People who would like to take medical marijuana, may consider living where medical marijuana or marijuana is legal.

Please write about places where medical marijuana is legal. Also a bit about about the particular area and why it is a good place to live.

So they can grow their own marijuana at home in peace or purchase it. Having to take marijuana illegally can cause stress to a patient who is trying to deal with their illness.

At the moment you can smoke marijuana in the legalized medical marijuana states.

You can smoke weed it in Amsterdam in 2012 even if you do not have a medical condition, also you do not have to be a resident of Amsterdam if you want to smoke weed legally.  This creates a refreshing, enjoyable, relaxing environment for users of marijuana:

Unfortunately in 2013 a tourist smoking ban may be introduced. However the Amsterdam coffesshops are speaking with their lawyers to try and prevent this from happening:


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  • mjfemseed says:

    government want to control what goes into you and test what comes back out, total control.
    freedom, as long as you do as your told

  • allen says:

    hello, i have been diagnosed with ptsd and bipolar. i also have adhd, and that was diagnosed at age 11.
    I have been on numberous medication, all with down sides, and still feel psychotic. I also get panic attacks. i am always stressed and when i get stressed i cant eat, sometimes for like two to three days. and my sleep pattern is wacked out. i sleep for 2 to 3 hours a night.
    I recently moved from idaho to washington and ran out of my anti-psychotics, so i self medicated with marijuana. i saw a lot of differences in my physical body that was nothing like medications that i tried, with no side effects. i was wondering if i could get a mmj card for this.

  • AlexManagergop says:

    hi everybody
    how to contact admin? need some important info…


  • Ess Dog says:

    I noticed a problem with your map! Mexico is part of North America, not “Latin America”. Also, Latin America is a term applied to cultural geographical locations, not entire continents. What has been labeled “Latin America” here is actually a continent that goes by the name of South America.

    All the best

  • cory says:

    i know i need a mmc. my knee and my back always act up. but when i smoke the pain is gone. have severe depression.

    like i remember one time all i had was 5 cigs left and alil piece of a blunt. i smoked it and got alil buzz. but after my girl started running her mouth that was it.

    lil high gone so i snapped. i believe it keeps me calm to. cuz like when i smoke some good weed im never mad depressed or nothing. im just sayin it help my problems when i smoke.

  • carolyn says:

    I have fibromyalgia and all they want to give me for pain control is tramadol, I also have a buldging disk and tennis elbow in both elbows. Which I might have to have sugery on do you think I could get a mmj card?

  • Chad says:

    I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 2004 when I had an mri due to an on the job injury. The mri also showed bulging and herniated disks. I was sent to a specialist and he wanted to do cortisone injections which I refused. The doc then talked about disk replacement surgery but could only do one disk because the two were next to each other. L&I caught wind of this and found a way to close my case; I moved to Idaho and saw a specialist out of area.

    I now live back in the beautiful state of Washington and have no medical insurance to deal with my lower back problems. I’m 30 and have had back problems for 10 years.

    Am I able to obtain a MMJ card with my condition with a 7 year old mri? I saw my regular doc at the walk in clinic and she wouldn’t do anything without a up to date mri, like I can afford that!

    I also suffer from anxiety and high blood pressure.

    All input is appreciated!

    • Kathleen Hedgpeth says:

      Keep going to the doctor and complain about the injury that you had.
      What the doctor looks for is proof of injury and that it is still bothering you. My accident was four years ago. The mmj doctor will ask for a copy of your up to date medical records. They have to back up that you need this drug. I received my card and the doctor explained to me that reason she gave it to me was because she could see my injury in the pictures in my medical record. My pictures were four years old, but I still complain of the same things. Hope this helps you.

  • craig says:

    Will you please answer my post?

    If it means anything I also have esophagitis and osgood-schlatter disease in my lower left knee. I would just like to know some information on how to obtain some kind of license if I even could be considered for something like that. I would greatly appreciate it if you would reply.

    Thank you

  • craig says:

    I have gastritis and no pills have helped the fact that I can’t eat, I’m also in pain 90% of the time. I am only 20, but is there a way I could be prescribed marijuana in Oklahoma? It’s the only thing I’ve tried that settles my stomach and helps me eat. And I’m not a fan of taking a million pills to try to fix it, I’ve been going through the pills and BS for eight years.

  • Aubone says:

    Is there anyway to Treat a person With Dystonia it’s a Movement Disorder?

    • Doc Ed says:

      That is basically a disorder of your equilibrium.

      Dramamine is an over the counter remedy for motion sickness but if you’re experiencing other conditions like vertigo or syncope you may want to consult a neurologist for an mri and an eeg at the least.

  • Kendra says:

    I have Crohns Disease & I am prescribed percocet for the pain & phenergan for nausea.

    It helps take off the edge, but when I have smoked pot during these times of need it takes all symptoms away. Verses the synthetic substance just make them tolerable. I live in Ohio where its not legalized yet. However they are working on it. I usually don’t vote but if it goes to ballet I will for sure vote “YES.” The government needs to realized that pot has been used for medicinal purpose for all time. I hope it goes thru & eventually ALL states should legalize it.

    I have done some research & came across this site which discusses the benefit of use for a person with Crohns. I belive in it! Come on government open your eyes!

    • Doc Ed says:

      There are many substances from various areas around the world including cannabis which have been used to treat many various conditions and are now illegal.

      Government’s just want to control every aspect of it. Marijuana can help a number of ailments as long as it’s taken appropriately and each person’s tolerances are different so you may need to start with a low thc% strain and experiment until you find what’s right for you.

      That is after you obtain a card for medical mj if it becomes legal in your state. Good luck ps you could have your pain mgmt doctor try something different if your combo just isn’t cutting it and then re-evaluate.

  • aaron says:

    it’s legal for patients in 15 states in the usa and washington dc. Generally there are laws which prohibit it’s use in public, near schools, and churches.

    It’s also legal and tolerated in same countries around the world.

    • Doc Ed says:

      Obviously there are restrictions and limitations whether you’re prescribed it legally or not. You should not drive or operate machinery as you could hurt yourself or others.

      You don’t want to have mj around any children or school zones. I don’t believe the folks would appreciate you smoking a joint outside a church that’s just common consideration for others. It when it is prescribed is to be used in a safe and controlled environment for your safety (health & legalities).

  • Mikkella says:

    I smoke to control the level, and severity of my migrains. I’ve suffered through countless pills with scary side effects for 17 years, and finally a friend recommended that I try marijuana.

    I went from having debilitating migrains that lasted 3-4 days every month, to one that lasts 1-2 days tops once every 3-4 months. I’ve found that if I smoke a little every other day, just a few hits to keep the THC in my system, that the migrains are more and more infrequent.

    I’ve tried stopping, just to see what would happen. I didn’t smoke for a week, and was knocked down, and in the hospital hooked up to a bananna bag, with a demoral shot. (to take the edge off the migrain, NOT STOP IT)

    So if smoking pot makes me a bad person, then fine. I’m bad. But at least I’m not in so much pain I can’t function.

    • Doc Ed says:

      There are 2 types of migraines the common which occurs slowly and can last up to 72 hrs produces a throbbing pain and can be rather severe including nausea as a side effect. This is prevalent in about 10% of the population (75% higher in women) some more or less frequent than others.

      There is almost a countless list of triggers for migraines but as a previous sufferer 3-4 times per month in my mid 20s I’ve found a natural combination of substances to control it and fyi I may have 1 migraine at most in a year and it passes within 3-4 hours if I do.

      Consult your own physician before trying these but I take 1000mg magnesium, 100mg Co Q10, a flaxseed or omega 3 complex, niacinamide 1000mg, and a vitamin b complex. All of these are once a day. A heating pad and a brief massage to the back of the head and neck daily will help as well. Most researchers think migraine stem from a chemical imbalance when they are vascular in nature from excess dilations or contractions to the brains blood vessels

      • Nathan says:

        Cannibus is in fact a great and ultimate pain reliever. I would suggest a vaporizer and/or pill for of mmj. Smoke inhalation of any kind cannot be good and might cause the effects of mmj to not be so great.
        My wife also suffers from migraines and uses Cannibus to not only relieve the symptoms but to get rid of nausea so she can eat.
        Also, go get a consultation from a chiropractor with good references, your spine just bellow your skull might be really out of place. Get adjusted and use the pill form of mmj or a vaporizer, that would be the best advice to give.

  • Snellings Patterson says:

    I have been smoking pot illegally for 40 yrs and will continue to do so for the rst of my life. Pot gives me relief from my anxiety and stress like nothing else.

    Thanks from and old pothead.

  • joseph says:

    hi my name is joseph, and i suffer from generlized seizures, for those who are unaware what generalized seizures are it is a type of epilepsy, that at any moment without warning i can go into convulsions, not a entertaining site i would say so myself.

