States Where Medical Marijuana Legislation is Pending

Below is the up-to-date situation for states where the legal use of medical marijuana for certain medical conditions is pending. This information is current as of June 2010.


Relevant Bill

Summary of Law

Current Situation

AlabamaHB207Must have debilitating medical condition as diagnosed by physician.Passed by committee and put before full house in January 1010
ArizonaArizona Medical Marijuana ActPatients must ‘qualify’ to use medical marijuana. Registry and dispensaries to be establishedTo appear on ballot for general election in November 2010
DelawareSB94Indemnity from state criminal laws for qualifying patientsIntroduced to Senate June 23 2009
District of ColumbiaB18-662Introduction of program to, “regulate the manufacture, cultivation, distribution, dispensing, purchase, delivery, sale, possession, and administration of medical marijuana and the manufacture, possession, purchase, sale, and use of paraphernalia. The Program shall be administered by the Mayor.”Unanimous approval by Council on May 4 2010. Now in Congressional Review Period (June 2010)

Patients diagnosed by physician to register with Dept of Public HealthPut before Rules Committee on April 3 2009 and passed third reading before Senate Public Health Committee by very slim margin on May 27 2009
MassachusettsHB2160Approval by physician then registration with Department of Public HealthPublic hearing on May 16 2009 and referred for study
MissouriHB1670Marijuana to be allowed for medicinal purposes under certain conditionsIntroduced January 14 2010 and referred to Health Care Policy Committee May 14 2010
New YorkAO9016/ SO4041B
Legalizes the possession, manufacture, use, delivery, transfer, transport or administration of marihuana by a certified patient or designated caregiver for a certified medical use.” Sets possession limits of 2.5 ounces; establishes registry identification card program
Now before the Ways and Means Committee, June 8 2010. Before Senate Finance Committee, March 23 2010
North CarolinaH1380Immunity from state criminal laws for qualified patientsPassed first House reading and now before Committee on Health (since April 2009)
OhioHB478Registration program to be established that will allow patients to grow and possess limited amount of marijuanaIntroduced to the House April 7 2010

Repeals provisions of law prohibiting and penalizing use of marijuana.
Before Health and Services Committee April 2008 and referred to Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee May 4 2010
South DakotaInitiated
Measure 13
An Act to provide safe access to medical marijuana for certain qualified persons.To appear on ballot for general election November 2010


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  • heavenbound says:

    WHAT IS GOING ON IN NEW YORK FOR 2013? HOW CLOSE ARE WE TO LEGALIZE MEDICAL MARIJUANA? Will it be anytime soon!!!! I need help in upstate new York!!

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    Check out the new Phototron You can have your medicine for roughly 50 dollars per month with this unit and get rid of the hassles.

  • Regidor Delarosa says:

    Just something for everyone’s concern, this new sysnthetic THC product being pushed to the public could may well be a gimmick or dirty tactic to upset the legalization movement. It reeks of Republican type chikanery or a pharma industry move against pot.

    Pass this on, I know for myself, a pure smokey supporter, have no interest in smoking anything that is not pure weed or made in someone’s bathtub lab, but I think this is a political move folks, Up in arms against this kind of anti freedom tactics. Ring the bells folks, let’s keep this clean.

    • jenna says:

      I have extreme depression and anxiety. I’ve been an shut in for over 12 years in my state this drug is illegal, yet subjecting me to a variety of barely approved f.d.a. drugs isn’t.

      I’ve developed seizures, hallucinations and liver failure-on approved regulations. I almost died 3 times. You tell me AR. is in the bible belt. I pray the next thing they try to cure my anxiety over being sexually, physically and mentally abused dosen’t kill me or lead to some crack house to get weed that will!

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