Upsetting San Diego Medical Marijuana True Story

The following is an upsetting email from one of our visitors.

It looks like he needs all the help he can get, so please comment on this post. You may actually help towards preventing a good man who fought for his country and helped people to cope with their illnesses, from unfairly going to jail:

My name is Eugene Davidovich and I have been a resident of San Diego for over 20 years, honourably discharged from the US Navy
, and having completed an MBA, I built a successful career in Software Development Project Management. I also am a medical cannabis patient and operated a non profit collective here in San Diego until last February when my house was raided and I arrested in Operation Green Rx later announced by the District Attorney in a press conference as Operation Endless Summer.

In this operation a local San Diego Police Detective lied to his doctor about his identity and condition, obtained a valid recommendation for medical marijuana and joined the majority of the medical collectives and coops listed on the San Diego section of the CA NORML list.

The detective called me and joined the collective over the phone. Then after verifying his eligibility with his doctor I allowed him to join the collective. While pretending to be a sick patient, he requested that I deliver medical cannabis to him. Having seen him once and provided him with a quarter ounce of medical cannabis, I am now facing 4 felony charges, $65,000 bail, and permanent profoundly traumatic damage to my professional and personal life.

Here in California it has been over a decade since the Compassionate Use Act. Several years since SB420, and almost a year since the California Attorney General’s guidelines. We even have had Congress urge the department of justice to clarify medical marijuana policy and stop the DEA raids.

However, here in San Diego we have the DAs Office saying there is no such thing as a legal collective or cooperative, and that anyone who engages in an attempt to cultivate and distribute collectively is obviously in it for profit, “why else would they get in to this activity”.

There are many patients and collectives in San Diego who have gone above and beyond what is required in order to comply and stay within the law. Yet every attempt made to date by collectives and coops to follow the law in San Diego has resulted in long investigations, prosecutions, and collectives having to operate so deeply underground and under such intense daily fear and pressure, that the potential public benefit they could be bringing to the community and to patients is stifled by this environment of fear.

The DA has made it clear, San Diego is not a safe place for collectives, here patients are rounded up in drug sting operations, prosecuted, and forced into taking plea bargains.

Please visit my website which contains the actual footage of the undercover “delivery” of medicine to the detective, as well as many other details of my case. The Preliminary Hearing in my case is scheduled for 13 July, 2009 in Department 11 at 8:15am (220 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) or

Eugene Davidovich –

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  • Wallis says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Anonymous says:

    hey, i say if the people can effectively and collectively vote for one person to rule this country, why not let the people vote on this law? Why are a few people enforcing a belief on many? it's issues like this that make the government comparable to religion.

  • Anonymous says:

    It is my opinion that canabis should be decriminalized by the Feds, and medical canabis should be available to all who need it. The attitude of the DEA infuriates me, don't they have better things to do? If canabis would be legalized, it would drastically cut the profits of the gangs, and thus reduce crime overall. I have read that the Feds spend billions of $ each year in raiding clinics, destroying crops, arresting people and prosecuting them. Our creator made this herb available to us for a purpose, and we are very blessed that the healing properties have been discovered. DEA, go after those who bring dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin etc. into the country and leave canabis smokers and patients alone. Canabis makes people mellow, and mellow people are don't participate in crimes. President Obama needs to decriminalize canabis, just as alcohol was to be de-criminalized and ended the prohibition. J.J. Kansas

  • Anonymous says:

    This is pretty terrible…

    We need to end all of the "grey area" stuff that allows certain areas to basically do as they please.

    We need clear guidelines , but cannabis should be available to those who need it. I've heard SD is not friendly towards medical marijuana and this proves it.

    There are about 500+ stores in Los Angeles now ,but there are some areas with few or no stores..this doesn't seem right as Medical Marijuana is supposed to be legal in all of California.

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