medical marijuana north carolinaJoshua Cook lives in North Carolina, although he hails from South Carolina.  In 2006 he enlisted with the Army National Guard and served as a military policeman in Iraq.  It was during this time, while conducting room raids and providing convoy security, that he started to have seizures.  Cook is quick to point out that he was never near any major explosions.

After receiving a medical discharge, Joshua was prescribed a slew of drugs that either made him sick, caused headaches or simply didn’t prevent his convulsions. As the seizures caused this National Guard veteran to hit the ground with hands clenched spastically into fists, torso contorted and shaking uncontrollably, it was vital that he find some sort of relief. That was when he tried marijuana.

We’ll let Joshua tell you the story in his own words

“Nothing had ever worked. At one point, I was having six or seven seizures per week. Once I started smoking weed, I didn’t have a seizure for seven months.

I can’t help that I have seizures; I can’t help that marijuana controls my seizures.”

I’d never done any (recreational) drugs before; I always looked down on people who did drugs because I thought it made them look stupid.”

Speaking of the thin marijuana cigarillo, or small ‘blunt’ he smokes when he wakes up each morning, Cook says, “Two to three times per day keeps me good.”   Consequently, he smokes a second blunt in the late afternoon, and sometimes a third just before bed.

Cook is one of many North Carolina residents who hope their illegal use of marijuana might soon become acceptable in the eyes of the law. N.C. Reps. Kelly Alexander Jr. and Nick Mackey, two Mecklenburg County Democrats, are co-sponsoring legislation that would make North Carolina the 15th state in the nation to legalize the medical use of marijuana.

House Bill 1380 would legalize marijuana for people diagnosed with debilitating conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, who are prone to symptoms such as nausea, pain or epileptic seizures. Producers and dispensaries would be licensed to grow and distribute it.

When the General Assembly reconvenes for its short session in May, the bill’s sponsors hope to give it some traction. It is now in the House Committee on Health, whose membership includes three Gaston County Republicans: N.C. Reps. William Current, Pearl Burris-Floyd and Wil Neumann.

Supporters of the bill say medical marijuana use is becoming more prevalent in North Carolina and Mackey hosted a town hall meeting at UNC Charlotte last week where users described how the long debated drug has reduced their pain and suffering.  Sadly, Joshua Cook wasn’t able to attend, but says he fully supported the spirit of the gathering.

Facing long odds

Fourteen states now allow the use of medical marijuana, though few deal with the supply. Under the proposed legislation, North Carolina would actually license growers.

Sponsors say the bill eventually would raise $60 million a year through taxes and licensing fees, which could come in handy in a bleak economy. Critics question how much of that revenue would be eaten up by higher law enforcement costs for preventing abuse of the system, such as what has been seen in California.

The three Gaston County representatives on the House Committee on Health say the bill will face long odds this year. When the bill emerged last summer, Burris-Floyd and Neumann both said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have to approve marijuana for medical use before they would consider an exemption to the state’s cannabis ban. And their opinions haven’t changed.

“The FDA is the gold standard for approval of medications in this country,” said Burris-Floyd. “If they’re not going to stand behind it, it tells me there’s not really a sound, consistent basis for what some of these (medical marijuana) proponents are saying.”

The potential medical use of marijuana was discounted by the FDA in a 2006 review. That went against a 1999 study from the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine that found the drug “moderately well suited” for treating certain conditions.

Current said he doesn’t have enough facts to form a firm opinion yet. But the prospect of a windfall in revenue will have no influence on his stance, he said.

“What we need to do is ask if this will help people,” he said. “I would make my decision based on whether it’s good for the majority of the people to have this medicinal drug available.”

Neumann said most voters, and therefore legislators, are focused on improving the economy and creating jobs right now.

“I don’t get the feeling that there are a lot of legislators who want to deal with it right now,” he said. “They’re asking us to take an illegal product and modify it, and I really feel like that should be a medical issue.”

Desperate for legal treatment

Cook said he’s been honest with doctors about his alternative remedy. On another visit to the VA hospital last month, a physician prescribed him with Depacote. He said he began taking the prescription and cut off his marijuana usage, and within a day and a half suffered his first seizure in more than seven months.

His girlfriend held his head and comforted him during the painful, 10-minute ordeal.

“I can hear you talking to me and see you,” said Cook, describing what a seizure feels like. “I just can’t control myself.”

In January, on two separate occasions, Cook was charged with possession of up to a half-ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is scheduled to appear in court in March on the four misdemeanor charges.

Cook said he cannot get a driver’s license due to his history of seizures. He is unemployed and fears his job options may be limited if he continues to smoke marijuana, due to the prevalence of drug testing. He has begun to feel more depressed about his future options.

“It seems like when I came back (from the service), life became more of a hell for me,” he said.

But he said avoiding the pain of seizures is more important right now than abiding by the law.

“I’d rather keep smoking and be persecuted then to keep having seizures,” said Cook. “I’m tired of being discriminated against just because I need this medicine.”

Medical Marijuana Laws State by State


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  • JC says:

    I definitely support it being passed for medical use in NC. The climate would be good for growers and would bring in a lot of local money. With farmers making up a good percentage of the state, they would already have the basic knowledge of growing and would be an easy transition for them. More and more people are starting to realize how much this little plant will be beneficial to our entire economy and the residents of this country. I’ll be happy when I can look back on the day the entire country united over full legalization. 🙂

    • michael kenney says:


  • Jeff says:

    We have a lot of problems in North Carolina, but marijuana isn’t one of them. If we are willing to allow alcohol and tobacco to be sold legally why do we have a problem with pot.Our state has long controlled the sale of booze even though it has no purpose other than recreation. Tobacco was at one point North Carolinas main cash crop. What are we saying by keeping marijuana illegal, that we what to continue to make drug cartels rich? People who abuse drug are like people who abuse guns there going to do it anyway. Why not legalize it and gain another source of revenue along with adding jobs to our stagant economy. Look at Colorado, what is the state government making on the legal sales? How many new jobs have been created? We aren’t preventing the use by keeping it illegal we’ re just hurting our state revenue and economy and helping drug dealers get rich.

  • Jasson Walker says:

    I also suffer from complex and grandmal seizures along with anxiety , pain and depression. i also choose to use marijuana because it helps me and has actually stopped seizures from happening. i am now facing charges on this. i have’nt drank or used other drugs in over 9 years and instead of having to 1400mg of chemical medication and still have seizures I can use it 2-3 times a day and not have any seizures. Hopefully through my medical background they will see in my favor and drop the charges.

  • Tudo says:

    Think you’ve got it tough, think about all those innocent people in a foreign land whose lifes you’ve helped destroy. Human beings who were minding there own business when these uniformed goons bombed there villages, raped there women, jailed there men.
    And you’ve got it tough cause of the medical marijuana laws. How did this place get as ignorant and hypocritical as it has become?

    • Tudo says:

      Furthermore, aniy country that locks it’s citizens in cages and wrecks there lives because the citizen is using ( for any reason whatsoever ) an herb that’s been grown for thousands of years, has no standing in critisizing any other countries human rights records ( in other words should STFU ). Learn how to take care of yourself. That will occupy plenty of time if you can ever figure it out.

    • Shane Danger says:

      Basically you are comparing apples to oranges. Also, your arguement is rather trite and psycho babble if you ask me.

    • Melissa says:

      tudo, how about you carry your a$$ over there and fight for your country instead of sitting there pecking on a keyboard pretending to be a rooster when in fact the only roosters were the ones there fighting for your freedom to even think you could have the freedom of speech to slander everyone in uniform. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in a foreign environment where the females you cared for are being kidnapped, raped, and hung for death? I mean seriously, you really should think about what you are saying to people who gave all to come home to your s@#$? I guess you were probally one of those anti wartime demonstrators in the 60s and 70s? Pick another country jerk, this one is spoken for by people who don’t have time for your obvious lack of consideration.

      I am curious when this country gets to finally treat anyone who puts our boys down as terrorist and ships their a$$ to a country torn with demand for equal opportunity just to step outside without a child being shot just for being in the street, let these peaceful anit war hyps know what it is like. To my brothers and sisters in arms, thank you, and for those who are back home its nice to have you here safe and sound as far as the legalization, its about time. I baried half my family from alcoholism, funerals are expensive, alcohol was a recreational non medical cause, the state can claim tax but I cant sue the state for wrongful death? Marijuana cannot be overdosed on, could be taxed, does not kill the liver, kidneys, the only negative is the pancreas can be aggravated by the inhalation of smoke which could be resolved by tonic forms.