    My first seizure was when i was a baby due to a high tempature, then for 12 years my seizures laid dormant, at the age of 13 the seizures started to occur again i went to a child Neurologist and was diagnosed with “Juvenile Absence – a form of epilepsy that occurs when a child goes threw puberty it is most likely for a child to grow out of this condition after the puberty stage.”

    At the age of 13 when i was on medication i was having 20 seizure minimum a year, and when i would ask the doctor why is it that when i take this medicine im still having seizure? And his response would always be the same, oh the medication dosage isn’t high enough, after he couldnt give me any higher doses of the medication he would just switch me to another medication and would look at me and say well find a medication that works for you eventually.

    For three years i went threw these seizure medications Neurotin, Depakote, and Depakote ER. So at the age of 16 i went off my meds, my original plan was to just stop taking the meds for 1 year and compare it to how many seizures i had when i was on the medication just to see if the medications were having an effect on my seizures.

    During the period of time i was off my meds i started smoking weed and in a 2 year period of time i had 1 seizures. I’m not saying that if i smoke weed i wont have seizures im just saying that when i smoke weed i have less seizures and thats gods honest truth. This is my dilema we live in a society where our government says it’s trying to help us but yet they support these pharmaceutical companies that obviously have none of our interst in mind by making these medications with such negative side effects.

    The truth is the government doesn’t care about the people or their interest the thing their really concerned about is population control. Thats why cigarettes are still legal.

    Marijuana has so many benefits and would do so much not for just the people but for the economy as well, but because its effects dont kill or harm anyone it cant be legal. Only when a product is harmful or dangerous will it be legal. With the legalization of alchol, tobacco, and fire arms is proof enough.

  • Clinton says:

    Brady says:

    I live in Canada and medical weed is legal across the nation.

    Well I live in the USA !!! This is what I have though of all a long, every state people are going to be for and against. Why not make it the same in every state. Able for a Doctor to write you a prescription for Medical Marijuana if you want to take it and have no objection and if you don’t do it.

    This happens with everything some people don’t like something, so they don’t think anyone should take it at all. This is a free country I though, what it means to me on this M.M is what is right for me my not be right for you and that is your right.

    Please someone get it right I am not sure how much longer I can make it on what I am taking. It cause more problems than it is helping…

    Clinton from TN.

  • teresa says:

    My husband just had his first treatment of chemo. The side effects were so bad he has been in the hospital for four days now. He says he will not have anymore treatments unless he can have medical marijuana. We live in Oklahoma where it is not legal. I would buy it illegally if I knew where to get the good stuff.

  • Then they say voters dont want legalization, fellons can no longer vote so it seems to me the voters necessary to pass such laws are stripped of their rights so the govt can control who votes and on what issues.

  • Brady says:

    I live in Canada and medical weed is legal across the nation

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  • Tonya says:

    I live in oregon and medical marijuana is legal here. I take it for fibromyalgia,arthritis,anxiety.. it has been my miracle drug!

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Tonya,

      I have epilepsy and am slowly convincing my doctor to say okay to a card. I want to know where I can get it after I get the card? Is there a dispensary? Do I have to grow it? I live in an apartment and I don’t know of anyone who will grow it.

      Should I ask the Or. Dept. of Human Services for tips?

  • john mahr says:

    this country has become a nation of debt where only money matters, not law, freedom or rights described in the constitution. police are kicking doors down like this is Iraq for non voilent crimes, the reason they need money.

    If the have to investigate for weeks to find wrong doing wouldnt it be safe to assume that any activities were not out in the open disrupting the community. they need helicopters and planes burning taxpayer gas outfitted with infrared cameras to see through walls, to invade your privacy to find you breaking the law.

    Then they say voters dont want legalization, fellons can no longer vote so it seems to me the voters necessary to pass such laws are stripped of their rights so the govt can control who votes and on what issues.

  • Robbie says:

    Alright, I am not a person who can legally smoke pot but i do. Now I have people in my family who have a green card and they’re pain is gone.

    Yet i have a mother who has 4 screws and a metal plate in her cervical spine. now they have her on oxicodones. She smoked pot once and it worked better then the pills!!! why are we not legalizing this!? yes I abuse the use of marijuana but no one is gonna stop. I dont think anyone would ever just stop smoking marijuana or they don’t understand its importance. Our country is retarded in the head not to legalize this.

    • Junie Moon says:

      I too suffer with chronic pain after 8 spine surgeries and a pain management doctor, DO qualified who would perscribe but in Virginia (it) is not legal to use, grow, buy, etc. What do I do? Washington D.C. has legalized medical marijuana, I write to my congressman but nothing happends. Can anybody help? I am tempted to buy in D.C. and bring to Virgina. Does Maryland have a law against all marijuana??
      Thanks Junie Moon

      • Lucy says:

        i heard the same thing you did I HAVE NO IDEA. I want to ask my doctor. i am so fraustrated. whats the worst he can do say no?

        I know- then who would take care of us if we asked our terrified doctors. they are scared too. they are being threatened by the man also you know. so i think. its crazy. pray on it. get a reading. not kidding.

  • Derek says:

    I have had chronic back pain for about 5 years. I got the pain from a football game when i was in 8th grade. I am 19 years old now turning 20 soon. I am moving to massachusetts, and i hope they at least legalize marijuana for medical purposes. I take oxys and hydros constantly and nothing makes my pain go away like weed. like seriously, our country needs to grow the hell up and legalize it.

  • john SAYS says:


  • Weed helps my pain says:

    a good place to grow marijuana is in Elizibith Colorado. its remote and no one comes snooping around at all.

  • WeedPlaces says:

    Medical Marijuana should be legal in all 50 states for registered & legitimate patients…. that’s our opinion anyway.

    Please share your opinion in this very short but important poll on marijuana…

    Thank you for your time and participation!

    And remember, for all of your Internet marketing needs, optimized web commercials, and dispensary websites with complete patient tracking and ecommerce systems, visit and “Like” WeedPlaces on Facebook for a 10% discount off of all services.

  • In Puerto rico weed is not legal but we are fighting life would be a little easyer. When done here vist my blog and let’s spread the word let our voices be heard and blogs too 🙂

  • dave says:

    marijuana is not legal in california unless u talk about medical. it is decriminalized. you will get a much lesser punishment and you cannot go to jail. in cali it is a slap on the wrist, much like a parking ticket.

  • Jimmy says:

    I tink if weed will be legal we wont be iding in our houses smoking it so i tink we sould legalize weed

  • dawn says:

    I am a marijuana smoker and I absolutly love it.

    To me it is safer to smoke for your nerves then going to the docter and getting put on some kind of perscription that is going to make you feel like a zombie.

    People have allot to say about marijuana when I bet most of them are going off of what they have heard and not by knowledge. The only way you should be able to talk junk about something is if you have done it yourself. All it does to me is make me smile.

    It does not impare your abilitys and whoever agrees with that is wrong. Iv’e been smoking marijuana for ten years and it would make it a whole lot better if they would legalize it so we could be comfortable instead of being paranoid that we are going to go to jail or even lose our kids over something so harmless.

  • Holly says:

    @legalization of weed: Medical marijuana is legal in California, but not the US. Federal law always trumps state law. Feds have come in and busted various dispensaries in California only because local organizations and groups of concerned individuals blow the whistle long and loud enough for the federal government to act.

    That said, there are certain cities in which cops just don’t consider it a priority to ticket/arrest someone for smoking marijuana in public. San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Hollywood and most of Los Angeles (DON’T light up in Long Beach, too close to Orange County), Humboldt, Mendocino, Ukiah and all those other places where they grow marijuana.

    @medicalmarijuanablog: As far as overseas, I am not very widely traveled, but isn’t there some level of legalization/decriminalization in of marijuana in Amsterdam, as well as in Vancouver, British Columbia?

  • Frank Dank says:

    All the beaches in Mexico are really open to medical marijuana patients, avoid the industrial cities.

    If you´re outside of the USA, you can now buy your medical marijuana anywhere in the world. email me.

    happy bud hunting,

    Frank Dank

  • derek says:


  • There’s a new app in iTunes where it will tell you where “getting high” is currently happening. It says it usually happens every 4:20. One example is in Hong Kong. Try to download the app. It’s great. 🙂
    I think marijuana is legal in California..

  • montanacaregiver says:

    montana is legal…and takes patient from other states..prices are resonable and medicine comes in all forms, tinctures, food, lotions, and of course raw cannibis.

  • Brandon says:

    Why aren’t there more petitions to legalize weed?

    People need to start getting out there and getting signatures to legalize and go to congress with these documents. Weed helps me in so many ways, I sleep better, I’m more calm and barely ever get angry, I actually get better grades on my test and get more classwork done at school.

