and play with them; I couldn’t be there for my wife; and I could hardly work to support my family. Smoking marijuana gives me that break from the pain so I can be a normal father and husband. There are so many medical and scientific studies that have been done that prove that Marijuana is safe and a great natural medicine.

    I live in a small rural town with only roughly 1500 people. We have 3 bars and 2 stores to buy liquor. There are so many crimes in my town alone because of alcohol and no one says one word. With all the studies done on alcohol proving how unsafe it is, it stays legal. Yet, I can’t legally buy the medicine that I need for my medical problems. I support the legalization of medical marijuana.

  • Jen says:

    I’m in Wisconsin and am a firm believer in the medical use of medical marijuana in the USA as well.

    You look at the facts of what the other drugs do to people and think to yourself. Our country could be out of debt and everything else jails and prisons would be less full. I have had back work done and a almost none existing sattica nerve which healed. There has been days that I have been in a lot of pain. I don’t smoke. I have tried many years ago and had no pain.

    It would be in the governments best interest to legalize for at least medical purposes. These Doctors need to be better informed about the benefits of making it safe for others to get the pain relief without the many and possible fatal side effects of the drug companies and insurance companies. I’m 29 and would love to see the country to make this right for the American people in medical need of medication with no side effects. Who’s with me on this?

  • Freddy says:

    It is ridiculous to think you know how cannabis would affect our recesion starved communities! Have you ever been to amsterdam?

    I have it seems they have nice roads, clean streets and nice people everything most of us here in america could only pray for! If it were allowed and taxed correctly it could be very beneficial to our states who have been devestated by companies leaving and like everything else there will be bumps in the road of course, but over time the real caregivers will prevail over those with bad intentions.

  • 2nd chance says:

    My situation was similar to Harmony . Except it is legal in the state I am in, but no dispensaries and not legal where I work (only a few miles away, but in another “state”). I didn’t originally want to try this, in fact I tried everything else first. Those “other meeds” were what almost killed me. After 5 doctors with varying degrees suggested marijuana, or the impending feeding tube, I chose marijuana and it worked. I was basically a pound away from a feeding tube. Luckily in my state it is legal, but I work in Wisconsin, and it’s not legal there yet. If an employer were to drug test, I could lose my job for taking a medication that was legally prescribed to me for very very good reasons, and I was able to stop taking other meds as well! 😀

  • montanacaregiver says:

    i would love to see wisconsin pass there medical marijuana law,, i have seen this product help so many people.. we should have the right to treat our illnesses as we see fit, not to let our treatments be dictated by government. i could go onand on… but just keep in mind even the fedral government has medical marijuana patients!!!! this is good medicine

  • Harmony says:

    13 months ago before I was introduced to medical marijuana I weighed 84 pounds.

    My son-in-law, a doctor in Los Angeles, took care of the details through a colleague of his and the paperwork from my WI physician and I became legal in CA, and have used one dispensary ever since in CA.

    Today I am almost 106 pounds – only because of medical marijuana. I have been forced to travel to CA as needed for my medicine and have caught an infection from passengers on the flight 11 out of 13 times, (not to mention the terror flying with what I could go to prison for) or worse buy off the streets.

    Only just this past week I missed a flight to LA due to an infection. After not eating 2 days last week and at the advice of my caregiver in CA I was forced in an effort to survive to travel to Muskegon, MI was I promptly robbed of $500.00.

    No one deserves this – we all would help an animal who was hurt and sick. I am sorry to be so blunt but how else can one feel when the medication they propose I take does keep me from being nauseous; the problem is I am unable to stay awake either. Eating when knocked out is impossible – so is believing truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they which are endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    When treated by; Governments that are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, you and me.

  • wiscoreefer says:

    This is absurd. Marijuana doesn’t kill you and it doesn’t make you go crazy.

    If marijuana relaxes and comforts some people, then don’t you think that is a good thing? Who are you to drink alcohol for your relaxation and comfort and then deny people that could really benefit from a plants uses.