      So why is our freedom to choose being over ridden by a law that was situated in a time before prevailing medical arguments? How many cartels have govt officials on their payroll keeping this from being legalized? Makes more sense to make more money for court systems that away than to make it legal? Perhaps some states need the fed payouts for inmates being incarcerated? Just sayin some things do not make sense. If you leave pot holes of negative economy on one road but fix the one next to it which side do you think more people are gonna go to? Another possibility is just as simple as Washington state is falling apart geographically speaking and nobody this side of hell can afford the land use fees in Colorado nor the cost of never owning the ground water under your feet and if your lucky enough to check to see if it was in a former dumping ground.

      Maryland has a major university in medicine being john Hopkins which is why I gather it was passed thru there. I know that when a child has to beg before a court for medicine such as Haley then somebody needs to ask WHY? She was not asking for the THC but was in waiting for months of seizures before she was allowed this med but I am quite sure she was offered the old time favorites that include medications that can and will shut down your liver. WHY WHY WHY? I think when people can get the answers to why some states allow what should be considered child neglect with the states at fault and others don’t we will then all know the real truth behind the bs excuses given as to who gets what. I would love to see the day when govt cannot make decisions regarding our health care but us as the patients who hurt, puke, forget, pass out, have seizures etc.

      I don’t recall the state of NC calling me to ask how I was after my last of 20 ER visits in 4 years but I was denied the right of a medication called medical marijuana and instead was offered 30mg oxyconting 3 times a day. I said no thank you, I am not looking to be a licensed heroin addict. That is what my state of NC offers for long term pain mgmt.

  • Dale says:

    I was injured c3/c4 nine years ago when a lady ran a stop sign and was hit on my motorcycle. About three years ago everything hurt and of course I’m taking all kinds of medicine to do with it but nothing helped my lungs so I could breathe better on the ventilator.
    I wondered if will help did a little research and started smoking medical marijuana. This has extended my life and I can breathe better than ever. I have come to terms that anything that could help me that much was good. So now I can do what I do best and that is talk to people about God’s love. For he sustains me even through this. So I hope it does get legalized!

  • ken locke says:

    I have to comment here!
    In 2001 i sustained a near death injury(severe head and brain trama injury)when i was struck by a tree limb.
    I have read the comments of those who say that people that use marijuana to help treat the pain and sickness and injuries they deal with daily, Losers, Lazy, Unmotivated, etc. etc. etc.
    I have to say that you are the one’s that are Lazy, Unmotivated and Uneducated and simply lack the emotion of Compassion.
    I challenge you to ride a bicycle across the United States,4000 plus miles.(Journey for Justice Seven-J4J7)

  • Jerry says:

    I have seen the wonderful side of an all natural, nerve pain reliever. I have Multiple sclerosis and when my boy flares or my nerves catch “fire” a few puffs and all is back to normal!!! Really and truly is a wonder medicine!!! Lets quit being stupid about this I see all positives!! Taxes, jobs, no dope sickness from powerful man made narcotics.
    Alcohol has took so many lives and cannabis NONE I know of!! FDA doesn’t want it it because it would stop the need for massive pharmaceuticals and big pharma. doesn’t care about your or me and our need for relief just there money!!
    And a lot of that money flows to politicians. What a crock, it’s time to wake up take charge and get this thing passed or people will just move out of state and the state will lose more revenue! No brainier!! Jerry!

  • Duane Kelley says:

    My name is Duane and i’m new here, but not new to the pain I suffer with each and everyday. You see I have had 4 major back surgeries all due in part from being run over by a 2 1/2 ton truck while I was in the Marines (1973-1977). I also have nerve damage to my left arm from a job 9yrs ago. I live on pain meds as well as other meds I get from the VA to keep moving, or till I got popped in a drug test in Dec 2011.
    I started smoking the green about 6 mos ago after being clean for 10yrs after my wife suggested I try and see if it would help ease my pain. I have been on pain meds for 9yrs and my body has gotten use to them to the point they help, but not as much as in the beginning. Smoking, just taking 1 or 2 hits made it so I could get up and do something again. The green didn’t kill the pain, but it make it so I could tolerate it better. I live in SC (red neck) state and don’t have a chance. Like I said the VA has cut me off of my meds and I have enough to last another week. Then I get to go through DT’s.
    This goverment doesn’t give a damn about me. I am sure they hope I would just die and go away. But I am a Marine and I will fight for what is right till the day I die. This goverment has pissed this Marine off. I will fight for people like myself who need what God put on this earth for us all to us in the right way. Also I lost my mother this past Nov to cancer. I know if I could have got her to try a little green in her last year, it would have made it easier for her. I watched the pain she was in. I felt it. I hurt for her and wish no other to go through that kinda of pain. What do I have to do to help in getting Medical Marijuana legal in this country.
    Sincerely,,, In need

  • Robert says:

    I have 5 bad discs in my lower back and multiple sleep disorders. My back is in constant pain and I have woken up to my wife in the corner because I was having a night terror and started hitting her or choking her. I have also woken up outside of my house in nothing but my birthday suit. My conditions were all caused by my 16 month deployment. I have been on somewhere around 25 different medications, some that are used for heroin addicts, and none really totally help.
    About 8 months ago I started smoking and haven’t had an issue in sleep since. My back pain is almost non-existent and I can go out and play with my kids without taking a break because my back hurts. I never thought I would be smoking, but it honestly is the only thing that truly helps me and my condition. If this were to get legalized I wouldn’t have to constantly be worried about getting caught and thrown into jail for trying to live as much of a normal life as I can.

  • James says:

    The Green Is Good is hosting an event in VB next month, and would love to have all the supporters on this thread there! You can contact me via the event webpage for more info!

    Our page is still under construction, but you can also check out

    We are a local advocacy group for Va and NC.

  • nedmorlef says:

    we users just need to coordinate and stick together. i have been preaching the miracle of this medicine that, the gov’t wants to keep from you so badly that, they will kill you over it.That part just doesn’t seem to connect with americans. That the gov’t will hunt you down,kill you and take all you left to your widow and orphans. Just flies right over.

    I was hired on by a big construction company that has a name like a book in the Old Testament[starts with a “D”] and their prime logo color is green. They put me in asbestos clean up. I didn’t want it but, i was a freshly married 19 yr old kid with no education and a baby on the way. I needed a job with promise.

    I cleaned pure asbestos powder off of the pipe systems in the bottom two floors of this factory. In 6 months i couldn’t breathe. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with asbestosis of the lungs. He called me back within 2 weeks. [Has your doctor ever called you for an appointment?] Changed my diagnosis and the company laid me off the following friday. I saw that i was going against big money and i backed down.

    I smoked weed for fun until I became a Christian. Years later i learned this stuff i smoked for fun might reduce any tumors that, may grow. I have a reason to live now. I’m a father.
    I began to study sorcery and alcohol scriptures and concluded that, there was no sin in my use. I believe the bible when it says follow the laws but, not when the laws go against what God says. The bible is full of scripture on the goodness of incense and herbs in worship and in health. I started smoking again.

    I wanted to cook instead of smoke but, the costs was prohibitive so, I began to grow.

    I got caught by a perverted district attorney that, liked to jog at night and watch the neighborhood women shower and dress. He didn’t do anything though until I reported his activity. Then, he came after me with a vengeance.

    Well, I had to quit growing and began to buy. Now for the last dozen years the sheriff has been sitting outside my house with k-9s sniffing every time I open my door or a window. I have had my pets beaten and killed and my property vandalized. The threats even destroyed my marriage.I also believe that, they interfered with my employment.

    All of this only made me angrier. I just want to be free but, I live in a virtual prison because, I own a prime piece of property. Now I know how Larry Flynt of Hustler fame felt when he was alone fighting for the first amendment.

    Those that, have good health or medicine that works just don’t understand. They buy every word of the ONDCP .

    “You ppl just want to get high”.

    Well there’s a ton of things out there that, will get me just high. There’s some that, the police don’t care about because, it doesn’t license them in real estate. Why would I risk my life ,freedom and property if, I just wanted to get high? This ain’t heroin.

    I’m in a war.The law of the land says different than what the gov’t says. I’m fighting the powers because, freedom isn’t free and I have a right to my health just as if, someone was pointing a gun at me….and they are. I have been threatened with death and seizure of all i have worked for. There’s not one item in my possession that, was paid for by drug money but, that wouldn’t stop them because, justice isn’t their purpose. It’s control. They want me fit for service to the imperialists that have hijacked our nation. That’s not what the copy of the Constitution says that, I own. Maybe it’s a forgery.