    I don’t understand why there are so many other drugs that are legal in the U.S. even though they are harmful to our body’s. Hell, coffee overdoses kill 4,000 people a year, but no one dies from weed. I say legalize weed and make alcohol and tobacco illegal.

  • Ashton Stevens says:

    I agree with rita alcohol killed my father and it is legal yet im 14 and i smoke pot in my room and yet im still getting straight A’s in school keeping my job, no fights, staying out of trouble altogether so yea yall think about that!

  • lacy says:

    Medical marijuana is legal in michigan. Im 20 yrs old, i’ve had 2 knee replacements, broken spine, insomnia from the pain meds. I’ve been smoking marijuana for 6 yrs. It seems to be the only thing that helps me sleep at night. Especially the medables.

  • shane says:

    Weed whats the worst thing that could happen on an overdose of it, you raid the fridge an clear it out you fall asleep with an x box controller in ya hand.

    Or the best thing that could happen umm you cooler to each other an you get a little more creative hell some kid on paxil killed his whole family they should have gave him krippy instead of bein depressed he might actually cause laughter to those around him hell he might even develop a personality thats worth his time here on earth time alive an the quality of it thats what medicines supose to give you not side effects that make you into a sicker person.

  • amanda says:

    The Netherlands and parts of Europe is legal to smoke. These days in the U.S. weed is not a terrible crime or drug for that matter. Often I have been caught with having weed on my person and was given a “stern” warning. But if your selling then you run in to unforgiving pigs.

  • Joseph Tomlinson says:

    I am 32 years old. I haven’t smoked marijuana in nearly 10 years.

    I have recently discovered I have glaucoma. How can marijuana treat this condition, and where could I smoke it legally?

    I am finishing up my massage therapy certification, and currently use Azopt to treat my glaucoma. That appears to be treating the condition well enough, but if marijuana can cure the disease, I would rather do that. I currently live in Tennessee. So, if my certification for massage therapy would not transfer over to a state where marijuana was legal, then this question need not be answered. My career is more important. Thank you for any factual information you can give me.

  • Vicki says:

    I have PTSD,DEPRESSION, AND CONSTANT PAIN FROM MY ARTHRITUS and pot helps me tremedously helps with my appetite.

    It would be a dream come true for lots of folks to legalize it. Pot is much more better for people then the physcotic meds they prescribe to people.

  • Anita says:

    Most MMJ patients smoke at home or a friends house or out in nature.

    I have been smoking MJ since 1974 and this is the preferred areas of smoking. In the comfort of your own or a friends home or out in the splendor of nature. Some people would like a smoking bar such as they have for hooka smoking but then you get the issue of being under the influence and driving.

    You really can’t have a designated driver due to contact highs from second hand smoke. So unless you are walking or take a cab I don’t know how to get around that issue. I hate alcohol and the people that abuse it are abusive themselves to everyone around them. Many many lives have been ruined due to abusive alcoholics and their abuse of liquor but I don’t know of any lives ruined due to abuse of MJ and the people that use are not abusive either.

    So take from this what you will it is just how I feel and what I have encountered in my life thus far.

  • rita says:

    it is discrimination, the alcohol should be illegal

  • k2 incense says:

    Your best bet is in Colorado or California. Hopefully more states follow suit.

  • Bev says:

    I left out my husband is dying and he really needs the pot to help him, thanks Calif. I still am serious re moving somewhere. New Mexico?

  • Pat C says:

    Ok I live In California. Used to be great. Only good thing left is our medical Marijuana laws.

    The rest of the place is so screwed up and its not the republicans screwing it up. Its the progressive idiots who do not believe in our constitution. Say no to bigger government. As far as going green it will kill this country. You think it’s bad now wait till the knuckle heads cap and trade passes.

    When one party rules house, senate and executive, things get out of control always.

    Both parties suck!!!

    Pot rules.

  • Bev says:

    Can anyone make a list of the best cities in the states? I have a home in Florida and want to leave this Republican f___. state. I want a Democratic state to live in. Until all the elders pass away this state will stay Republican. Gore should have won!!! History will attest to all our great grand kids this. The Gulf is dead now lets kill the oil companies! Vote green everything!! Make the fat cats in Washington suffer. Palin,Limbaugh,Fox news hatemongers,tea party cooks. Why don’t you picket BP and get your hate mongering on them where it belongs

  • mike childers says:

    Well we got California which we all knew New Jersey and Michigan is on the band wagon, I hope it dont take too much time for everyone else to follow. Crime rates have significantly lowered in these states and not just because marajuana is not illegal anymore im talkin theft, grand theft autos, all of that stuff.

  • kalookakoo says:

    I really believe that pot should be legalized here in WI due to the fact it has a lot of disabled veterans. Being young, 27, and already disabled I find that pot is a great solution to anxiety, insomnia, and pain relief. I was using pharms for pain and sleep and i found that I was in worse shape than before I was prescribed them. Pot has given me some semblance of a life back.

  • Michigan legalized Medical Marijuana! It’s a start! I wish Illinios and Indiana follow, Sick people deserve relief!!

  • cody bailey says:

    It dont harm the body, its healthier than smoking ciggaretts and drinking. People who are new to the substance have a bad high or can’t help but laugh, but after doing so for 5 or more years it’s like a persons now sobre and eventually becomes an addiction.

  • canibusty says:

    pot!!!!it tastes good and its not addicting or a gateway drug…75% of people who smoke pot have never done any other drug…alcohol is indeed a gateway drug though but i like it.

  • Mellisa Riley says:

    Colorado is one of the nation’s best known Marijuana friendly states. There are almost more dispensaries than starbucks here! A medical card is very easy to get, and the dispensaries are easily accessable.

    Colorado is a really laid-back, friendly state. Weather wise, it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. College towns like Boulder, and Fort Collins are 420 friendly and you can basically toke on the streets if you are careful. Places like Denver and the surrounding suburbs aren’t as tolerant, but as long as you keep it in your home you are safe.

    It’s basically everywhere here in Colorado! In other states, it seems like only the youth smoke pot, but here in Colorado you will find that adults and elderly smoke almost as much as the youth. Which is, I think, what makes Colorado such a chill state to thrive in.

  • KJ says:

    Bottom line, is that it is not LEGAL anywhere in the U.S. under federal law. Under state law, there are currently 14 states with medical marijuana legality under their regulations. It’s a hit or miss situation…

  • john hankock says:

    my mom has severe depression, pot is the only thing that keeps her sane.

  • shaunski says:

    i think marijuana should be legal because what people don’t understand is that it can be used to calm a lot of people down and help their sickness the only thing people look at as it is still a drug but what they don’t realize is that when they walk into a pharmacy the drugs they are buying has bad ingredients in it but the F.D.A is to foolish to tell people that what they are buying is poison.

    It’s like this F.D.A will sell meds that treat but don’t cure, now that is fool of crock, come on people the more drugs you buy to treat and not cure only makes the F.D.A rich and laugh behind your back with an f you symble stuck on you and they will keep making money off you because your coming back to treat the symtom not cure it.

    Now think about this if they had let people know that there is cures for alot of sickness and people would be like for real and they said yup the F.D.A would go broke because all they approve is products that treat not cure. People do your research and find out the truth about the F.D.A thanks from honolulu’s legal over here and don’t try to stop it.

  • jake says:

    I have a severe form of mcardles disease, which causes unbearable cramping/pain in my muscles. Marijuana is the only thing I have found to give me any relief. I have tried everything from vitamins to lortab and soma. It was easy obtaining medical marijuana in the state of Oregon. We have a very forward thinking law, and are pretty far along. Over 3,300 md’s have prescribed for over 33,000 patients. I am allowed 6 mature plants(and 24 oz. of usable medicine) or I can designate a grower to provide for me. Legalize It.

  • Kimberly Giorgio says:

    I have a bioplar son, without the green his mood swings are terrible! I can’t stay around him much when he doesn’t have any green. And when he does he’s as normal as the next person.

    And easy to talk to like there was’nt anything wrong at all! He’s depressed has severe anxiety attacks when he has no green too. I see a whole different man in him, when he’s high. I love him, and want to help him in anyway possible. But the laws in N.H. suck!

  • Emilee says:

    My dad has kidney disease. as it stands now, the medication he is supposed to take everyday makes him vomit comstantly because he also has an ulsar in his stomach. So most of the time he has high blood pressure, severe migranes, and he needs iron pills because hes inemec. PLUS, he doesnt have health insurance so its not like we can take him to the hospital all the time to get him better.

