As you probably know by now, Oregon has legalized marijuana. Sales begun in October, 2015 and it seems that things are bound to go as smoothly as ever. However, new information has recently reached various news outlets and it seems that the DEA is funding something called a “Domestic Marijuana Eradication/Suppression Program” which is exactly what it sounds like and is supposed to search and destroy any cannabis operations. Supposedly, over $750,000 should be enough financial backing for this operation.

Most of the money is spent on helicopters flying around and seeking grow sites that should eventually be destroyed. If you are a number cruncher, you will be astounded by the fact that each plant costs about $60 to destroy. So, I guess what we’re wondering here is why not sell the plants to medical dispensaries and cover operational costs that way? Surely, if the plant has grown and formed buds, isn’t it a waste of time and money to burn it to the ground?

The main reason for this particular operation is that previous grow sites have been mostly connected to Mexican drug cartels. With legalization of cannabis, the cartels may not be planting weed anymore but heroin and methamphetamines are going to be on the rise for sure. We’ll keep you posted on future developments.


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