  • Resident of NC says:

    @Matt Harmon I have scoliosis too and a disk bulge on my thoracic spine. I am trying to RELOCATE to a state that has these laws on the books already. I get treated like a crack head when I go to the doc asking for opiate pain meds, but hey a drug dealer won’t give me a hard time. My family is trying to be supportive, but we can’t just all pick up and move way far away just so I can procure my own medicine. That’s totally unrealistic! We have to be persistent, that is the key to getting the legislation out there. Our reps didn’t want a lottery either but eventually they bought into it. We just need to show the humane side of the coin. If I grew my own medicine, I would not SMOKE it! I have to smoke now due to the black market prices (cooking with cannabis requires greater quantities) and I do not like all…

  • matt harmon says:

    Having scoliosis is a constint pain an everyday activity’s.

    I have also been convicted of the same crime for just trying to treat my illness, i used painkillers prescribed in the past but nothing takes the pain away like a joint…its not a good feeling to wake up every morning with pains of just standing up straight please help get our medicaine legal.

  • Scott Buchanan says:

    OK so what about us that have glaucoma, macular generation and nerve damage in both arms from just above the elbows to the finger tips?

    I would much rather smoke than take pain killers and get addicted to them.

  • ed says:

    I beleive that had this individual sought competent medical services, he would have been given an alternative to pot.

    I will dispute that it works for him, but I will dispute that alternative legal and licensed medication is available to him – were he to seek competent medical care.

    This poor guy has so ruined his life he has nothing to lose and now attaches himself to this “casue” which we all know has an “EFFECT” which is destructive to both soceity and the individual – as he states, he is depressed (ha and he wonders why), he cannot work (probably something criminal in his work history or legal history).

    Doesn’t want to work – well, there we have it, another constituent for the Democrat party.

    • john says:

      I find it ineresting how people are soo willing to disregard and reject something that actually helps people. I happen to have chronic pain, insomnia, severe axiety, and nausea and have been going to doctors for 5 years now.

      I have been perscribed many different medications and know how bad side effects can be, medications for my pain make me sick, and the anti-nausea medication makes me anxious.

      Marijuana releaves the pain, nausea, and anxiety. So why would you not allow someone to releave all theire symptoms with one remedy?

      People need to stop being ignorant and educate themselves on the issue by researching why marijuana was banned in the first place. Industrial hemp is a completely different species than marijuana and has no recreational value, yet it is also illegal, even though you could pay your federal taxes with it in the 1700’s.

      And dont forget that alcohol and tobacco have no medical value at all and are both highly addictive, and kill thousands of people every year, but are both perfectly legal. Alcohol went through a prohibition and was relegalized, now its time to relegalize marijuana.

    • jerez says:

      cant work having 7 seizures a week genius..

  • Daniel says:

    If this bill doesn’t pass, I have no faith left in humanity. Period. Everyone likes smoking weed, they have for thousands of years and they’re not going to stop anytime soon. Ya know? It makes everything better, it makes food taste better, it makes music better, it makes sex feel better for God’s sakes. It makes crappy movies better.

  • Jennfier says:

    I hope that anyone that reads this, politician or not, reads this, and for once, has a glimpse into my life, and will understand.

    I know they chose a soldier for their campaigning, and I’m okay with that – he makes a great poster-child, but they should probably market more faces than just one. Call me insensitive if you will, I thank all the soldiers for their time and efforts, but his efforts don’t relate to his condition… so maybe that’s where my feelings stem from.

    I was born in Greensboro, NC. I moved half way around the world, where my father’s job was outsourced for cheaper labor while he made the bigger bucks to keep within the company. While living in China, I was 9 at the time, I started to get migraines. Well and good – I could handle them. They weren’t severe or often, they made me socially awkward and when I did have them they caused problems within the house. I never saw a doctor – you don’t SEE the doctors in China, or anyone, or go to the hospitals there. Their medical practices are quite scary and behind the times when we lived there.

    We moved back, and settled in SC – I eventually moved to NC after going through high school (and part time jobs, usual teenager stuff) and tried to go to college. I graduated just barely after turning 17. Tried is the operative word in that last sentence… As I got older, my migraines became more frequent, and not only more frequent, more severe. My family didn’t understand what I was going through – why I holed myself in my room, vomiting constantly, sheets thrown over my curtains in a vain attempt to block out all light, soon I began stealing unused earplugs my dad didn’t use at his engineering job to drown out the sound. What neurology appointments I was referred to through high school my mother cancelled. They didn’t understand the agony. I’ll paraphrase my father on a family vacation, “Just pop a few effing tylenol and go fishing, okay!”

    As I lived in Charlotte, NC – I tried to go to college, twice – racking up an expense of almost $35000 and no degree to show for it, because at the time it WAS required for me to be a full time student to keep my health insurance. ‘Tried’ still being that operative word. I couldn’t do it. I only got worse. I appealed my second attempt’s expenses, since I didn’t make it through half a semester. Throughout college, I insisted on trying to pay for my own medical bills. I saw dozens of doctors, half a dozen specialists nearly all of them neurologists – and was even at the Duke University Medical Center for Neurology and Pain Management. No avail. If anything, all I did was get worse over time, or was turned into a zombie. While at Duke, I was on 14 different kinds of medications at one point in time, one of which cause me to faint upon standing. Another two of those medications were, at the time, in trial for use in obesity patients – I started the two medications at 139 pounds, and ended at 105 when I forced myself off the medications and quit seeing the Duke specialists altogether. The result of these medications lasted for nearly 8 months, where I had zero appetite, which atop the constant vomiting landed me in the ER to receive emergency IV fluids because I was so dehydrated my tear ducts weren’t producing enough moisture to keep my eyelids lubricated. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen your eyes bleed before, but it’s very scary stuff.

    I’m also allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen products, which in terms of PAIN management, is quite limiting. At one point, I had a neurologist try to treat me with just narcotics, because I wouldn’t respond to any prophylactic (preventative) medications – and at one point I became addicted to opiate pain killers. WORST experience of my life. And the worst thing was – it was what the doctor wanted to treat me with.

    Currently, I travel a little over 2 hours after seeing an additional specialist and neurosurgeon, for a top in-state headache specialist to treat me with medications that DO not work. I have run out of medications to try. I’m on the maximum dose of Topamax (200mg) my weight level can handle, a muscle relaxant, and for sleep I take a supplement. I have botox injections over my forehead/scalp/neck/shoulders to paralyze nerves that are supposedly causing headaches (on my second round after insurance has finally covered it, because I cannot afford it… I’ve not noticed a difference, after second round I’ve been worse.) My skin is currently paper-thin from steroid-based trigger point injections… so if we do trigger point injections, they have to formulate them especially without steroids to prevent my skin from tearing apart. I receive these trigger-point injections in the places in my forehead where botox cannot go, deep in my back and shoulder, and along my neck and sometimes scalp area if I notice something with the botox not going as planned.

    My diagnoses stand at: chronic complex daily migraines and myositis. I have 30+ migraines per month, where I am debilitated… I cannot leave the apartment without thick sunglasses on, if I’m lucky enough to have a “good day” to be able to leave my apartment and spend time outside with my significant other of 5 years… Sometimes I have multiple migraines a day, sometimes I’ll have “the big one” where it’ll be a spanning migraine of 3-5 days long or sometimes longer. I sometimes get retinal migraines, and when I do, I go nearly blind in my left eye. The other diagnosis: myositis – a condition where my muscles refuse to relax. Currently, I do not have the money to pursue treatment to receive a diagnosis for what is likely the early phases of some kind of arthritis – I’ve always had severe joint pain and stiffness, and it’s been getting worse over the last 10 months and arthritis runs in my family.

    As if this wasn’t enough, over the course of the last 4 years, I have been hospitalized twice for going into random comas, usually after these hospitalizations, my migraines are “worse.” As in I cannot tolerate any noise levels, any movement, any scents, strongly flavored foods, etc. When I had the migraines after these hospitalizations, they were stroke-like… meaning I could not/had very hard time with speech, very hard time with walking/standing if I could at all.

    I am 22 years old. I was a pre-med major(degree: BS in Biology) and studio art minor at UNC-Charlotte. I have been a migraine sufferer for 13 years. I am one of less than 2% that goes on to have migraines at this frequency or receives the diagnosis of “chronic complex daily migraines.”

