Recently there has been some terrific news, it is now legal to smoke medical marijuana in New Jersey, you can now smoke legal medical marijuana in 14 states. I am sure more and more US states will follow as it is high time that the government helps its citizens who are in medical need.

New Jersey is that latest US state to recognise the huge value of medical marijuana. For both seriously ill patients and people who are trying to minimise the affects of various illnesses.

The debate against medical marijuana is that the medicine could fall into the hands of recreational users. Fortunately the majority of the New Jersey senate realised that there was more good than harm from passing this law.

Many people with illnesses such as AIDS, Glaucoma and cancer could reap the benefits of medical marijuana. Sure a few extra recreational smokers may get their hands on some of the medical marijuana but this is a small price to pay.

Fortunately it looks like the USA is leading the way by encouraging other countries to legalise medical marijuana.

We would like to hear from anyone who is using legal medical marijuana. How has using legal medical marijuana changed your life?


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  • I am looking for a medical marijuana doctor that is in New Jersey because I have been in on my seizure medication for 20 years for one of them and 15 years for the other one and I would like to get off of the high dosage of them. I dont like all of the side effects that comes with the medications. I have a doctor appointment with my neurologist on Dec. 16 to discuss my reducing/changing my medications so I need to find a medical marijuana before that date.

  • sandy says:

    I have chronic pain in my bladder called interstitial cytstitis i am oo morphine 30 mg twice a day oxycodone 15 mg 3 times a day cymbalta60mg once at nite . Since Dec2012 i been having seizures 4 since dec dec chronic headache i am on topamax100 3 times a day keppra 500 11/2twice a day ketorolac 10mgas needed

  • Tom S says:

    Marijuana has been around since Adam & Eve!. It’s the money our greedy life long politicians look at! Why would anyone care if someone smokes marijuana? Because they will lose income!
    Term Limits!

    Benjamin Franklin said-politicians are like babies diapers! They should be changed and thrown out often! We have given up freedom, by not standing up for our Rights in this country!!!

    Until people get active in politics-Expect more of the same.


    Tommy S

  • canna grama says:

    I was raised in Phila, did my party time in New Jersey.. and in those days it was real.. fun… but now i am in my older years, have beautiful children and grandchildren and live in cali… and i utilize cannabis and have been for over 10 years.

    I utilize it for medical purposes, not for recreation. My beliefs are diffrent as my opions on this issue, but i am only one voter, one citizen whom knows that cannabis works. I suffer from MS, from a lung disease, from a spine disease and have been out of work for 20 years due to my issues, i have faced the courts twice, and won. I have been a activist for 10 years on this issue. I know it works. I have seen it work on many citizens whom use it as medicine.

    As i have experience it myself, but i am beside myself with the laws for it is still illegal under Federal law. But they dont’ want to tell you that they are breaking their own laws by supply accross state line to those whom are still able to receive cannabis, whom are priveledge to hold a federal stamp that excempts them from federal arrest/state arrest and i am really upset at the fact that they will not allow a solution to the whole of the country to those whom mostly use cannabis. We all know at one time it was medically legal and once sold in the stores but the main thing is if you want to continue using cannabis you should be aware of the laws of your state concerning this issue.

    Lets vote on getting our government to take the people ‘s vote on this issue seriously. But instead we are being ignored and hoping this issue will be swept under the rug or they will continue using wasted dolloars that could be used to protect our country instead of putting sick and terminally ill citizens in jail due to growing, transporting, or running a store front to bring safe access to those whom are in need… hm..

    I use cannabis because it works and i am a senior and i also am a wife to a wonderful husband that also takes care of me and his mother whom is 84 whom also benifits from cannabis. I do not get high, I only need to find releif that also gives me the reality of my surroundings instead of being doped up.. but mind you.. some strains are strong. and give a heavy head high, and body high especially to those whom are not used to using cannabis.

    I should know for i have used cannabis over 10 years now. Any way, peace of a toke to everyone. Please get involved with the activist in your state, and tell the government to back off of the citiens whom benefit.