    Marijuana is the only thing that seems to take down his head aches and it calms down his stomach so he wont get sick with his pills. So in reality marijuana is keeping my dad alive right now. How can they say that he can’t smoke it even though its helping make him better? It would be so much easier if he didnt have to worry all the time about someone catching him, it realy takes its toll and stresses him out sometimes.

  • John says:

    Im writing a paper for my english class about medical marijuana, and before i thought “pot” was bad, but after learning about it, i really dont understand how it ever becaome illigal. It has never killed anyone and its not addictive, just habit forming, which anything can become habit forming. thats just crazy lol

  • Ashley Ackley says:

    In Saint Joseph Missouri Rob Schaff is pushing to have medical marijuana legal. He is a doc at Heartland hospital in St.Joe. Also he is a republican.

  • jazzii says:

    i love weed. it needs to be legalized. end of story(:

  • Frank Patterson says:

    I have bipolar disorder and recently heard that marijuana can help with depression. I currently take three psycotropic medications daily and im sure in the long run theyre not good for my health. Can anyone tell me if i could get a marijuana id card in New Jersey?

  • judy says:

    I sure wish it were legal in New York. We have had to pay as much as $200 an ounce here and more. I can’t live without it because of fibromyalgia, arthritis in knees, feet and neck. I get toothaches in all my teeth, but have no dental problems.

    I’m 56 years old and am not about to give up pot. I would rather die than have that pain day in and day out. Here in rural NY, most cops act like possession of pot is a violent crime. I just wish our legislaters would LEARN the facts about pot, but if it goes legal, too many of them won’t be able to sell anymore and will lose tons of money. lol sucks!!!!

  • Amsterdam coffee shops says:

    Marijuana is tolerated in Amsterdam, which means it has de facto legality. Interestingly, marijuana use is much lower in the Netherlands than it is in the United States. We could learn a lot from the Dutch.

  • PHYLLIS says:


  • Alex T. says:

    I wish they would legalize this in Arizona. I had back surgery and after a car accident after the surgery, this helps more than anything. I much rather smoke to help the pain then be forced to take pill after pill and kill myself in the long term by destroying my body.

  • As a Denver business lawyer practicing in the medical marijuana dispensary setup field, we can tell you that it is not hard to find a legal dispensary in Colorado and obtain the proper medical rights to smoke.

  • Ann Gonzalez says:

    I am for the use, I am having to be under pain management because i have fibromyalgia. I was diagnosis 4 yrs ago. I have had spinal surgery and hip surgery in my 20’s. I am 32 and just was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, called Fabry’ Disease, a Genetic Disease which can be very painful and also I have a 8 yr daughter just diagnosis and I worry of our future and health issue.

    We lived in California and there are clinics there. I stop using prescription meds because of my allergies; I would have to go into the ER for Darvon shot. Only thing they know now to treat me with because I am allergic to every thing else. Reason I have a pain management because I scared of something as a wreck or becoming in serve pain with no options.

    People with a disease, have had any type of accidents and it left pain, had to have a surgery due pain-trying to make it situation better, a disorder that causes pain. Unless you’ve been in the person situation walked in there shoe, don’t be quick to judge because it could be you.

    Option of help manage pain a person should have the rights to there body because they are the one living in that body…..I live now in NC and I hope for ones that have a daily pain issue the government will realize people should have the freedom of rights to options to manage their pain with a doctor management of marijuana.

  • Nat knows! says:

    For sure the best place to be would be West Hollywood or just Los Angeles CA… lots and lots of clinics with good stuff, i mean good!

    I think west Hollywood is very chill and welcoming. no problems or anything either. If u like music and having fun it would be the perfect place!

  • matt says:

    I get really bad migraines it all starts out with and aura: I lose parts of my vision and then i get blurry spots in both eyes.

    The next stage my whole right side of my body including my tongue goes numb (pins and needles) marijuana has not only helped to stop how often my migraines occur but when i do get them, when i smoke the pain is far less painful and does not last nearly as long.

  • In Colorado we have our first city Breckenridge where marijuana is legal. up to date info at

  • Robert says:

    Go to Michigan.

  • Jack says:

    My brother friend was so depressed 5 years ago, well, too much depressed, he attempted suicide twice, and I saved him both times, then I decided to bring him to a psicologist, just to help him, ’cause our parents did not knew what to do, and not really being cooeperative to the situation,’cause they were most focused on their devorce, their just left us a bit alone, ’bout myself I really never had no problem with it, ’cause I’m a bit older of my brother, and a little bit different, hes kinda my brother-son; the psicologist found him defensive and higly anxious, and wounded, deep inside in his mind, so I had to take the situation under control, and I decided to take him with me to a trip, off away our house.

    So I simply asked him where he liked most to go, and I promised that I payed everything, he told me “amsterdam”, I confess I had a chill, there were two cases, my brother will was to go with a prostitute, or ho wanted to search something else he couldn’t have in the same way he had were we grewed up, but I didn’t asked him nothing about it.

    I did extra hours at work for one month, workin’ everyday almost 12 or more hours
    , I did break myself, just thinkin’ that cash will be the only right thing in my life to do, and we arrived to amsterdam in march 2007, there was a damned cold, and people going around in flip flops and shorts, and that was fun, we arrived in schipol station, in the late afternoon, but there was still light, we left our baggage, and we directed straigh outside, ok in amsterdam you can definitely have fun, seriously, but I prefer utrecht, ’cause is a lot quiter, and people are so much friendly, anyway, we ripped out the first bar in the way, the signs said “vodka!” how could anyone resist?

    I can definetely drink a bit of glasses of vodka without being drunk, and I love to drink with people I love, so we were at seventh heaven. My brother, started up the situation, “coffee shop?” two simply words, foundin’ me harmless, I admit it. I answered “yes”, c’mon, in amsterdam it’s legal, no? So what? Let’s f****g go! we took about 20 euros of cheese, and we rolled up a joint, ok my bro did it, I didn’t ever rolled anything in my life; well, I’ve never saw my brother happier than on those days,we stayed one week, and we smoked everyday, without losing control on it, keepin’ in our mind that every fun thing is addictive.

    We returned at our house, and I talked to our parents, with both of them, incredibly in the same room! at the same time! And I’ve told them that I had to manage a son wich was my brother, and that was all, and I told ’em, that me and my brother decided to live in holland, like people says, “when you’ve got nothin’ to lose…” I had a shitty job, and everthin’ else could be a better thing, and our parents partly helped us, I think ’cause they felt blame about my brother’s depression.

    Now, my brothers lives there, he’s in university, he’s not depressed, and he smokes everyday a bit of best selected weeds, now, is it wrong to smoke moderately weed? I don’t think so, but the entire world oustide holland, is in a drug war, and as bill hicks says “they’re losing it! they’re losin’ a drug war against people who are just gettin’ high!” and THAT’S STUPID! thanks to read this if you do, and sorry for my english…

  • charles says:

    Well I used to wonder “where” I could legaly smoke weed and it turned out quite difficult. I also don’t like to buy weed in my neighborhood because right now just a bunch of hoodlums sell and I don’t like to get involved with them–nothing against weed. It is just a consequence of it being illegal. I tried a new LEGAL cannabinoid that gets me a little higher than the best weed I’ve tried and it lets me not have to deal with the law. Check out:

  • pokesmot says:

    ok i have a few bones to pick here freethinker Says:”Marijuana isn’t addictive yet I know people who would do anything but kill someone just to have their weed. Tell me that isn’t ridiculous? My BEST FRIEND’S ex walked away from her and his 2 month old son because she found out he was getting high and asked him to make a decision. As a parent she is responsible for taking care of her children. She is divorced and if word got round that she was dating and had a child with someone who smokes an illegal drug her ex would stop at nothing to fight for custody of a child he honestly doesn’t want or deserve. She had every right to make him decide whether the safety of his family was important or his drug was. He chose pot. I’m sure you and everyone else who smokes thinks that she’s a dumb bitch for making him chose like that. But that’s what makes you all fake stoners. You say it doesn’t alter people-there’s your proof it does. Someone walked away from his family because drugs were better.” No that is bull, he chose the drug because he has an addicting personality meening what ever his friends liked and did he liked and did monkey see monkey do. he would have taken anything over his wife if his buddys liked it that much. You also talk about memory loss again bull my best friend smokes religiously and still maintains a 4.0 grade average but your right it causes memory loss. You also say “My friend Gerald shot his best friend in the face and killed him because he was high.” im possitive that is not true yeah he may have done that but it was not because he was high he may have ben high but thats not why. I have ben shot befor by my best friend not because we were high he got CARELESS not stoned. Him and i were totally sober he turned my way and said bang we both started laughing then BOOM dead in the right shoulder. After i got out of the hospital we smoked a blunt he pulled the gun out again but this time he used his head as he said and i quote “this is the last time you or i will ever see one or these” as he took the gun apart and put it in the trash. anyhow if it was leagle the US alone would generate enough money to end world hunger 7x over. the economy would hit an all time high the states would not know what to do with all the money they would get. there is so many diseases that marijuana helps glaucoma, cancer, M.S., anorexia, R.L.S., Alzheimer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, Chronic pain and many more. not to mention crime rates would drop by 43% because marijuana is one of the biggest pushed drugs in history. any problems you have with what i wrote debate with me lets start a revolution smoke in peace

  • Jeff says:

    I was told by my doctor that I have glucoma in my eyes, and when I said something to her about this medical marijuana issue, she laughed at me, she said she would perfer to just give me drops. And that she hasn’t heard anything about it being okay in Wisconsin yet. But the drops haven’t been working. Is there anywhere in Wisconsin that I can get a doctor that will prescribe me medical marijuana for my glucoma. My brother-in-law died about 5 years ago from cancer, but when he was getting his treatments he was getting really sick until he tried medical marijuana, it helped him with his nausea feeling he would get after is chemo. It mad his last year he was alive tolerable instead of him being miserable.