    My daily life has changed from enjoying playing various musical instruments/singing, gardening, painting, playing sports, and spending far more time being ensconced in the world of the living and active. Today, I have lost the touch of what it is to live a happy life, a day without pain. I’ve watched relatives and best friends (some my age and I went to school with) be diagnosed with cancer… some live, and some die. And those that live even move on to a life of happier days. I type this now with an almost bitterness that I cannot pick up my paint brush like my father can. We cannot sit side by side at separate easels anymore – while I’m happy he survived his melanoma diagnosis (entirely operable)… the tremors I have in my hands make me unable paint with the realism and diction I once did. An agonizing reality that despite so much time I’ve had to face, I cannot swallow.

    Everything in my life is being stripped from me. If it is my old hobby, I can’t enjoy it. If it is a new hobby, I likely can’t pursue it… because whatever new medication I have has some sort of ridiculous side effects that I seem to be BOUND to get.

    I’ve never been the one to want to do illicit drugs… but each day that goes by… Even my own family members ask me, “Why I haven’t given marijuana a try?” Plainly it’s because of the legality of it. The politicians have the ability to give myself, and others, the CHANCE of total freedom. If I did try medical marijuana… and IF it did alleviate my symptoms to a point of functionality… or even better… complete pain relief. Is it so morally wrong and unjust? Aren’t you being a HERO? I am NOT a functional human being. I’ve tried to be. I’m sure many others have. I’m just placing myself on the shelf like many others here have – for others to see and observe, to deem worthy of notice or to pick apart. I’ve tried to work jobs, I’ve tried to go to school. I’ve even refuse Social Security benefits, EVEN THOUGH I QUALIFY because *I FEEL GUILTY FOR TAKING THEM!!!* I qualify for EBT food programs… but I still don’t take them! I live with an employed significant other who shares my hardships and tries to support me and would rather keel over before he lets me take on help like these government programs that I do qualify for.

    Instead, I devote my time to trying to support these grassroots programs… and trying to get us the answers we need, because the lofty, wealthy pharmaceutical companies sure don’t have the answers for us. Take what you will from a small glimpse of what I am, what I go through. You don’t feel the pain I have, the vice grip on my skull every single day, the waves of nausea. What I would give to be somewhat of a normal person again – but instead, all it takes is a politician to give that to me instead. I may be 21 years old, but I’ve lived internationally, been to more countries than the average politician, and have seen things that most people won’t see in their lifetimes – and in my current state, I can only dream of doing the most ordinary things like… tolerating standing next to the dishwasher while it’s on. It seems a trivial act, no, to give someone the means to live their life? Doesn’t it seem easy to follow what seems constitutional: to allow us access to something that would normalize and improve our health and happiness – and you deny us our pursuit to that happiness? In turn, by denying this, you force us to take, albeit FDA-approved drug, drugs that cause alarming side effects, ones that are lasting… and at least in my case… can cause permanent and severe damage? When this treatment route can cause none?

    Hmm… Food for thought.

    • Paul Yebba says:

      I applaud you on your consistent fight with your ailment. My wife suffers from migraines and she smokes as needed to control the pain. I have chronic pain throughout my body from car accidents, sports injuries, and a deteriorating joint pain in my knees, back and shoulders.

      Pain medications upset my ulcers and other treatments are ineffective. Smoking cannabis has consistently been the best treatment for my vomiting, as well as my constant joint pain. I hope the North Carolina legislators will open their eyes to the benefits of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes, tax revenue, and the job opportunities for aspiring future business leaders. Keep up the good fight.

    • Eric says:

      I’m a 3 time cancer survivor and have documented proof of how to heal most cancers with herbs and diets, but I would like to learn more about growing my own marijuana. I’ve had an organic garden for 30 yrs.
      How do I get a licence to grow my own weed in N.C. ?

  • Charlie says:

    I agree, marijuana is great for medical use.

    I’m 19 years old with severe migraines, and chronic back pain from an accident I was in as a child. I have been turned down by several chiropractors. I’ve tried a multitude of prescription medications, and they’ve either did nothing at all, or merely made the pain worse.

    I’ve had some days where my back would put me in so much pain, I couldn’t move. Marijuana is the only thing that has completely ceased any kind of pain. Not to mention I had issues with depression a few years ago, and where anti-depressants made me feel miserable, marijuana literally changed my life for the better. I admit I used to be against it, but once I did research on cannabis and actually tried it for myself, I’m literally shocked its not entirely medically legal. Marijuana is without a doubt the most beneficial form of therapy I have ever had.

  • james says:

    I have narcolepsy and when i sleep i just go into a deep sleep and never get enough regular sleep.

    When i wake up in the morning I feel like i never fell asleep. My doctor tryed to get me to take the daterape drug. I would have to give myself a shot whenever i went to bed and wake up in the middle of the night and give myself another shot. Cannabis helps me sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling rested.

  • Shannon says:


    I do understand your plight Though I am not suffering from drastic needs I am on way more “pill type” medication than I ever thought I’d be in my life and now with the medicine changes to Medicare part B and Medicaid.

    I am having problems with the new pill medications my body has to get use to and so far. I am not fairing to well do to fighting nausiousness. And other arrising medical conditions because of the new drugs. I long for the legalization of Pot. The prices on the streets are way too outragous for those of us on a fixed in come and If the government wants a its cut they get from cigarettes then I say Let them Get it at least those of us who want to be able to hold something that we eat down. Legalize It for Medical Use!!!!


  • callie says:

    Hello, I completely agree with the legallization of medical marijuana. I have had Tourette Syndrome since I can remember and have been prescribed many different meds but nothing really helped.

    So, I decided to do some research myself to find a doorway. I found stories about marijuana… and to make a long story short, I gave it a try. I can honestly say that it is beneficial MEDICINE. There are so many legal drugs out there that people abuse and that are actually dangerous. Marijuana is perfectly safe, and natural. It should be legalized, but controlled. It really is a miracle drug, and should be prescribed to those who need it.

    • charles says:

      I have narcolepsy, cataplexy.

      For this i take up to 80mg of methlyn a day and i have severe spondlitis of the neck for this i take up to 30mg of oxycodone daily, marijuana could cut this in half. Marijuana does a good job keeping me awake beleive it or not, now that i have had to quit smoking because of pain clinic drug testing.

      Now i take more ritlan or methlyn than i have ever taken, what we must do is encourage people to vote for the democrats so we republicans can nolonger rob us of our personal freedoms.

  • Monique A. Cline says:


    You comment that America is “soft” because we write about needing relief from severe pain! You have back pain and since, you’re not “soft”, you just grin and bear it! How many beers do you drink? How much liquor? What’s soft about this country is narrow-minded, ignorant, hyprocrites like you!

    Instead of having compassion and recognizing how fortunate and blessed you are to have limited pain problems, you rail on people who aren’t as lucky! As if cancer patients CHOOSE to have cancer! As if any of us CHOOSE to have pain disorders. I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and a variety of other medical problems.

    There are days when it hurts to get a hug! I don’t get enter REMS (the restorative mode) of sleep, and so the pain continues. None of this is my CHOICE. It’s just my particular burden to bare. And, being a college graduate, I’ve smoked my share of marijuana and can definitely say that it gave me quality sleep, made me relax, and drastically reduced my pain, something that all the variety of prescribed narcotics (including methadone, oxycodone, vicodin, morphine, just to name a few) have NOT been able to do.

    Smoking marijuana in college did not stop me from graduating with honors, making the Dean’s List 7 of 8 semesters, or make me escalate or desire more powerful and more damaging drugs! I KNOW that medical marijuana will work for all of us who have these high levels of pain, and the risk to the general population is MUCH, MUCH less that the societal damage done by the legal drug of most, ALCOHOL!!

    You’re not going to be inclined to go speeding down a highway because the booze has made you feel invincible, nor is MJ going to become violent, aggressive or abusive! Whatever “damage” done by medical marijuana will probably be related to smoking it, but consider the extensive damage to your liver, kidneys, brain and heart from prolonged use of narcotic pain meds, I’m more than happy to take that risk!

    I’m glad, Andrew, that you only have back pain — now. By, like my grandmother said “God don’t like ugly”. And you comments just now, have probably ensured that your days of “just back pain” are quickly coming to an end.

    Let’s see how “hard” you stay when you get cancer, or RA, or get in a car accident, or any of the vast diseases medical marijuana can help reduce the pain for! When those days come, I hope God let’s you remember the lack of empathy, compassion or human decency you’ve demonstrated here!

  • S.L. Malone says:

    I have Crohns Disease and I am always throwing up. Smoking Pot is the only way I can eat or feel decent enough to get out of bed daily.