    There are meetings, if not contact ASA, Norml and start your own chapter. They will help you, anyway there are many big organizations out there. Reach out and you will find peace of a toke to you all.. and happy 4th of July….

  • ispeak for everyone says:

    Medical marijuana has become a problem in the usa.

    As long as cannabus is not legal people will have to constantly put $ in the hands of criminals. Have you ever delt with a ” drug dealer ” , they think they’re your friend but they’re really not. If you sit back and realize the different attitudes from countries like Canada which do allow the use for it for medical purposes with no problems, we would do allot better.

    – Everyone in the USA .

  • charlie says:

    hi all not a dr or anything i smoked pot as a kid ust to get high with friends then alone then most of the time i loved it kept me level like any MEDICNE if you take to much the effects are more extreme im 47 now when i was 23 i took a city job nyc they have a 0 tolarence rule so i stopped totally for the next 20 years i did not even think about it did not smoke once thenat 44 i had a heart attack very bad i had surgery and am doing better thank you.

    my dr said i should take xanex to keep me calmer avoid stress and not do any heavy lifting put me on 6 meds for all things whatever

    the combo of meds plus three xanex a day i was french fried all the time finally after ten months of the stupor of xanex i said f ***this. I talked t my cardio dr a young cool dr told him i was stopping xanex and starting with weed insted he said i cant tell you thats ok cause i dont like you smoking but otherwise off the record thats a great idea he advised me of the same warnings on any medicne of that kind on every bottle i have ever read do not operate heavy machinery may make you drowsy and such have not taken xanex in a while feeling good and like i said treat and use like a prescribed medicne it has very good results these results are based on my three year study conducted my me as the subject the test is still in progress with no end date set still compiling data post more in another three years.

    peace out good luck lybia and the whole mid east may god alah jesue budah and every other god you see bless you.

  • Brandy Stowe says:

    I suffer from Hidradenitus a skin desease that is extremely painful 24/7 I refuse to take pain killers and marijuana helps alot with my pain. I am also looking for a doctor as well. I know it is on the list in every other state but I think this will be a problem with Christie in office.

  • Snafu says:

    In response to where to take an exam to get a medical marijuana card in New jersey I am asking Mr. Christie where the Dr. is so I can make an appt.I’ll be the 1st, I need this medicine, I should not be forced to take pills for my disability.Our government has quality marijuana, I don’t want it all. My pain is excruciating 24/7. Allow me to apply for a card Doctor Who in Trenton ??? It’s Ink on paper and that’s not exactly helping us :{

  • Nikolas says:

    Does anyone know a doctor in new jersey Yet?

    • terri johnson says:

      There is a DR. Gary Yen in Keansburg. The closest DR. to where I live in Monmouth County.

  • dave says:

    joe blow… you have NO IDEA what you are talking about and you are completely ignorant.

    Alright im going to stray from topic just a little bit and talk about recreational use (which is what you seem to think all the people on this site and with medical cards use it for). I’m 15, i get good grades, i am an all year runner at the high school level, and i smoke weed not for medical use, for fun. and what you must realize is that most people who smoke marijuana are good, clean, non-stereotypical “potheads”, otherwise law-abiding people.

    and now i will discuss medical marijuana, i apologize for straying i just had to get that out there. Now what you have refused to acknowledge is that marijuana can be used and IS USED as a great medicine for ton’s of different diseases. Just because pfizer didnt create it in a lab and put it in a bottle doesnt mean its not a great medicine. Who are you to say that someone shouldnt be able to get the pain relief they need when every other drug they cannot use long term because they are afraid of addiction or what the effects are of long term use of a heavy opiate based narcotic (thats right, oxycoton is chemically similar to HEROIN.

