Can I possess Medical Marijuana in all 50 States?

The law surrounding the use and distribution of Medical Marijuana across the USA often creates confusion.

Many of our visitors have a Medical Marijuana card and buy and use legal marijuana within their legalized state. Occasionally these people want to travel by car to non legalized Medical Marijuana states and use their Marijuana to help treat their condition. Or at least possess Medical Marijuana whilst travelling over the states where Medical Marijuana is illegal.

You would naturally think that these people have the right to use their Medical Marijuana as it was bought in a legal Medical marijuana state. It would not be fair for them to suffer whilst travelling across the USA. On most car trips in the USA you need to travel over at least 1 non legalized Medical Marijuana state.

However Jamilla More from states that it is illegal to use or possess Medical Marijuana whilst travelling through non legalized Medical Marijuana states.

Hence the dilemma for people who use Medical Marijuana in legal Medical Marijuana states, who wish to travel within the USA. For example if you use Medical Marijuana in Montana and want to travel to Colorado, where Medical Marijuana is legal. The problem is you would need to cross over at least 1 non legalized Medical Marijuana state (Wyoming).

If the police catch you with Marijuana in Wyoming, you would be prosecuted and need to hire a lawyer. The map below illustrates the problem for legal Medical Marijuana users who wish to travel in the USA:

Legal Medical Marijuana States

Medical Marijuana State Laws

Would you run the risk travelling across non legalized states with Medical Marijuana, if Cannabis was vital for your well being?



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  • John b. says:

    It should be for medical use.

  • james r genteel jr says:

    By the way, while we are on the subject of what is legal and what is not.

    If you have a legal gun and permit, it should be the federal laws not the state laws that are in power. I would be willing to sign paperwork that if I use my gun for illegal purpose I should go to jail with no question asked, but i should have full carry rights after a certain age if I have no convictions and am a upstanding citizen.

    I am 62. At this age i am a target for the young criminals that know they can hit me and rob me and get away with it. I should be able to have my gun on my hip and use it to protect myself. In 90% of the time i would not have to fire it. Just someone that is trying to attach me, at the site of a gun would run off. Without this i could be dead.

    It is known that in PA and other states where people can have full carry the crime rate is lower. New York and New Jersey are the worst states, as people can’t protect themselves. Even a non lethal stun gun or taiser is illegal. A archaiser puts out over 900 pieces of paper when fired that identifies you as the shooter. You are told to leave it connected to the felon and call police.

    Then if you do not get it back air taser will give you a new one for free. These sell for over 300 dollars. They are legal in all states but New York and New Jersey. Does this show a problem? Yes it does.

    In New York and New Jersey your right to protect yourself is hindered by state laws. This is why girls and older people are found dead or raped daily. If they could use a airtaser or stun gun or had a registered gun, they could stop themselves from being a statistic. If other states you are allowed to protect yourself, then why not in New York or New Jersey.

  • james r genteel jr says:

    Presidents have used marijuana, but that is not the point. If you can drink, smoke tobacco, it is proven that not one case of cancer has been caused by marijuana, also it does not cause brain damage, in fact some people with ms and other conditions, can act normal after smoking a joint. It helps glaucoma, pain, anxiety, depression and other problems. Why the hell is this illegal. It is just making jobs for police and the government to control us. Not one murder was caused because someone smoked a joint. The government which is corrupt, as we all know, did a study with monkeys, where they put masks over their faces and forced them to breath only marijuana smoke.

    There was not enough oxygen, so the monkeys died or had brain damage. This is a test, no it is a joke. Smoking causes black lung, marijuana does not. I have never been high from alcohol I do not smoke cigarettes and lead a clean life, if for my back pain i wanted to smoke something that had helpful pain results, I should not be banned for using it. Having a card for medical use, I should be able to go on cruses, and trips. I understand you should not be able to smoke on a plane, as it would be like smoking a cigarette, but i should be able to carry it with me with no problem as long as i did not like it. Outside on the back of a cruise ship the smoke would be behind the ship and should not bother anyone. You have to use intelligence. You are not going to use it in your room, hallway or anywhere inside a ship.

    I also feel that not only for medical use should it be legal but for normal use. It enhances sex, and other things in your life. With proabition being stated, how can they say i can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, but can’t smoke marijuana. It should be banned in the same places as cigarettes are, restaurants, bars, and enclosed public places.

  • Jan says:

    The Americans with Disabilities ACT SEEMS TO BE APPLICABLE. SINCE I AM DISABLED and NEED Cannabis to have any QUALITY OF LIFE, which includes travel in vehicles, (to visit AILING parents and other family, travelling through states it is illegal in and cruises plus flying.

    It means I would have to stop the cannabis and restart dangerous drugs and reverse upon return home. My kidneys are already being carefully watched for fear of damage. I believe my rights are being violated under the above law. Because of being disabled I should not be denied appropriate medical treatment.

  • tj says:

    Yes I would, because I feel that if u really have a condition that requires the use of any type of medical marijuana. If you have the card to prove it, I feel that if you were to get pulled over and they found the weed on you then you should be able to show them the card saying you are legally allowed to have it then no matter were you go I think you should be able to do that.

  • denbee says:

    No, I would not. My freedom is more important than a dobie! The laws are so neanderthal and punishing that I suppose I would simply choose to stay home. The day is slowly coming though where such trivial concerns will no longer exist. If the last three Presidents can use cannabis then why can’t we? The cannabis laws are a laughing stock that serve only to punish and disenfranchise thousands of otherwise good citizens each year. America is gradually comprehending that the punishment for cannabis use far outweights the “crime”. What resonsible adults do in the confines of their homes, as long as harm is not done to anyone else, should not be the concern of the government.

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