    I was a cop for many years and until I got sick I did not understand.

  • Bean says:

    I like you to look at Marijuana. All woman and teen and man to smoke at homes. At is good and not man made it is god made. And I am on Clonazepam 0.5MG tab and Sertraline twice daily 100MG teb the marijuana is helping wend i smoke.

    I have no good days wend i don’t smoke marijuana my had is no good wend the 666 is in my had all the time but wend i smoke Marijuana I have a good day. Pres.Oboma can you do this for all of the USA teen and woman and man. Can you made now law on Marijuana for all of the USA SAP.

  • tank says:

    Hi, for those of us who medically need the marijuana. Its absolutely necessary!

    I have an uncle whose doing chemo and couldn’t go through it with out it. I myself being a diabetic, which causes severe nausea and my wife who suffers from a cronically painful disability called spina bifida, the doctors won’t give her a strong enough pain reliever for her back pain, she tried the marijuanna one time and she said that was the first time she went without pain!

    I would like for everyone to tell anyone they possibly can to vote for prop 1380! Let’s all stop hurting without having to take addictive pills, alcohol, and prosecution. LET’S GET TREATED WITHOUT GETTING IN TROUBLE!!!!

  • andrew says:

    OMG YOU all make me sick so reliant on your pills your marijuana america is getting so soft dont do drugs lil johhny well you go get you benzo perscription filled life sux people deal with it I have back pain yea but im not a sxxx bag so im not going to smoke arent there worse issues going on like the economy get real people.

    • tank says:

      The state will make 60 mill a year.

      Go econamy! think it would help? And just because you don’t want it don’t stop the rest from making there own choice. We just want right to do so.

      • cj says:

        With all due repect it may help some people and this needs to be determined by a doctor!

        Secondly there would be people whom would use it for the wrong reasons and there would be more people driving while under the influence of a narcotic ! How would you tell the parents of a drug user that they are dead and they also killed inocent people as they were under the influnece of a narcotic ??

        Yes i can see the positive affects but with positives also come negatives so how do you protect the genral population from people whom have no respect for others !!

        • Ty says:

          Studies have proven that driving while under the influence of cannabis has no effect what-so-ever on your driving capabilities.

        • Jan says:

          Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?

          Man way more people have died in an alcohol related car crash dude weed is way better there’s soo much medical purposes for weed just can’t we all see tht and legalize don’t the states wanna make a lil more money hell yeah pull our economy up man legalize in nc please 🙂

    • Jamie says:


      I am glad to hear you can function with your back pain and do not find it debilitating. Unfortunately there are many who are not as lucky as you and it is not because they are “soft”.

      There are many levels of pain it is not up to us to judge each individual’s pain levels. There are actually diseases that cause severe feelings of pain even at the slightest touch in some cases. Medical marijuana addressees issues other then debilitating pain also, one such being severe nausea from cancer treatments.

      Please give some thought to the many different situations that exist before making your final decision or spreading your thoughts further. I appreciate your time & attention.


      • gerald says:

        I am 67yrs.old and have used marijuana for 37yrs, for my copd, asthma.

        In 2001 I had back surgery that left me with an open spine and chronic pain whitch I have kept at a tollerable level with Oxycontin. I am now hooked on that opiate an unable to use marijuana because of drug testing. If found with marijuana in my system I’d loose the pills. psalms 104:14 says God gave herb to man for the service of man.Genesis 1:11 for you it shall be your meat.

        When will The gonernment realize marijuana is not a gateway drug that leads to coccaine,ect. If pot was decriminalized the coccaine problem would go away over night. But they won’t do that because the courts, law enforcement are making to much money off it. It’s a money maker for them. Marijuana is god made and given,why and how can the government say we can’t use what the Ceator has given man kind to heal thier inflictions with.

        It’s time the people stand together and demand our freedom of personal choice in how we treat our selves.

    • Johnny Be Good says:

      OMG to you. It must be so special for you to be viewing a website that deals with MM and you post something like this. Grow up. It’s apparent that you have no clue as to what people must go through in order to deal with their pains and ailments. Hop off your Great White Buffalo.. Signed, The Good Dr.

    • dave says:

      I do not know how old you are andrew but lets talk about back pain that you say deal with.

      I have been dealing with the back an neck pain for years as you state you deal with. The just living with it will has lead me to more back problems from bad poster from compinsating for the other pain. Then do to these problems you start getting shrinkage in yor spinal column and your nerves and blood flow get restricted, now the brain gets effected even to the point of seizures and memory loss because of oxygen and blood flow not including the pain you will be getting in arms, legs, neck.

      This is what happens when you deal with it over time. So while you keep thinking deal with it the price is heavy . So if you could relax without the pain and help your spine so that you can use it properly by smoking a little mary jane. I do not think your statment is proper how ever in years to come i suppose you will be the one wondering why this happened to you. please do not make judgements without the facts.

      I wish you well Andrew good luck on your stubbornness.

    • Crohns sufferer says:


      Take your head out of the sand son. Or is your Daddy one of those Hypocritical Religious Nuts and has taught you how to be close minded.

      Empathy is a word you should look up in the dictionary. I am a former detective and I am well aware of the problems in society with drug use. The most prevelent problem in the USA is not Pot it is now opiad pain pills such as Oxy.

      OK you can go back to your Televangalist show now. Don’t give away all your money you JACKWAGON.

  • JAMES says:

    I also suffer from degenerative disc disease from an automobile wreck in 2000. On pain meds every day since.

    After a few hits from a volcano vaporizer and I felt pain and a stress release that helped me deal with my pain. I have no problem with having to get a medical card and a script if it helps me get a natrual medicine leagally without prosicution. We should be able to choose.

    End the black market street dealers with high prices and crime, help our sick contact your local representives in NC and sponsor bill 577 for Medical Cannabis.

  • brandon alan kough says:

    legalize marijuana in N.C. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff says:

    I have had chronic back pain for years.

    I have seen four doctors over the last 20 years and all they will prescribe are muscle relaxers that effect me well into the next day. My first warning signs after a day of physical labor is back spasms. One marijuana cigarette before bed will usually relieve the spasms and allow me to sleep comfortably.

    If I don’t use this controlled substance I literally may not be able to get out of bed the next morning! I’ve found that marijuana not only reliefs my suffering but also seems to help me psychologically be a happier, more social individual.

    This down economy forced me to take a more physical position causing me to use this substance more often. I just failed an pre-employment drug screen and lost a $140,000 position overseas. This substance needs to be legalized for medical use.

  • Tyler says:

    Im so with this guy. i have severe unexplained nausea wevery single morning and vomit when i wake up every day…. until i tried marijuana.

    i havent vomited but once or twice since i started smoking one bowl per morning… god i wish this medicine was legally available to me. im in legit pain like the gent in this article. the state legislators or whoever has to do with this, they could never understand because im sure most of them either dont have health issues or have never seen the TRUE benefits of marijuana USED PROPERLY. and not abused. legalize it… for gods sake help us all!! not to mention crime would drop like WHOA!!


  • Mtnsweety says:

    Living with a debilitating disease is awful. I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, sleep disorder, and chronic pain. To think I’m only 37 and my quality of life is not what it should be.

    A mother shouldn’t have to ask her children to help her out by cooking dinner, folding laundry, help me with my shoes, help me undress. Life isn’t what I thought it would be. Living with this pain kinda just makes you wish you weren’t living.

    With Medical marijuana the quality of my life would be much better. Anyone listening to the words of the patients that this would help, please when the bill comes up for a vote, please for the love of the NC people living in agony, please vote YES!!!

    Your not only helping the patients your helping give life back to the whole family.

  • Bran says:

    I have a serious colin disease and take 12 pills (750 mg a piece)a day of colzal, an antiflammitory for my colin.

    I was on 40 mg of predisone a day for 9 months and will go on and off for te rest of my life when I have a flare up I hurt so BAD and I try not to say much in fear of having to take predisone or pain medications that make my hair fall out and make me feel not normal .

    I hate this disease, the pain , the bleeding, going to the doctor and when family and friends want to talk about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I hurt i started to smoke a joint andit eases my pain and takes away the nausea. I also feel like it makes it mentally better for me I found out that I hade this disease last year and I still struggle sometimes emotionally.

  • Mike says:

    I join the ranks of those who found marijuana to be a Godsend to relieve chronic back pain.

    One or two joints a day saved me, after years of doctor visits and various perscribed drugs that made me sick. Unfortunately, the Monroe, NC police thought it was a bad thing, raided my house, arrested me for possession of less than a half-ounce, and “manufacturing” for the one 16-inch plant I was trying to grow so I didn’t have to buy pot on the street.