  • joe says:

    is there a place close to ohio or area that it is legal to smoke an purchase mary jane.

  • shea says:

    yall are so right!!!! weed, pot,marijuana, is great!!! look has anyone heard of violent acts of smoking pot???? no peoples reactions are delayed and choice making. but everyone still has fun, laughs, plays, giigle, talk, and are really cool! so lets keep up the fight men and women,boys and girls, lets LEGALIZE the weed!!!!!:P

  • Thomas A. Parnham says:

    I have a rare form of bone marrow cancer and my doctors would like to prescribe medical marijuana for me to smoke for my side effects from twice weekly chemotherapy. I live in Virginia and cannot access any venue to purchase this medicinal compound that would allow me to work as a productive, tax paying member of our society. Please provide any advice.

  • To Devon: You are the type of person that makes stoners look bad. Yeah, I smoke cigarettes and they are terrible for you. Each cigarette has over 1200 carcinogens (cancer producing) chemicals in it. I know that. I also know 15 people right now off the top of my head without even trying that can’t STAND to be without pot. I’m going through financial issues in my life right now and if I don’t have a few bucks to buy smokes I go without. I may be slightly impatient for a few hours but once I realize it and tell myself to chill I do. Nicotene dependency is over in 24 hrs. I don’t think it takes even that long. Marijuana isn’t addictive yet I know people who would do anything but kill someone just to have their weed. Tell me that isn’t ridiculous? My BEST FRIEND’S ex walked away from her and his 2 month old son because she found out he was getting high and asked him to make a decision. As a parent she is responsible for taking care of her children. She is divorced and if word got round that she was dating and had a child with someone who smokes an illegal drug her ex would stop at nothing to fight for custody of a child he honestly doesn’t want or deserve. She had every right to make him decide whether the safety of his family was important or his drug was. He chose pot. I’m sure you and everyone else who smokes thinks that she’s a dumb bitch for making him chose like that. But that’s what makes you all fake stoners. You say it doesn’t alter people-there’s your proof it does. Someone walked away from his family because drugs were better and “he has the right to feel that way”. Yeah you do have rights but it’s the people that make it their life that cause the issues. I don’t personally see why anyone would want to waste their life being high all the time. It makes you forgetful and stupid and it kills brain cells. You’re free to do as you please and feel as you please but just so you know you’re wrong if you think you will be treated equal by everyone because the fact is you aren’t equal.

  • I’m not saying I don’t agree with everyone who says marijuana should be legal. In fact I agree. When this topic comes up I usually tell people that leagalizing it will help our economoy in many ways as well as the effects it will have on the people who regualarly smoke it who are calm all the time. I’m not a fan of pot and never have been but I know that it would benefit us right now and that’s all the reason I need as a person. My issue with people fighting for it is the way they do it. It’s so easy to tell when a typical stoner is arguing for pot. The fact of the matter is whether you like it or not marijuana is bad for you. Just like cigarettes, alcohol, or any other intoxicating drug out there. There is 4x the amount of toxins in one joint that there is in one cigarette. People do make stupid mistakes while high. Whether you like it or not, use it or not, it impairs your actions. Most all my friends smoke and I have tried it a few times and it changes you. My friend Gerald shot his best friend in the face and killed him because he was high. Just because a few stoners don’t do things to create a situation or make those mistakes doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. You can call Gerald an idiot because he messed up like that but the fact of the matter is he didn’t do it on his own. Chronic use changes the way the drug alters you, as well as the simple fact that it AFFECTS EVERYONE DIFFERENTLY! You may not go out and rape someone but I know people who change completely once they’re high and I would never put it past them to mess up like that. Once again not saying I’m not for legalization because I am. But if you really think marijuana should be legal and you want to fight for it I suggest doing your research and winning the fight. Don’t skip over the negatives like they aren’t there- PEOPLE AREN’T THAT DUMB! Approach them give them good argument and see where it takes you. The stupid stoner arguments are really getting old…especially…it’s all natural and it grows in the ground it’s totally safe. That’s so ridiculous it doesn’t deserve a comment.

  • jon101 says:

    Nevpar ever heard of vaporizing. Well vaporizing allows you to only inhale the pure thc and not the tar. Anyone concerned with smoking it has other options, including eating it. So your argument is only against the actual smoking of it, which I have chronic bronchitis and quit cigarettes and smoke pot and I am fine. So you should not compare cigarettes with pot. Apples to oranges my friend.

  • like dude says:

    weed is amazing. if it were legal, my life would be so much easier!!! I got busted by my parents and kicked out. Now i can’t do it cause of ramdom drug tests, while all of my friends do!!! I’m really annoyed. Legalize it!!!!

  • john pope says:

    if this was not a RUSH TO THE JUDGMENTAL to quick for the medical marijuana to treat medical and/or mental illness, as would AMERICA have a problems of overdose with this compare to the other drugs and alcohol ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Yes I am a traumatic brains injuries of open but close head wound that took over seven years to heal, as none of the doctors medication could help me like the marijuana could to relax my mind that hurt many times of the 9 times crack skull with two implants in my skull after two holes drill to relieve the inside pressure.

  • There has also been recent research done in spain that looks promising, in future THC could be used as a treatment for brain tumours and other cancers. It seems crazy to make nature against the law, especially as their seems to be many benefits regarding the pain relieving effects cannabis gives to many.

  • dutchgirl says:

    I am checking out some of the comments on here,first, I smoked cigarettes for over 40 years,gave them up and am doing well. Able to breath more and walk further, and losing weight. Ok, nuff said on that.I take my gunga as a tea.
    I make an infusion, and mix it with the morning tea or coffee every morning, two cups. We feel great,joints are less painful, getting around, cleaning house and doing yard work. Even able to ride my scooter again! (Yes, I wait one hour after tea to ride, just to be careful!) It is like having a new lease on life and I feel good! Of course, I am over 50 now and not as fast or as produtive, but the mj is helping, there is no doubt.
    I would rather get busted in a state of activity and no pain, than laying in bed, wasting my life because it hurts too much to put my shoes on my feet and be legal. I will not be a law-abiding sheep ignoring the possibilities.
    Don’t be so hard on NEVERPAR…he is hurting in his body and soul right now. I wish he(?)would take some tea
    Good Enery to you all-

  • dutchgirl says:

    I am checking out some of the comments on here…first, I smoked cigarettes for over 40 years…gave them up and am doing well. Able to breath more and walk further, and losing weight. Ok, nuff said on that…I take my gunga as a tea.
    I make an infusion, and mix it with the morning tea or coffee every morning, two cups. We feel great…joints are less painful, getting around, cleaning house and doing yard work. Even able to ride my scooter again! (Yes, I wait one hour after tea to ride, just to be careful!) It is like having a new lease on life and I feel good! Of course, I am over 50 now and not as fast or as produtive, but the mj is helping, there is no doubt.
    I would rather get busted in a state of activity and no pain, than laying in bed, wasting my life because it hurts too much to put my shoes on my feet and be legal. I will not be a law-abiding sheep ignoring the possibilities.
    Don’t be so hard on NEVERPAR…he is hurting in his body and soul right now…I wish he(?)would take a
    Good Enery to you all-

  • im with devon! i smoke cigs too but he is right you dont have to have weed almost every sec. of your life you probably smoke weed 98% less than you do cigs ive been smoking pot since i was 13 when i first started smoking. weed could last me for ever like i got so high then a blunt would last 3 days its crazy i know but one cig would never last someone 3 days. i’m just saying weed is a good habbit and cigs are just a life killer!

