project_sam_001Kevin Sabet isn’t just an assistant professor of psychiatry and the founder of Project Sam. His reputation exceeds his age as Kevin is only 34 and yet has already had the honor of being the senior adviser to Obama on his drug policy. To be a bit more specific, Mr. Sabet was a political appointee and served to both presidents Bush and Obama. He is a passionate opponent of marijuana legalization to the extent of being labeled Legalization Enemy #1 by the Rolling Stone magazine. Kevin is actually considered to be a bigger threat to marijuana legalization in the U.S. than the DEA. In addition, he is currently the Director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida and also a president of Policy Solutions Lab, which is a drug policy consulting company. As a cherry on top, he is also a blogger for the Huffington Post, believe it or not.

A Sound Mental Health Policy

Project SAM was founded in January, 2013, as an obvious effort to discredit the entire marijuana legalization movement. Considering the fact that Mr. Sabet is a former Bush’s speechwriter, it surprised us that he is actually able to convey what exactly is he fighting for. However, that doesn’t necessarily make sense. He and supporters of Project SAM believe that the U.S. is going down the wrong road when its legalizing marijuana on a such a massive scale, directly contradicting to, what in their opinion is, a sound mental health policy.

Mixed Goals

In their first public appearance they also emphasized that they plan on tackle issues that concern racial disparity in arrests, marijuana convictions and the resulting stigma. They also plan to raise money to oppose legalization efforts throughout the country and shape the laws in Colorado and Washington (!), promote different incarceration alternatives and further scientific research on the drug. In reality, their goal is to completely eradicate marijuana but they don’t seem to be in a hurry to do so. Considering the latest polls and the peoples approval of marijuana as a medical aid, we believe they have a really tough challenge ahead of them, maybe even an impossible one, especially because they waited so long to oppose what they believe is an unworthy cause.

Data Manipulation

However, we shouldn’t underestimate Kevin Sabet. This is a skillful and well-educated professional with strong ties in Obama’s Administration. Whatever he decides to do next, we are sure he will receive overwhelming support because of his stature alone. Basically, don’t get your hopes up on Project SAM revealing any real information on marijuana research either. Just recently, Kevin Sabet was accused of manipulating poll data in the Huffington Post. Instead of informing the public that 9.4% of Washington teens use dispensary marijuana, he stated that 39% are teen users. Stay tuned to our for future updates on Project SAM.


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