    Now I’m taking doctor perscribed addictive opiods to live with the pain and on my way to criminal Court for the first time in my life (I’m 58), along with my two teenage boys who also were arrested because there was pot in the house. While I love NC, as soon as I can sell my house for a reasonable amount, I’m moving to a state that allows medical marjuina. Alcohol does a lot more damage to society, but the powers-to-be think it’s fine. It’s a shame.

  • Mickey Little says:

    Please help all who need the medication to prevent us from being law breakers to supporters

  • tim Cashwell says:

    I been hit with a truck in the back bulged 11 of my disc Dr has me on pain medicine some five.

    Years now tryed. To come off of the mess. But unable having withdraw so I tryed pot an now I have went from 5 percocet a day to hafe in the morning.

    To hafe at night Dr tells me that the bulg needs to rupture be before.

    He can operate, I need help what too do.

  • Heady says:

    join us the north carolina cannabis patients network . We are the only group truly working on patients needs in north carolina We can get this bill passed but we need yoru help join the website. Help make a change .. Heady

  • Mickey Little says:

    It really Helps my cronic back pain

  • Greg says:

    I am 18 years old and i have a digestive disease called Crohns disease. It is very painful sometimes and marijuana is the only thing that helps with the pain.

    I have been to numerous doctors and taken many medicines but i have never experienced the relief that marijuana gives me. It is a wonderful plant and should be used as a medicine. I hope the people North Carolina open their eyes and see the good that could come out of legalizing it as a medicine.

  • Ann Gonzalez says:

    Hello, I am Ann from North Carolina. I am a Military Navy Veteran. I have a conidition that I am Hypersensitive to medication.

    I have to been under Pain Management for alter meds and therapy. I was diagnosis with a rare gentic disease,Fabry Kidney Disease. There is no Cure but a replacement drug that is currently a shortage. I have a 9 yr with the same condition.

    My worries are as I get older my Hypersensitive to Medication; “What am I going to do?”. I am in the situtation I can’t just trust buying off the street. I have been to ER and my Doctors office with having no clue what to give me. I not just have allergies to just pain medication but all medication. The simply cough and flu is painful. God Bless Each trying to make Life little easier on ones with medical battles.

    • daniel says:

      what type of bud do u use for your fabrys disease as i have the same condition but live in the uk were it is illegal to smoke weed and have to buy off the street gona start growing medical weed

  • Jessica Hall says:

    I’ve been dealing with acute anxiety and migraines for more than half of my life. Doctors have had me on many different medications, most had horrible side effects. None of which helped my attacks long term. I hadn’t used marijuana since high school until recently, which has been a minuet amount once or twice a day.

    Not only have I been migraine free, but I also haven’t had an anxiety attacks since I’ve picked this nice little habit back up. I use such a small amount, that no one even notices that I’ve used it at all.

    It’s been about 4 months since I’ve suffered from an anxiety attack or a migraine, which is more than 3 times longer than any prescription drug helped me. I hope they pass this bill.

  • joe says:

    Yes I would like to know how can the gov have a problem with legalizing something that god put on the earth.

    That don’t make any sence at all,but they can approve of the drugs that are man made.W.W,J,D to me the gov is a bunch of hipocrits god watches all.

    So if I was the gov they better make it legal.remember GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY,I’m a patient from cali and I have rumertoid arthritis I have the card but what about all the other states.

    The people should have the right to decide what kind of medicine they want.Me I’ll stik to the marijuana it’s better than them pills that can kill you or give your body bad side affects.

  • Catherine G says:

    I am a patient with both fibromyalgia and sometimes severe nausea, for which my insurance company limits my medication. I have again lost my source and feel so sad and helpless, but at the same time fear to put my loved ones at risk for finding another. As I am disabled, I know very few people. I cannot say how much it helped me. It takes the edge off of both problems and without the side effects I have experienced with accepted drugs. Please, please let me know what I can do, when I might receive a legal supply, how? I feel so desperate.

  • Tommy T says:

    I am a 40 year old male that is suffering from a neurological disorder due to a botched epidural steroid injection for a back injury. There are many symptoms to my disease, arachnoiditis, but the worst is the chronic pain. I have tried marijuana for relief and it works better than any narcotic prescription I have tried. It helps me sleep and helps me relax when I am in excruciating pain. I love living in NC and pray that our legislators will see the benefit of legalizing medical marijuana.

    I do not want to break the law so I do not smoke regularly. I am stuck taking morphine sulfate and oxycodone. I know these drugs are tearing up my digestive tract and more. I am also taking Cymbalta and it has made me gain about 40 pounds. Please pass these laws and help us sufferers have a better quality life with out having to break the law or move from our beloved state of NC.

    If this law does not pass this year (2011), I will certainly be moving from NC to another state that understands the benefits of medical marijuana. It is really the best relief I can find when used regularly. I just do not want to end up in prison because I am in pain and seeking some relief. PLEASE PASS “1380”!!!

  • Christopher Lee says:

    Like so many others, Marijuana helps my pain.

    I have had over a dozen broken bones in my life, not to mention fractures and sprains. I raced dirt bikes for many years in my teens, that why i have had so many broken bones. As i get older the pain gets worse and worse. I do not smoke, drink and i have never done any drugs before, my Dr. says that all they can do for me is put me on pain meds.

    I have seen too many people get addicted to pain meds, and i have seen how they go through withdraws if they ever run out of medication. A friend of mine from D.C. who is a Medical Marijuana patient suggested Marijuana as an alternative to pain meds. After ingesting a cookie made with Marijuana butter, my pain slowly faded away, i was so amazed, the first time i had not been in pain for about 6 years.

    Why in the world would the government keep people from getting Medication that’s all natural, and work’s. I guess pharmaceutical companies have more money to throw at politicians than Marijuana activists do. Wake Up America, it’s time for a change!!!

  • I have diverticulosis, I am a 64 yr. old grandmother, I do not want to break the law, but Marijuana is the only medication that does not “tear up my stomach” and gives me any relief. The gas, bloating, cramps & pain are more than I can bear some days. Please pass this law. thanks, Dolly Davis.

  • Zoomer says:

    From what I’m reading this bill, H1380, was passed December 2009.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis says:

    I still can’t believe that the federal government hasn’t made a move to legalize marijuana. It makes no sense from a tax or crime standpoint.

  • Robert says:

    My name is Robert. I suffer from severe pain due to 3 surgeries and an amputation of one limb.

    I am a business professional and currently self medicate with marijuana. However at times I can not get my medicine due to the legality and subject my self to crime, punishment, and street thugs. I then depend on hydrocodine, morphine, and any other narcotic the doctor thinks will get me through the day to day operations of my life. Marijuana has helped me tremendously to live a better life style. Please help the people that need this. Thank you.

  • Rich says:

    Need help,

    Let me first tell you a little bit about myself. I am in my mid 40’s and have worked for the Gov, since I was 18. I went into the USMC when i was 18 till 22. Since leaving the Corp over 20 yrs. ago, I have worked for the Gov. since then…doing the “Dirty Work” on foreign soil. I have broke my neck and back on several occassions and yes I have been shot a number of times.

    I suffer from chronic pain (neck,back,legs and arms) and severe migrains. I am very lucky to be able to walk. Yes they have me on pain medication but I sleep (maybe) 2hrs a nite and the totality of all my injuries the medication barely helps. I tried Marijuana for the first time 5 months ago and I can tell you it has been a life saver.

    Literally because I have thought about suicide a number of times. The Marijuana is the only chemical that takes the migrains away and now I can sleep up to 5hrs. at a time with the pain blunted by half. My family tells me its like living with a different person (since I started smoking weed) but the major problem is that since its illegal i feel like a criminal.

    Since I have spent a large majority of my life outside our country I know no one that sells weed. This is crazy…I have given my body for my country and know I have to look for weed like a common criminal. I risk my reputation and the lives of others (because I can take care of myself in a bad situation) by having to go into “shady” areas to get what I need.

    That should be the crime. The weed I get is usually over priced and weak and i’m sick and tired of being offered other drugs when all I want and need is Marijuana. Thank you for all the work that you people do so one day people like me can purchase weed legally.

  • Cindy1970 says:

    Medical Mariujana: North Carolina!

    Hi my name is Cindy and my story is like so many that suffer from a serious illnesses here in the US as well as my state of North Carolina. My illness startted in 1989 after the birth of my first child she was born breach and the doctor knew she was turned the wrong way he decided to wait for her to turn around on her own instead of doing a C-section which would have kept me from having seisures.