  • Devon says:

    To the 66 year old man, you actually made yourself sound bad, because unlike cigaretts, you dont have to have a blunt after every meal and everything you do. my mom has smoked cigarretts for near 30 years and it hurts me to see her act the way she does when she dosent have a cigarret. weed also, like many have said before me, dose not make you angry, has many medical benefits, and can do wonders for the econemy. what medical benifits does cigaretts have? only negative, and the buzz from cigaretts does not make up for the side effects of lung cancer and other things. if anything, cigarretts should be illegal. and i have also had quite a few beers in one night and the morning after was complete HELL. i have NEVER, EVER woke up the next morning after gettin high and felt bad. not in the least. the reason cigarett smoke is so bad because of whats in it. our lungs were made to filter out chemicals that harm us. you would be amazed if you knew how many differnt and deadly chemicals you breath in with every breath. i would rather go to jail for smokin weed then be seen smokin a cigarett.

  • drgreenthumb says:

    heck if not for marijuana i would not have passed my g.e.d. i suffer from p.t.s.d. its very hard for me to wind down and concentrate i am 42 years old and have been smoking marijuana since i have been 13 i was very badly abused as a small child not only does it help me but it can help you too if legalization was passed money generated from sales could be used to feed the hungry children stimulate our economy create jobs free up millions of dollars in health care costs if you do not like it you do not have to partake i think also that with legalization and decriminalization the police could be freed up to find the real crime i also think that our schools and our government could benefit from legalization and taxation freeing up our overcrowded prison systems making room for the violent offenders and rapist and child molesters national geographic has a great story on this subject and something else the gov of California obviously understands the great need to legalize his step forward has already generated much needed funds for his state i will always support the legalization of marijuana because it has helped me many times you do not have to smoke it you can eat it wear it drive cars with fuel made from it create paper create jobs teach people on how to become farmers keep kids off pills

  • Anonymous says:

    right now in these troubled times with the economy being bad and all the factors draining our economy money generated by marijuana sales could lift us out of the national debt create jobs reduce the overcrowded prisons and help millions suffering from all kinds of illness the time is right for legalization and taxation Oakland California is a perfect example of a positive economic growth in ideas .

  • Anonymous says:

    The sad fact of the matter is, the united states government is not ran by the people anymore. It's nothing but an over-sized cult of men in suits that do nothing but argue about what color the the sky is all day. There have been numerous national polls and the people want their marijuana. If America was run by the people it would be legal, period. It just goes to show how the American people can be silenced by the long dick of the law and there's nothing they can do about it. Sorry my fellow americans, but I believe that unless there is revolt (similar to the
    prohibition) we will only have more of the same.

  • cheezestaak2000 says:

    if people are concerned about the long term effects about marijuana use, i can tell you 43 years have not resulted in any health problems for me. i really wish i could say the same thing about alchol and tobacco. does it really make sense that marijuans is the only one of the 3 that's not lefal???

  • Anonymous says:

    I totally think marijuana should be legal. Think about it…the world would be a better place, where everyone got along and loved each other. It has a medical use, it doesn't cause people to be violent such as alcohol. You don't kill people when you "smoke and drive". It doesn't cause cancer, actually helps cancer patients..need i say more about how i feel? I currently do not smoke weed because I am in nursing school and have to have a drug test every semester, but the day that marijuana is legalized I will quit smoking cigarettes and light up…and think about the benefits that the U.S. Government could reap from legalizing marijuana!

  • Anonymous says:

    This goes out to neverpar. Look man it's not our fault you couldn't control your addiction, that you obvioulsy had, that cigarettes cause. You possessed absolutley no self-control to keep yourself from chronically smokeing pack after pack of a dangerous product that is not only proven to cause cancer but and I repeat but has a label that informs the smoker that it will cause cancer. No case of cancer has ever been linked to the sole comsption of marijuana and it dose not posses the nicotine that lead to the ultimate destruction of your life. Now for my final point you keep stressing the fact that smokeing is the problem. Hey moron you ever hear of a vaporizer. They can be used for vaporizeing of the weed that relase the THC and other products that cause the high without relaesing the dangerous smoke and other toxins which lead to your beloved cancerous lungs. So in conclusion, marijuana is the shit, it provdes peace and serenity to all those who consume it's heavenly substance. Use a vaporizer you will not only get a shitload higher and you will save your lungs from the treacherous horrors that have consumed this morons life. Viva la recolucion, Viva la Ganga y Viva la Napoleon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Marijuana, to me, is the ideal substance (I will not call it a drug). In my mind, it provides different effects on different people. Some use it to relax, some use it to get creative, some use it as an escape. I would like to talk about what it does for me personally. I would say the biggest thing that it does for me is to motivate me. Most people who are against pot think that all users are lazy and lethargic. Pot provides me with the motivation to clean my house, mow my yard, do my laundry and whatever other chores need doing. When I am without weed, I often become lazy and just sit on the couch watching the tube. Weed also has improved relations with my wife. For the longest time she wouldn't allow me to use it, so I had to try and hide it from her. This didn't always work and caused many unneccassry fights. Since she has changed her view, things are much better between us. I have gone from resentment to love and respect. I also have to deal with difficult, ungrateful members of society (low income individuals that I am helping fix their houses). Marijuana, in my view, keeps me from "snapping" (YELLING) at people that can't be pleased no matter what you do to help them out. If you take all that it does for me, it makes no sense to me that something that makes me motivated to help around the house, improves relations with my wife and makes me nicer to ungrateful people that I am helping should be classified illegal by crocked politicians. Also, if you factor in that I could achieve all of these goals by simply planting a garden in my yard, the illegality of marijuana is absurd in my mind! Like others on this blog, I could go on all day….

  • Anonymous says:

    I think pot should be legalized for medicinal purposes. I find pot to be the best medication for my depressive disorder. I also relied on pot to combat my alcoholism. I've been sober for 11yrs now. Call it transference, I call it a life saver. I could go on and on about various health issues which could benefit from the use of marijuana, anxiety, stress, mania, agoraphobia, panic attacks, etc. Pot is also useful for people suffering from eating disorders who need to gain weight. I also believe it should be passed around during anger management classes. Pot mellows you out. It does not make you a criminal, or violent, or lead to other unacceptable behaviors.
    On the flip side, I do not think pot should be used as a crutch or escapism. If it were legalized, I would recommend restrictions. Most importantly, an age restriction. I don't know the statistics, but I would wager (from personal knowledge) that the majority of kids who smoke pot, do not finish high school. Most kids tend to abuse pot, some to the point of obsession. I was one of them. As an adult, I returned to school and completed college.
    I think the key is knowledge. People should be informed on proper usage and potential pitfalls, as well as the benefits.
    Pot has my pro vote.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just got a dui for having marijuana in my system, i am suffering for a outdated much needed change in the law. it needs to be legal!! how can they prove i was under the influence when it stays in your system so long? i am very angry, at our land of the free.

  • Anonymous says:

    Call 1-973-409-3274 and push # as soon as the polls reach 51% it has to be brought to congress.

    I don’t smoke Marijuana but I completely for its legalization. Our economy could use the benefits from regulating it similiar to alcohol.

    With foreclosures and people being laid off for work I believe we should come up with a plan to help stimulate tax dollars to help generate jobs. In addition there should be a plan that will help prevent terrorist attacks in America and globally, and that this plan should also redirect our judicial officials and law enforcement to focus on homeland security. Over the course of years the War On Drugs administered by former president Bush has spent over half a trillion dollars. Many users of the substance marijuana use the substance either recreationally or medicinally.

    The campaign on The War On Drugs has not even made significant changes, except the incarcaration of hundreds of thousands of non-violent users who seek only to use the substance. I believe we could help the economy in a significant manner if we simply legalize marijuana and regulate it similiar to tobacco and alcohol. Marijuana is proven less harmful than alcohol and there has not been any reports of an over-dose from obtainers using the substance.

    There are also many other beneficiaries of hemp as well, such as a natural form of gasoline, oil, clothing, rope, and paper. The marijuana plant can be grown close together with one another and could help save rainforests. The marijuana plant can be grown close together and potentially causes little damage to the soil, due to its shallow root system.

    By legalizing and regulating marijuana we could generate jobs, tax dollars, and research more efficient the uses for marijuana outside of just being a substance. I believe medical grade marijuana should still be preserved as a form of medicating patients. This will enable those who are suffering from pain to have access to FDA approved medical grade marijuana that remains the most effective for its purpose of use.

    At the same time people should be allowed to obtain a license to grow marijuana in the comforts of their home. While those who wish to distribute marijuana legitimately must meet FDA approved standards just like tobacco and alcohol. Those who distribute marijuana would have to under go several tests to make sure that they are meeting regulations, and be licensed to sell the sustance similiar to a liquor license.

