New York is not exactly what you might call a smoke friendly state. So legalizing medical marijuana in New York always raised suspicion. On the other hand, as a liberal state that’s been branded as the world’s melting pot, it was always weird how it has been left behind in terms of marijuana legalization. If anything, it was supposed to be among the pioneering states to legalize medical marijuana. Regardless of the legalization delay, we just received word that Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to sign off on a deal to legalize medical marijuana. Some say it was meant to be while others figure this is a clear path to legalize the drug for recreational use as well.

The Smoking Ban

In the meantime, one astounding modification to this particular legalization has been set loose on the public. Even though NY will support medical marijuana legalization, you will not be allowed to smoke it. After all, how weird would it be that after banning the use of tobacco, Gov. Cuomo suddenly decided it would be OK to smoke weed anyway? Even though Sen. Savino was not that keen on supporting the non-smoking part of medical marijuana legalization, she decided to have a change of heart as that was the only way the deal could be made.

Legalizing medical marijuana in New York would obviously provide relief to those who need it most, patients with suffering fro medical conditions such as: HIV/AIDS, cancer, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, neuropathy and epilepsy. The original proposition of the bill contained more illnesses on the list but these have been restricted to avoid misuse of the drug as much as possible.

A Change of Heart

Let us remind you that Gov. Cuomo was against a medical marijuana bill only a year ago but this time he has taken the necessary precautions that will not have a negative influence on public health. At the same time, he believes that medical marijuana can help a lot of people and it wouldn’t be fair to deny them of their medicine. He also added several other restrictions such as including a state health commissioner into the development of the program and Cuomo still maintains the right to pull the plug on the bill if the state police superintendent or health commissioner suggests so.

18 Months To Go

Please keep in mind that even though smoking has been forbidden, that doesn’t mean you will not be allowed to inhale the drug, it just means that you wont be allowed to smoke on a joint or keep on bonging around. You are, however, encouraged to vaporize your weed at any time as vaporizing will not be forbidden. As an alternative, medical marijuana will also be available in pill form. Also, don’t expect for the bill to go into action tomorrow as it will take at least 18 months to get the bill implemented, sort out regulations, train doctors and make a patient registry.


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