    Yes this was a Health department doctor!!! The labor was very hard and lasted nineteen hours. I almost died, he told my parents that I could have a stroke but it was too late to do a C-section. After it was all over I was shaking uncontrollably jerking twiching. I ask the nurse what is wrong with me, she said oh you are just a nervous new mom you will be ok.

    But I knowed it was something more and I was scared I couldn’t hold my new baby I had to depend on my parents to help me take care of her for the first year of her life because it took that long going to more doctors then I can count just to figure out what was going on and why.

    I know it was that doctors fault because I had my son three years later and my seisures didn’t get any worse and he was born natualy as well. I was on three differant meds by the time my childern were 10 and 13. My liver and kidneys were in bad condition at this time. My doctor said I had a choice I could keep taking my meds so I could funtion in every day life but I might need a new liver in my late 40’s or I could cut down on my meds and have seisures.

    But every seisure can kill you depending on what part of the brain it effects. So literly he was saying lose your liver or take a chance of dying. So I tried all kinds of things to change my medical condition before I lost my life. Nothing seem to work then one day I had a seisure in my bathroon which was very small. I fell and my face was in the carpet while I was drueling and jerking.

    My daughter couldn’t get the door open to turn me over so she called 911, I had died but thank God they got there in time to bring me back. She was 20 at the time which was last year but it was still truamatizing for her to see them carrying me out blue and unresponsive. I watched a story on medical marijuana and decided to try it to see if it would help me because at this point I was out of options because I just turned 40 and was worried about my liver.

    The only time I have a seisure sinse then is when I can’t afford it. If I had medical marijuana I would never have a seisure again and I could go off disability and go back to work get my drivers license and be a productive tax paying member of socity. The only thing is all jobs make you take a drug test in order to get the job which is very depressing.

    I don’t like being on disability I only get $674.00 a month that barely pays the house payment. So until the laws are changed I’m screwed. So all you tax payers out there that are paying my disibility and wondering if there will be money out there for you to retire on when it comes time, change the laws so most of us can go back to work.

    That alone will help this country out of billions of debt. I’m not saying everyone should be able to run around high all the time but please give it to the ones with medical reason that it could really help. Do all kinds of studies what ever it takes. WAKE UP AMERICA! (Before it’s too late.)


  • Damion Reilly says:

    How can a plant that God put on this earth be illegal? Oh yeah, cause greed outweighs common sense.
    How can we have the right to our religion yet you tell us we can’t use the medicine God put on this earth?
    The bible tells us trust not in man but to put all our trust in God.
    Wow, was he right or what? Majority of mans medicines has come back to bite us in the ass, and no serious side effects at all came from cannabis, the God grown medicine.
    yet howmany “legal” meds would be replaced by Gods free gift? enough to cause the greedy capitalists to ban it.

    lets make trees illegal too, they fall on houses and kill people.
    ooh, and snow causes wrecks, illegal.

    What I want to know is: If deemed by proffesionals that cannabis could have treated an illness without harmful side-effects yet because our religious freedom was denied us and we had to take the legal meds prescribed and they cause us harm, can we sue?
    seriously, the government? the state? can it be proven that most legal meds are more harmful than an illegal plant?
    can we sue for the pains, for each convulsion cannabis would have prevented, for the liver disease mans meds caused?

  • ncchick27511 says:

    I agree that we should be able to legalize the use of marijuana in North Carolina.

    My whole life since I was 6 I have had chronic and severe migraines that have put me in the hospital more than 15 times a year.

    It’s the only thing that will work and help with my migraines. All of the other drugs and meds they have put me on have causes nausea, vomiting, lack of sleep or dizziness. I have to normally take at least 75mg to 100mg a day when I get a headache but sometimes you cant catch them so there needs to be a more alternative to it.

  • NCCitizen_33 says:

    I am only 33 years old but I live my life ONE minute at a time because of my pain level and I can assure you…it’s no way to live.

    I was born with Muscular Dystrophy so I have lived every day of my entire life in pain, NEVER having had a days worth of freedom from this until I was a teenager and a friend handed me Marijuana, the friend had MD also and was already a legal adult. I noticed immediately that my pain went away but after that night I couldn’t go on like that…I had a job that drug tested.

    By the time I turned 18, I was taking 100mg Darvocet every day! Do you even know how unhealthy that is for your body??? I’d been on Neurontin, Depakote (sp?), Clonapin, etc. for more reasons than I could ever remember but I always remembered that nothing worked!!! I was in a car accident in May ’09, hit by an uninsured motorist but I had coverage so I wasn’t worried, until my back started hurting me before we even left the scene.

    Now, a year and a half later, I’m a 33 yr old Mom & Wife that can barely get around. The MD may not have been easy but it was livable, the car accident took so much from me and my insurance company isn’t paying a dime!!!

    Again, I’m only 33, I’ve already exhausted the use of Oxycontin, Fentanyl patches, trigger point injections, and I’m now on Opana ER which doesn’t seem to be doing anything!!! Oh, did I mention that with Opana I also take Oxycodone AND Zanaflex??? With all that being said, I’m still not pain free.

    I beg my doctors to help me but there’s apparently little they can do. But I can remember a time when smoking a very small amount of Marijuana relieved almost all of my pain and I wasn’t getting sick from mixing 10 different medications! My prescriptions cost me well over $200 a month just in co-pays and that’s on top of Doctors visits.

    My point is…I’m heading down a very slippery slope and the next option is Methadone. PLEASE don’t make it come to that. I’m begging you!!!!

  • kidkick43 says:

    I have 9 blown disk in my back ,I take methadone every day. I beleave this marijuana would help with my pain. I would like too get off methadone. I do not want to smoke this ,I had rather have it in food.

  • Nc1970 says:

    How much FUZZY math does it actually take to see the pro’s out way
    The cons?(Medicine,clothes,fuel)just to scratch the surface,
    Not to mention the revenue it would create!
    Alcohol is the real killer if you would open your
    Far right winged eyes!

  • DJ says:

    To NCO I have lived in Colorado and have thoughts many many times of returning. I have some family there. When I moved to NC it was before it was legal there.

    Now I want to go back. Any advise on relocating?

    I need My Medicine for MS. Denver has shot up in price so living there is out. But the “springs” seem affordable. Plus I love it there it summers here as you know suck! I am on disability so money is tight. And advice you could give would be great. Relocating after 17 yrs, is scary for anyone. Thanks

  • Stevie Miller says:

    Is this 2010 or the 1920s? Why, why, why, is this even an issue?

    Is it the money the big pharmaceutical companies are afraid of losing? Are they scared people will stop using anti-depressants and painkillers if marijuana is legal? Marijuana was mislabeled as a harmful drug many years ago, by the same people who thought white and black people should drink from different water fountains. I don’t really care if this country ever wises up or not, I’m going to smoke my medicine everyday like I’ve been doing for decades.

  • NCO says:

    I was born in NC but recently moved to Colorado. Colorado has a medical marijuana system set up that is very effective and it is great for the economy and the people. Society still functions just the same with medical marijuana and it has many benefits.

    One it takes the product out of drug dealers hands and makes it taxable, and even better people who need to smoke marijuana for medical reasons don’t have to deal with illegal dealers who may also be involved in other drugs.

    The product is of higher quality so it takes less to produce effects, which ultimately is better for the body since a person would not need to smoke as much, and for the critics of that one just do a little research.

    “In order for a human to consume enough marijuana to be fatal, they would have to consume nearly 40,000 times the amount of THC required to intoxicate them. In contrast, it only requires about 5 to 10 times the amount of alcohol required to intoxicate, to be fatal. For example, if it requires 3 beers to intoxicate you, it only requires 15 to 30 beers to kill you. However, if it takes you 3 ‘hits’ of marijuana to intoxicate you, it would require 120,000 hits to kill you. Thus, it is virtually impossible to die of a marijuana overdose.”

    The first step is education. Older people, the people who mostly vote are un-educated about marijuana. They have been brain washed since the 1940’s that marijuana is the Devil and to lesser extents a gate way drug and toxic. Neither are true. The only way Marijuana could be currently considered a gate way drug in North Carolina is because people who want to smoke it have to buy it from illegal drug dealers who often offer other drugs. In Colorado I have a medical license for Marijuana and buy my marijuana for a dispensary.

    You don’t have to deal with sketchy people and run the risk of going to jail for smoking a flower. I fully support Medical marijuana and marijuana legalization.