    This plan would overall help our economy and reallocate our judicial branch and criminal investigators to focus more on homeland security and harmful crimes such as, rape, murder, theft, and assault. Many users of marijuana spend part of their salary or hourly waged income on the product as a recreational drug.

    As with any substance the general public will accept that marijuana is common substance like alcohol or tobacco and will used it in moderation. This has been proven to work with Europe permitting 18 year olds to drink. Families and teenagers are more accustom to alcohol simply because it is a social substance.

    I completely agree that marijuana should be taken into consideration as alcohol and that users must be charged in the came manner if they are driving under the influence. There should also be designed smoking areas such as one’s home, and there could be a similiar method to Amsterdam, with coffee shops. If someone who is entirely unable to drive the coffee shop should take responsibily as if they were under the influence of alcohol and call a cab.

    People are entitled to a freedom, and that is a freedom of what they choose to do to their bodies, we see it everyday with plastic surgery, tattoos, piercings, liposuction, eating healthy or unhealthy, alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, watching excessive ammounts of tv or reading more frequently, and that is a right the people deserve to have.

    It would do more good than harm if America and its governing bodies simply lay their hands down during these difficult economic times. There are more benefits than problems that will occur with the legalization of marijuana.

    • D5yz3q says:

      Please,let me tell you it is illegal,for we allow ,it too be tken,for did you know all herbs can not be locked down bey the FDA ;if are natural,for this playing with Marjuana,has messed with gov,has messed up many religions,taing away a right.Arabic do use alchool,but do smoke Markjuana sometimes.So,let get this straight we gotta wait til corparation buy this herb illegal again and lock it down.This is the msost Goverment broken law,for the gov is not suppose to play with natural to mother nature,for this stuff is a food resource I read today for child having ADDT given in food caps,yes Marjuana seems like the healing drug,and some are palying with other lives by breaking this lws gov is not allow to direct herbs in raw form.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am not a smoker but was wondering which states are legal to grow medical grade marjuana? Do these growers sell directly to the consumers or do they actually sell it to pharmacy to resell to the consumer? I am sorry if my questions are ridiculous but I am just a newbie.

    Thanks !!!

  • AB390 says:

    If you live in California and support legalizing marijuana, YOU can make it happen: Tell your state representatives to support California Assembly Bill 390. It’s easy. Visit

  • Anonymous says:

    I think its realy going to take someone in a powerful position in office that can actually breakdown to congress step by step, with a descriptive model that shows how legalizing pot will raise the economy out of the hole. I personally believe that if legal, pot would produce more $$$ than alcohol, tobacco, & any single pharmy drug out there, & the GOV would own it?? We have all these "smart people" running the country, but why are they being so insanly stupid when it comes to this?? I know I would spend my money on it, & I'm sure all of you would, so whats the deal?? Put an age limit on it, tax it, sell it? Not very hard!! So stop listening to what your Grandaddy congressmen said, & listen to our current pres., it time to CHANGE!!!! WAKE UP DUMBASS!!

  • Ken says:

    I have a very painful disease in my feet and believe(I tried it a few times yrs ago)pot would reduce the pain significantly but it’s illegal still!!! I think it’s time that our government stops deciding what best for the people but rather their goal should be to support us!! Weed has never as far as I’m concern created criminals! Criminals are criminals with or without pot!! Stop trying to paint pot as the “bad guy”!!

  • mrpeoplesearch says:

    NEVERPAR you are way off subject for this blog I don’t know what your deal is but you need to take your crying about what camels did to you somewhere els and while your at it buy a vaperizer and get high

  • NEVERPAR says:

    Ya know, I said I’d given up on you guys…….I told the truth save this one thing. I KNOW how my lungs are shot. Granted their problems stemmed from Camels and not pot. I’ll just say if you are to search the Internet, there are as many pro’s as con’s about lung damage. I’d say the jury is still out about pot but remember this, when I was 14 untill about 40, I thought there was no problem smoking and it wasn’t affecting me in any way. Then I couldn’t run as far, strenuous exercise became a problem and I’d always been in excellent physical shape and very athletic gaining letters in school in four sports in all years attended. After school I joined the Marines and was in top shape in all activities and remained that way, like I said till about 40. All of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe. You just keep on smokin……..I guess my fifty years of experience is of no use to you and for that, I am truly sorry.

  • NEVERPAR says:

    “Anonymous”, aren’t you listening? Perhaps I didn’t make myself understood how dangerous smoking ANYTHING can be. My lungs have been permanently damaged by tars and nicotine from smoking. FROM SMOKING!! My God man, don’t you understand ALL smoking is damaging to your lungs? Why do you think many states have barred smoking in all public areas and at the same time don’t ban smoking? The blame here belongs directly in the laps of our government. Taxes, taxes, taxes…….it’s OK to kill thousands and thousands as long as the government gets their tax money. REMEMBER, ALL SMOKE is damaging to your lungs. Smoking adjusts your ability to think for yourself. Having been a smoker for over thirty years, I look back and realize how cigarettes governed my life. I “had” to have a cigarette, With coffee in the morning, after all meals, during any leisure time, at sporting events, while driving, after any strenuous situation, and never, NEVER leave home without first checking if I have enough smokes. If I don’t, it’s ‘stop at the first gas station’ to get a couple of packs. Smoking controls your life. The habit of smoking chemically changes your ability to reason and realize you are killing yourself, along with others around you.
    Ya know, I’m going to give up on you guys, I just stumbled upon this site by accident while looking at a CNN site.
    If you want to join me in having to spend thousands of dollars on Meds like MaxAir, Spiriva, Advair along with the many times I’ve had to take prednisone (steroid) and spend endless hours on breathing machines just to loosen mucus in my lungs to be able to expel it, have at it. Don’t EVEN think of the Doctor bills. If you want to cough so hard to get those chunks of mucus out of your lungs that you pass out and when you come to your head has a headache of huge proportions, go ahead and smoke till you turn blue. If you want to find yourself at the emergency room door with respiration’s about 150 per minute, being unable to breath in OR unable to breath out and you’ve lost the ability to hold your bodily functions because you can’t breathe, be my guest.
    I’ll tell you what, try this once, tape your mouth and nose shut with that silver tape and poke a hole in it just big enough for a McDonalds milkshake straw to enter into your mouth and then try to breath in and out through the straw, ONLY. THAT’S what COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is like, only you can’t ever get another good breath the rest of your life. Once you’ve become addicted and need and want to stop and can’t, don’t worry, you’ll stop when they close the lid and put you in the ground.
    Have a nice day,

  • All Blind says:

    WEED IS FUCKING AMAZING!!! Honestly I don’t think there is one thing wrong with marijuana. Except that it can make you lazy and not want to work. But everyone knows there is a time and place to smoke weed, you wouldn’t show up to work drunk would you? Just like you wouldn’t get completely stoned before an exam or something. Weed is great and i hate hate HATE the government for making it illegal and so hard to get away with. If marijuana is not legal in the next five years i will have no faith in our government or what it stands for. They think there helping us? There not. I’m going to move to fucking Amsterdam (which by the way is not a complete hell whole which is should be according to our gov). Weeds awesome and so is Amsterdam.

  • mrpeoplesearch says:

    God I’m so sick of people refering to marijuana as a “DRUG” right and a victorias secrets catalog is porn. Cracks a drug cocains a drug both highly addictive and made by man. You won’t find one person that’s stole or killed because they wanted to get high on marijuana but nearly every crack or coke head has done one or the other to get high. The comment from neverpar a 66yrold man hate to brake it to you but marijuana does not contain nicotine and the tar how many people have u heard of that have lung cancer or anyother alment from smoking marijuana. That’s one of the biggest prob with people who talk neg about legalizing marijuana is they don’t know what the hell there talking about. I could go on and on about all the good things marijuana has done in my life like the friend ships that have been made while smoking a bowl and the good nights sleep I get and the only neg that has come from it is being arrested for having 1.4g of pot and a pipe. I wasn’t high when I got pulled over I wasn’t doing anything to hurt anyone and that’s not right. I also drink alcohol not so much now as when I was just out of high school so its not something I deal with anymore but I used to get so drunk I couldn’t walk I got into fights and I was mean not to mention how sick I would get sometimes and it wasn’t just me it was a lot of the people around me and I’m sure 90% of drinkers have gone through the same stuff so how is it that alcohols ok but marijuanas not. Anyways I could go on forever about this topic but ill stop and let you ponder. Till next time

  • NEVERPAR says:

    I can’t believe you people. I’m a 66 year old that smoked Camel Regulars for around 30 years. I now have COPD and have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on medications if I want to live. Let me ask you something. Is MJ free of tars and nicotine? No? Then it is harmful, period. If you inhale smoke, you are doing damage to your lungs, of this there is no doubt. The reason tobacco is not illegal? Taxes, plain and simple. I’m never amazed to see our government is willing to kill thousands of people every year due to the use of tobacco as long as they get their cut of taxes. Regardless of how long it takes to die from tobacco use, you are just as dead, dead, dead as if someone took a gun and blew your brains out.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is just a sad sad thing, people can drink till death but can not smoke a plant that has no ill long term effects and many uses. There are NO recorded deaths to date solely because of marijuana! So then why is this plant illegal? well to get a better picture of why it is we have to look to the past… and what I’m seeing is not a need to protect people form a deadly plant but for other reasons. Reasons part of an alternate agenda to rid the US of of certain minority groups…(thanks Harry Anslinger) I just hope our new leader will live up to his promise to stop the Fed. raids of medical marijuana users.