    Cannabis is a very good painkiller and has limited side effects. Please dont come in here on your high horse thinking you are better than them. Because when you get down to it, you’d rather prevent someone from painrelief or relief from whatever is ailing them than face the truth about the BS your spewing. There have been no conclusive studies that show marijuana kills brain cells or causes cancer. studies with opposite results about the latter have actually appeared; they say that marijuana may be a fairly potent anti cancer drug. look it up on google “marijuana prevents cancer”. and you will find the study.

    good day joe blow.

    stay smoking my friends…

    and about the autism thing anon said, there was a clip on cnn once that showed how weed treated autism really well on this autistic kid who was getting harder to deal with because he was so hyper and so big as he got older. his parents put him on all these meds but they had terrible side effects(seriously my cousin and my aunt are autistic and ive seen the effects, not fun)

    But eventually they tried marijuana and it worked wonders on him. they put it in food for him and it turned him into a playful kid who was also manageable and easy to deal with. it brought tears to my eyes. there was also this one kid who had a stutter and his cousin gave him marijuana and it stopped his stutter. the kid was fifteen and had a stutter since he started talking in full sentences. that also made me cry. there is nothing marijuana cant do

    smoke on my friends.

    • afiarytale4u says:

      Amen there is so much scientific proof on the positive affects of this herb. It has been proven to stop the growth of cancer. Yes, I said STOP IT as well as all the other things it helps.

      There has to be some kind of benefits the states have by keeping prescription drugs on the market regardless of the negative affects it has on the people who take them. The marijuana does not have to be smoked to be beneficial it can be broke down into a oil that is consumed by teaspoon 2-5 times a day depending on the treatment.

      It doesn’t create a sensation of high and if to much is consumed the worst case scenario would be that you sleep. No OD’s in the waiting room of the ER or liver failure. This truly is a plant that was put here with a purpose and it is unfortunate that we don’t use it for more stuff. There were fewer of these problems back when we used the earth to heal our bodies and minds.

      I have the opinion that this herb can be used for far more medical purposes than has even been entertained. It is time to take back control of how you treat your body and what is right for you as an individual because we are not all the same with the same outcomes from similar treatments.

  • anthony moorer says:

    Just a question really.

    my name is anthony moorer. In 2000 i had herniated a few discs in the lower back. Through therapy my doctor discovered a rare disease called anklosing spondylitis also fibromyalgia.

    I have taken tons of meds that have not worked. Obviously i could go one and one as well as other’s.

    I am just wondering if i am possibly a cadidate for this?

    I am sick of the drugs the nausiousness and being just plain miserable. I would really appreciate a response to my concerns. thank you and have a nice day-anthony moorer.

    • Gigi says:

      Yes, in response to anthony moorer. You are definitely a candidate! Hopefully you have found a doctor by now.Since it was back in 2010 when you posted. You should also look into my official release as a treatment. It is a very different kind of massage which really helps! Look into it.

  • Bigfarscape says:

    That’s just mean and BS. There are to many opportunities for legal hypocrisies. Since every officer enforces with their emotion and political views. Try using morality to enforce a law instead of law to enforce morality, since a document has no feelings.

  • Ferdinand says:

    I now this medicine is given some help to extreme cases but some of us are suffering from live terms and we need this medicine to be approve to control however live terms pain, i hope this get approve and we get out of suffering pain, lower back pain is getting ridicules because i been suffering from this since my surgery of L4- L5 and some other disc degenerating and arthritic on my spine for 6 years.

    Please give us another chance to be a free humans to moves around in the world i lost a lot from my regular activity’s after my surgery, i been practicing this since the second year after my surgery and is given me a better chance to move around releasing most of my pain away from me.

  • Seedfinder says:

    I think it is a very good case.

  • Keith says:

    So how would someone who has a precription get the pot?. His local dealer – or will there be approved sources??

  • deebo says:

    The DEA cant do anything to the people who will have it, the bill will not allow them to be prosecuted.

  • Joe Blow says:

    As a federal agent, I’d still arrest anyone I catch with it. Guess what pot heads, just because a state says you can it doesn’t mean squat. The DEA still says nope to dope.

  • Isabel says:

    I’ve have found that the indigo/city of a difference isn’t as important as individuals train, although I admit my experience is limited. I was a nurse, so I recognize the limits of conventional medicine. My partner for years was a pothead, but the pot was more important than me, so I always had a grudge against it. And then I got complex regional pain syndrome.