  • Sons of Liberty says:


    How can we be so blind in 2010… I thought that by 2000 we would have realized the error of our ways and stop this ludicrous “war on drugs”. This is really a war on reason and sanity – as well as war on those who actually need the medicine!

    It’s a plant.

    Please let us elect representatives that actually have some good sense.


  • Keeper #4961 says:

    You citizens aren’t responsible enough for this drug. If we let you have this then, we have to admit we lied. Then we have corporate sponsors that, will not fund our campaigns. You’ll think you actually have a say in politics.

    Then next goes the keeper jobs which are in the millions. Imagine all the drug testers and their suppliers and families that, don’t smoke dope losing their jobs to freedom!

    The downside for us is too heavy to allow you the freedom of appetite, sorry get back in line. I have a cattle prod with a 100,000 volts issued to me to keep you in line for your own good.

  • Please Go to Our website, for more information

  • nc big dude says:

    I understand why the government is doing this – but never would i condone it. Many years ago, in a campaign for president of the us marajuana had it’s name smeared because hemp was poised to take the place of paper, as it was more cost-efficient and actually worked better.

    Ever since then this not-so-great government of ours has made it a cornerstone of a presidential campaign to label marajuana as a “drug” rather than admit they were wrong. As a 22 year old man with diabeties and early signs of a degenereative disk illness the will literally eat my spine into nothingness, i support this soldier and medical marajuan use 100% screw what the governmet says.

  • M A Wright says:


    I have a hard time understanding how it is sooo hard for the law to be changed for “Medical Marijuana”.

    I know for a fact that some Doctors admit that it helps a lot of aliments, especially chronic pain and cancer.

    I have friends that were told that they (Drs.) couldn’t give them any but if they could get some it would help not only their pain but the side effects that chemo, etc does to you. I have a friend that has a son in his 20’s that is bed ridden and gets THC pills. The only thing that lets him lead a partially pain free life but they cost a small fortune.

    It makes so much sense to do the research and do what it takes to make it legal for those people who need it to live a better life. I have a whole list of problems that make my life miserable daily. Thank goodness I have an insurance plan that covers my perscriptions and I don’t have to pay a lot for.

    Without it I could never afford some of my meds. They would cost – 30 day supply : 1@over $500, 1@ over $1,200, 1@ over $3,000 and about 3 others that are over $100. And I am disabled living on a fixed income!

    How can we be called a modern civilized country and let our people live in such pain when we have case after case (documented) stating that marijuana helps!! Plus the income for the county, state and federal income it would provide. And yet we are spending thousands or more trying to prevent it, which does not work!!!!

    Yes, some is for leisure pleasure but think of the ones that could use it for a better life. Plus, it’s not going away. We have over crowded jails and courtrooms – unnecessary. Didn’t mean for this to be so long, I just go crazy thinking about it and how to wake more people up to the benefits.

    Please, everyone write to your Senators, Congress, State Reps. and whoever else you can think of to make your voice be heard. What do we need to do to get this law changed and help our citizens feel better and live a better life?
    It can be done and done proper. I’m still hoping!

  • NCMamiO'4 says:

    I have been on Oxycontin for so long I can’t remember and now it’s effects are weakening against the pain from the nerve damage in my neck and back. The doctor says my next step is morphine. Can you believe that?

    People take morphine at home, outside of a hospital setting? I never knew or wouldve believed! I haven’t smoked marijuana for years but my neighbor told me it would take my pain away and boy was he right!

    I would be greatful to get a script for anything more natural and with less side effects or risk of stone cold addiction! Please help all those in severe pain and others with chronic illnesses like this soldier who really need it!

  • NCPerson says:

    Marijuana saved me from anxiety and depression, and consequently suicide.

    I hope every day that people will see the value in this plant.

    …I’m still hoping.

  • josh says:

    I loves to smoke and git high as a mofo. Please allow medical marijuanas to be legal in north carolina so I can get a chance to smoke that bomb ass dank stuff they be smokin in califonia!!! That stuff get you high as hell son!!!

  • Mike Tipton says:

    I suffer from a Schatzki ring in my esophogus and have difficulty eating.

    During an operation to have it repaired, I woke up and had to be resedated. In the months that followed, I repeatedly woke up having night terrors regarding the awakening on the operating table. The procedure didn’t work and I can’t make myself be sedated again for another operation.

    The terror of waking up again with hoses and tubes run down my throat is just too great. A friend recommended marijuana to ease my condition and allow me to eat. Simply put, it worked. I smoke a little, wait about 15 minutes and I’m able to eat a meal without pain and throwing up.

    I just recently failed a random drug test at work and lost my job because of the company policy against drug use. The stereotype of the pot-smoker is a joke. Most of the people that I’ve met in the past few years that smoke are people that go to work, pay their bills, raise children and are good neighbors. Don’t let the suffering continue for people such as myself and many others that can lead normal lives by marijuana usage.

  • Dan says:

    I was a drinker. I didnt like to think I had an alcohol problem, but I now realize I did. I started smoking pot, and calmed my urges to drink. I mean yes, i will have 1 or 2 beers. But I will be calm, I used to drink about 30-35 beers a week, and I was out of control destroying my familys finances and relationships. I smoke and all I want to do is be home with the family, and think about life. Marijuana has helped me stay sane and sober. I cannot stop smoking pot. I cannot function in a good mood without it.

  • kurt says:

    I applaud all. I am 41 years old. since 2003 I was diagnosed with severe RA. The meds I was given, either didnt work or I was allergic to. These meds as everyone know are so expensive. ($2300-$3500) per script if you dont have insurance and still had crippling days.

    What insurance company will take “pre-condition” circumstances half the time? I am a professional truck driver/mechanic over 20yrs. The laws for me to work still even with medical marijuana legal create an issue as it would to some others, that is a shame. Do we sacrifice our “quality of life” which effects us and families, or do the opposite in this economy to provide for our families the best we can because we “do what we do” for our love ones not to go without.

    Allot of laws have to be “adjusted” to coincide. A) quality of life B) Ability to survive and support our families. It’s not until one of their loved ones and finances are effected on what we all know that they will change their minds quick enough. …its only 2cents, but its my 2 cents.

  • Scott says:

    I live in NC, I use to have mental issues and think about suicide. Until a friend showed me “pot” now i smoke and i feel like there something to live for and i am now heathy body and mine. It SHOULD be legal Help the Fight, Fight for the right to smoke Weed!!

  • Noreen Burke says:

    I have stage 4 metastatic gastric cancer which has spread to my liver.

    Next Monday I start on my 2nd round of chemo in hopes of extending my life. I’m 61. I would love to move to NC where my son attends colloege and where he could help care for me during another grueling round of chemo but you havve not yet passed any legislation to asssist those of us ill or dying. I live in Florida where the drug laws are draconian so there will never be any hope of legalizing it here, at least not in my lifetime.

    Keep up the good and necessary work. Get out the word that this is an act of compassion! Me giving me oxycontin and oxycodone but no marijuana. It makes no sense and the public needs to know it! Keep oxycontin off the streets of America where it’s now a scourge due to its addictive properties; move to marijuana and improve the quality of life for thousands. Thanx for taking the time to read this!

  • Mandy Updike says:

    I live in Oregon and my brother (a disabled vet that did 3 tours in Iraq) lives in North Carolina. Marijuana is legal in my state, which I never cared about because I do not like stoners and do not smoke myself. I recently went to North Carolina to visit with my brother and found that he started smoking weed.

    Even though I do not condone any kind of drugs, I found that my brother was healthier mentally and physically then I had seen him before.

    My brother has major seizures, and I am worried sick about him while he is there without his family. I am now convinced, since I have seen first hand, that some people need marijuana. It helps them to survive life on a daily basis.

    I think that someone needs to speed up this whole process and just VOTE to make pot legal.

  • robert lawson says:

    i have suffered from epilepsy for years now and i truly have found that marijuana helps. I have been on a lot of different medicines and none of them really help i ran out of marijuana and could not find any and i started having more and more seizures then when i found some they stopped almost while i was smoking i had maybe just a few a month when i was not smoking i was having two to three seizures every 2 weeks so with my honest opinion legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes would help a lot of people who really need it.

    So we can only hope they legalize it i have hurt my self so many times every time i have a seizure broken my nose i have a few scars that i am sure wont go away. Almost bitten off my tongue it all the people around me who worry about me just worry constantly knowing i might hurt my self in anyway at anytime so we need to legalize marijuana i know a lot of people who would agree with the legalization of marijuana.

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