  • greg says:

    im 15 years old i fuckin love smokin weed i think that it should be legalized and if it doesnt i will b pissed smokin weed has changed my life completly i fuckin love it anyone that wants to keep it illegal is a fuckin faggot and needs to spark up a blunt and then decide wat they think weed doesnt do anything to ur body and it cant give u any diseases and it cant kill u so there is no reason it should be illegal

  • Brittany says:

    MARIJUANA LAWS- RIDICULOUS! A huge argument, should marijuana be legal? My personal answer, yes, it should be. Getting in trouble with it results in having a destroyed criminal record for many Americans who enjoy smoking “pot”. Is this fair? No. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. To all of the people who have a negative aspect about using marijuana, you really need to do some research. It is a proven study Alcohol destroys the liver, causes heart problems, and incredibly impairs one behind the wheel. But alcohol is legal, right? It is a proven study the use of tobacco causes lung problems and heart disease. But tobacco is legal, right? It is also a proven study that Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug, it has NO LINK to any sort of lung cancer, and helps many AIDS and cancer patients feel better. And further into research I found that it infact has no link to memory loss which many may not believe. But marijuana is illegal, WHY? AMERICANS we need to do something about this. Tax it, legalize it. Create millions of businesses such as hookah bars, and produce millions of dollars for the farmers. Put an age limit on it, and treat it as alcohol laws are treated. I guarentee if you put a person in a car that has had 10 beers next to a person in a car that has smoked 10 joints, the pot smoker will infact drive better and even more cautiously than a sober driver. ACT NOW! LETS GET THIS LEGALIZED!

  • Legal Bud says:

    Mairjuana should be legal for everyone, mainly for recreational use. But also for medical use. When people have cancer or any other main health problems they do not want morphine or these other dangerous legal drugs! They want to be able to smoke weed! Weed has many more benefits than these other drugs to and our government should give the people what they want! Legal Weed

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with everybody here. I have been smoking for almost 4 years now and have three wonderful kids. I do drink occasionally and very rarely do cocaine but that is my choice not the pot being a gateway drug. It was my choice to try it. To anonymous who is smoking for health reasons, I applaud you and completely feel you there. I haven’t been medically diagnosed with anything, but raising three young children (my oldest is only 4 years old), I get depressed and frustrated all the time. Weed is what calms me down and keeps me from yelling at my kids. To Brian, my friends and I have had many conversations regarding exactly what you said. Sell joints in packs like cigarettes, sell them for $25-30 a pack and we’re still paying less than what we do now and helping the economy. Where I live all you can find anymore is $40 quarters, if you can find it at all. The government is too caught up in trying to bust marijuana dealers and growers that they are neglecting the hard drugs like meth, LCD, acid, and extacy which can kill you like 100 times faster than weed can, it’s proven fact.

  • Evan says:

    Boston, MA
    You can now smoke weed in Boston and not get into trouble. Pretty soon medical marijuana will be legal everywhere! Get it a few more years weed will be legal all over the united states
    Legal Bud

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s not forget the market for hemp related products. Hemp is a viable crop and its fiber has a large number of commercial uses, from clothing to paper. Not only can we save trees, which should be an easy sale to the eco friendly, but it can be a boon to farmers as a cash crop. From what I’ve read, even hemp seeds are rich in nutrients. It’s such a shame that so many people have bought into the propaganda and lies that our government has tried to pass for fact for so long.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why can’t we lobby on a state-by-state basis to get the law changed? I can set up a webb site. Funding will be necessary. I have lobbyed for 30 years – states and federal. Comments?

  • rusty says:

    I saw an episode on “home box office” named “Grass”, by Ron Mann. Why can’t we get legislation done on a state by state basis to overcome the criminal penalties? I have been lobbying for many year in several states and federally. Is there a way to fund this? Could we set up a webb site? Do the states realize the expense they are dealing with on this criminalzation? Any comments, or takers?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the time for all legalization proponents to put on an all out blitz on legislators and politicians. Due to the current economic crisis, governments at all levels, federal, state and local, are running out of money. It is impossible to rationally justify the billions we are continually spending on failed attempts to enforce marijuana prohibition. We must send a strong message to the politicians that the people will no longer tolerate tax dollars being wasted on this nonsense, and that governments must now move to regulation and taxation.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly i think the effort to keep marijuana illegal is obsurd. Marijuana has been a part of life long before we were even an idea. Its natural and unexcepted…why because it fits the basic definition of a narcotic the twist is…its completely harmless. Smoking a joint is like smoking a cigarette when you are having a crappy day and you smoke that first cigarrtte you feel great…take that nicotine buzz and amplify it by about 10 each time you take a hit…nicotine levels you out…marijuana..thc…chills you out…you dont want to kill…or steal, or rape, or anything…you want to relax, eat and then sleep.
    Plus there are more important things that our country needs to concern themselves with. When terrorists have guns pointed at our head…we are more concerned about the mesquito bite on our ass…thats how dumb it is…just legalize it..put a tax on it…and get over it. We have bigger problems to deal with.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a 26 year old medical student doing a paper for the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. Being a medical student I know that drugs are bad but after being given this subject I have almost changed my mind about the U.S. policies I think that anyone who would like to legalize pot after lookinga t several studies is right there are so many benifits. Not only just for medical purposes I also think that a few people that don’t really know what they are talking about should keep out of any descion makeing until they have gotten all the facts. I have been reaserching for over a month andhave found many reasons why pot should be legal so keep on with the fight to legalize it I have been changed by facts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Regardless of marijuana being legalized in all states or not, people still manage to find marijuana to smoke. Personally, if it was legalized i believe it would do wonders to the world. I believe we would see the world as a better view. We would have happier people and more friendly people and I think it would bring a little more joy that people didn’t know they had. Another reason is if it was to be legalized people wouldn’t abuse marijuana because it would be legal. People abuse marijuana illegally more than legally. Plus, if it was to get legalized, those who illegally smoke it more likely wouldn’t use as much if it was legalized. I don’t believe legalizing marijuana would harm many people. I think it would be a good idea actually..

  • Kent says:

    not only is the legalization of marijuana going to help in stablizing the economy but also free up the prison. i live in harford county maryland and have had several instances involving getting into trouble with possesion. Here we are taking in to jail, no warnings or citations. We can be held without bail for months for a charge involving one gram. When being a help a 42 year old man charged with murder was given a bail price, i was not. Which of these is worse?

  • Brian says:

    The legalization of marijuana would completely fix the economy. It is easier to grow than tobacco so if it is sold in 20 packs like cigarettes, you could put a $25 tax on it and it would be cheaper than black market prices. The tax would get rid of the deficit. With the deficit gone, the dollar becomes much stronger which means the cost of foreign goods (gas, cars, electronics) would come way down. Cost of policing marijuana goes away and the police can go after real criminals. Just plain common sense.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to know if any of these so called doctors or researchers have ever actually smoked weed themselves. Everyone reacts to “drugs” differently. So if they are seeing overly giggly people chances are those people don’t smoke on a regular basis. And as far as concentration marijuana actually makes you more focused while under the influence. I am a prelaw student, active member of my community, volunteer mediator and full time mom and here the catch I have been smoking for the last 5 years chronically. I am not on any kind of man made meds either. Which is rare now days. I have never been in trouble and I do not drink alcohol or do any other drugs. I have never been in a group of people who are smoking and had a fight break out like happens when people drink. However I have heard some of the most interesting and philisophical conversations under the influence. Diagnosed over 6 years ago with manic depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD smoking is the only way I can function during the day. Yes I have tried other meds my doctor prescribed to me. All have had a negative effect on me. It was actually my doctor who told me to start smoking. So the next time people want to say “Oh weed is bad. Look at all the bad things it does.” Maybe they should consider the source.

  • epper317 says:

    would like to find a clinic that is able to prescribe medical marijuana in or near los angeles.

  • Anonymous says:

    I found an awesome site with detailed information on where you can legally smoke weed.

    So if you are looking for a vacation and also want a spliff, check out:

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