    Taking marijuana off the streets will greatly reduce crime involved with the substance because it is then sold behind counters in a store. Placing marijuana behind counters then ensures that marijuana won’t be laced/tampered with because the growers that sell to these “coffeeshops” want to give the best available product to the customer.

    Believe me, legalizing marijuana is something that should have happened in our country long ago. WE are living in the year 2010 and it’s still not legal? Get over it and get the politicians out of the back room making deals with drug companies.

    Let me smoke my stuff legally so I don’t have to use in fear. Can you imagine being paranoid everytime you had a drink at a bar?

  • paul sauglin says:

    I think the laws in wis are archaic and draconian, to have to live in fear of persecution is ridiculous, stop the madness. Vote yes on the wis mmj laws…remember, YOU personally don’t have to use it, just leave a choice to others.

  • Jesus R says:

    I think Marijuana should be legalized in Wisconsin so i don’t have to buy it from dealers, it’s the only thing that helps me live and i won’t stop weather ts legal or not.

    • Patti says:

      I hear ya – I have severe arthritis and fibromyalgia – constant pain and dont even know where to get it on the fly. I think it would be nice if our WI gov would see that it is all about us and our pain – not their freakin politics! Geez


  • caleb says:

    I was recently in a very severe car accident and I was a very healthy young man before the accident. Now I have three herniated discs and the dumb arse doctors won’t prescribe me pain medicine because’its a long painful road you don’t want to go down. Well it’s been almost four months of herandous pain without much sleep. If I lived in any of the thirteen states with the right laws I wouldn’t be in pain anymore. Living in this dumb state they make you feel like a criminal! I’m not a drug seeking junkie. There making me go down a ‘road of pain.’ So who really is the criminal? I say it’s the damn doctors and pharmacys money hungry modern day mafia.

  • Sean M says:

    I grew up in WI, I always thought it was a progressive, open minded place to live. Now I live in CO where medicinal marijuana is legal and heavily supported. I suffered a major skull injury 6 years ago to which I suffer from every single minute of my waking breath. Medicinal marijuana is the ONLY thing that gives me any sort of relief without side effects.

    I really want to move back to the place I grew up. My family is there and I want to be close to them. However I will never be able to so as long as medicinal marijuana is outlawed in WI.

    What are YOU afraid of WI???

    Marijuana is the easiest illegal substance to obtain in the country. Your not STOPPING the use of anything. All you are doing is making criminals out of honest people.

  • richard schroeder says:

    i’v had 6 back surgerys and need a 7th but cant find a doctor to touch me. So i suffer every day and night it helps me sleep and my stress i also have sezers witch it help for. This would be a very good thing for people that suffer. But i dont think you will understand, someday you will.

  • Ian says:

    Come support our Forum (non profit)

    A place to chat, trade and find advise !


  • Lee Tryon says:

    Prohibition of alcohol did not stop it’s use. It mainly strengthened the rise and power of mobs in America. Banning pot has aided the rise of terrorism in the same way. It has not stopped young people from trying pot — it mainly seems to encourage disrespect for authority.

    Take the profit away from thugs. Use it to pay for health care and the training of US doctors. Marijuana should be considered and treated as a medical issue. Having it be a legal issue benits no one but lawyers and terrorists. W/O drug money terrorists would again be reuced to throwing rocks at us– a threat we CAN live with.

  • TAO Cipher says:

    Anyone reading this would like to see any change in Medical Marijuana in Wisconsin Let Mary know how you feel!!!

    Mary Lazich Contact info:

    Madison Office (608) 266-5400 (800) 334-1442
    New Berlin Office (414) 425-9452

  • Mike Lawrence says:

    Wisconsin politicians don’t care what the people want. They will never pass this as long as the drug companies and the insurance companies have them in there back pocket. Majority of people are for legalization of the Jackie R medical marijuana act. Although it still seems even with Gov Doyle would sign this bill. They will never get it to his desk.

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