    I got my approval this week, and for the first time in years I’m less confused, in less pain generally, and the rising river of fear is just about gone.

    You can find a type of pot that will do just about anything: clear your head, put you to sleep; help you meditate, help you concentrate; make you hungry, make you forget all about food. It’s the most amazing, enormous pharmacopeia.

    As a starting point, take a look at this site: I have found it very helpful, though living in San Francisco, it’s easy for me to find “name-brand” strains. I hope it helps anyone else.

  • Anonymous says:

    yay they cud try it on autisim because nj has the highest autisim rate

  • Anonymous says:

    Call (973) 409-3274 and PLEASE press the POUND KEY (#) This is the legal line for voters who want marijuana legalized in whole AMERICA!!! No time to lose.

  • Anonymous says:

    someone needs to pick a fight with the government. soon it will be a debate on the integrity of the states that legalize can we, a united country, create borders withing that can go from legal to illegal in a matter of taking ONE STEP from a legal state to an illegal state?

  • Debbie says:

    Hello, I am an MS patient who had the legal marijuana in Montana. I moved to Arizona, and they don't allow it here, which really stinks because now I have a choice, either take the LEGAL opiates that the doctor here prescribes or do without. I hate that! The marijuana used to stop spasms on the spot. Now I get to wait sometimes for up to an hour for the pills to kick in and help me. The marijuana gave almost instant relief. With the prescription from the doctor, I am unable to function. I cannot even think about driving that day. With the marijuana, it would wear off, and 90% of the time I would be able to function normally. All this BS is just so the drug companies and politicians don't lose any money. It is so unfair! Oh, and btw Marinol does NOTHING for the pain or spasms! They remove all of the pain killing properties when they make it, rendering the plant useless. God forbid we should get our hands on a little thc…no matter how much we are suffering!
    'Nuff said. God bless all of you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, cannibis, helps with pain.

  • david says:

    It is an incredible herb. Many herbs are very good for us. Try tumeric. Try cannabis. ALL GOOD.

  • Anonymous says:

    Used a few times a week, weed has eliminated my migraines. I have a doctor’s recommendation and it is legal in CA, but does cost a LOT. A bottle of Midrin for migrains is only 10 bucks…

  • Anonymous says:

    OREGON has a medical marijuana program and thank god for that !.
    My cronic pain and the ill effects of morphine are helped with marijuana.
    Try different types to see what works best for you.
    Morphine and its ill effects and severe back pain is a every day problem for me and SATIVA helps me the best.
    IT WORKS !

  • Anonymous says:

    Not legal where I live (NY) the assembly has passed it but the senate won’t vote on it. I have ankylosing spondylitis and other chronic pain conditions. I’m too scared to try it due to local cops raiding a co-workers home (illegally.) But I have been told the right strains really help my condition. I can’t wait for it to be legalized.

  • Anonymous says:

    lets see,you ask ,how does legal cannabis help you? i have cancer,doctors,three,give me 6 to 8 months here on this paradise.i dont smoke for rec. or entertainment reasons.i smoke for life,to enjoy the best i can live my last days,your vary welcome dudes that terminal patients can,in our pain and sufering,help you get this important word out. again,thanks.why hasnt any one mentioned this truth before/

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not legal in NJ yet — it was passed by the Senate, but not by the Assembly, and even if it is, it still needs to be signed into law by the Governor. He’s said he will sign it, but the pressure groups haven’t even gotten started yet.

  • ISA says:

    Time to sign-up for marijuana classes. I need to learn how to grow, so I don’t go broke paying street prices for legal herb.

    I found a website that lists classes, but I don’t think it is finished yet. I am watching eagerly!

    Prohibition and violent crimes will soon be a thing of the past. As I imagine tobacco, alcohol, and most prisons will be too. (If not, then seriously reduced, like the pharmaceutical market of overpriced killer legal drugs. Our only forced alternative to nature.)

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