It was New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine’s  last day in office and one supposes he wanted to clear his desk; in doing so, he signed 55 bills, one of which included a bill for legalizing medical marijuana.

The bill will allow medical marijuana to be used by those battling with the following chronic and terminal diseases:

  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • positive HIV/AIDS status
    chronic, debilitating diseases or medical conditions that result in

    • wasting syndrome
    • severe or chronic pain
    • severe nausea, seizures
    • severe and persistent muscle spasms

Corzine is reported as saying:

This legislation holds the promise of easing the suffering of many New Jerseyans, now and in the future, by giving them the opportunity to legally access medical marijuana. The bill has the necessary safeguards and restrictions to ensure that those suffering from chronic and terminal diseases receive relief while maintaining our state’s tough stance on recreational drug use.

The legislation calls for the establishment of alternative treatment centers to dispense marijuana to registered qualified patients.

To qualify, patients would have to be diagnosed by a physician whom they have an existing relationship with as having a “debilitating medical condition” and then would be issued a registry identification card by the Department of Health and Senior Services to use medical marijuana.

The law is likely to become effective within the next 9 months.

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  • John says:

    I need a marijuana doctor in toms river NJ, my doctor does not yet handel it… Txs John

  • If people are in pain and this helps I don’t see a problem with it.

  • Ms. Opinionated says:

    the only ppl against the legalization of mj are those who dont realize how it helps those who benefit from it.

    Like the drug companies who make money selling drugs; there is no money for them in preventing illness/disease. When our local/fed gov’t sees how much revenue those states who have legalized mj are making, they should reconsider…it may close their deficits!

    I personally do not like taking meds because they cause me to have other symptoms/ailments that were not present before taking. for me, MJ seems to be the only ONE thing i can use that WILL relieve nausea & vomiting, give me an appetite (after losing 60 pounds from not eating and throwing up whatever i did eat or drink), allows me to sleep comfortably, and alleviates anxiety attacks and the feelings of depression (which i used to think was not serious) but now know how much it ‘hurts’.

    To each his own, and dont knock those who choose mj over traditional medicine!

  • tlover says:

    this whole thing is stupid.

    why don’t they just make marijuana legal instead of going to the doctor to get medical marijuana? alcohol and tobaco is legal and they both kill people so why cant marijuana be legal?

    We never heard of somone having a cr accident from marijuana but we sure heard a million times that people died from drinking and driving. We never heard of anyone dying from cancer from marijuana but we sure heard of people dying from cancer of tobaco. i feel marijuana should be legalize.

  • JAMES says:

    who are you to say what works for me the fda

  • JAMES says:

    everybody casting stones let those without sin cast the first stone who are you to judge what works for me the fda

  • SuperStoner says:

    I don’t think it’s cool to even SAY the word “pothead” or “stoner” in this site. Sounds like a Christie word. Yeah you know, the guy that really didn’t wanna sign anything when it came to relieving the disabled/crippled. Your answer? Yes it will DEFINITELY ease any pain/fatigue you’re having through a sickle cell-like disease.

    Wow I get so pissed off when I hear straight dorks puttin down pot. Wheather I’m a “pot Head” or not, Marijuana is KING over ANY drug I’ve ever taken. I’m Super Stoner and I have MS… Ya hearrrrd???

    • mark boots says:

      dude look at your user name hahahah and u dont like to use word pothead or stoner hahah i smoke 24/7 man because it helps wit my disease haha superstoner

  • raven1 says:

    I have the rarest disease in the world ((Rosai Dorfman Syndrom). It’s a mix of sickle cell, Hodgkins Lymphoma and bone marrow cancer. All of these give me severe pain and unable to sleep and eat! Would medical marijuana be the route to take?

    Don’t just say yes if you are a pothead I want a person who goes through chronic pain! Im tired of taking Narcotics which seem to only make me sick and the pain worse.

    • JAMES says:

      yes it will

      • bobby says:

        well you tell me not to reply because I am a pot head well that might be the case but my aunt has ms and marijuana clearly benefits her more than a opiate does with pain people who take opiates for pain get more ammuned to it (wich means they need more and more eventually to feel the same effects) with more opiates you tend to get more queezy or feel sick youu might not want to eat(the last thing a person needs with a terminal illnes) your appetite will not be the same. marijuana increases appetite and cures pain this is a proven fact.also it is grown natural from the earth without synthetic chemicals which cause withdraw which is not very fun.
        i would much rather have some one i know smoke pot than take any opiates from a corrupt government who wants to make money of of misery because these opiates they allow are pretty much the same as herion . just because someone tells you something is wrong or bad are you going to beleive them stand up for what you beleive in or know whats right people have been using this healing herb before the b.c

    • Greetings,

      I wanted to reply to your medical marijuana concerns with regards to cancer treatments, pain relief, nausea,etc.

      If you google my name you will find many links to the many interviews or letters I have written to my state legislatures. I have MS for 14 years and without medical marijuana 4 NJ residents would not be alive today. In my earliest days with MS I truly trusted my doctors which only led me to more and more Rx Narcotics, mostly pills but a few pain patches and injections alike.

      All of these medications come with horrible side-effects and also prevented us from having children which is why we are married. After switching from the standard pills back to marijuana since before my college days I immediately found relief from nausea and spasticity from my MS. The relief worked so well that I was able to lower my oxy contin from 120mg daily down to just 20mg daily, this change alone allowed us to have 3 daughters as desired. Today they are 12, 9, & 6 years old and they all understand “This is Dad’s Medicien.”

      When using medical marijuana I use a vaporizor which prevents any second hand smoke as it is a pure vapor being used instead of any smoke. Some of these machines can be expesive, the Volcano vaporizer brand being most expensive but there are many good and cheaper ones including water-pipes.

      After watching 3 relatives eventually pass away of cancer, 1 of Breast Cancer and 2 of Stomache Cancer, I know first hand there is no faster method of deilivery of medicine other than to inhale a gas or vaporized product. Also by using medical marijuana can put the patient in control of exactly how much works best, 1 hit/puff or 10 hits/puffs, etc, etc.

      As for safety, now that my children are getting older, I am very happy to not have to worry about the dangerous amounts of oxy contin, valium, muscle relaxers, etc being in our home and possibly available to our daughters if they tried. Still to this day, nobody has ever died from use of marijuana unless a bail of it fell off a truck and crushed them.

      You can email me directly at or follow my twitter blog as I am a NJ resident constantly fighting to have medical marijuana which is still only in it’s infant stages as it stands.
      Either way I can keep you updated.

      Try to hang in there.

      Chuck Kwiatkowski

      • It saddens me to come here to update this page with news like “I still have no legal access to medical marijuana in NJ” I am not the only one to suffer. Thankfully I can stil find it on the streets but it always varies on strains / potency, etc. After living with MS for the past 15 years and recently diagnosed with “Meinere’s Disease” as a secondary Auto Immune Illness I am lucky to have marijuana as I need it. Without medical marijuana I am unable to wipe my own ass. How long must we fight with the FDA to be allowed to wipe our own asses? I only wish my Gov Christie would come down with a similar health problem so he could find out first hand.

        Either way, I will continue to use it from the streets for now, with hopes of a better NJ Health Dept. WHich has thus far been a NULL Health Dept.

        Gov Christie is a piece of shit for allowing so many to continue to suffer in NJ, including my family of 5 who depend on my use of mmj.

        Happy New Year!
        Maybe Next Year 2013?

  • elle says:

    i fully agree with momo!

  • wow says:

    they should bann all cars they kill so many people a year
    they should bann cigarettes they kill so many people a year
    they should bann alcohol they kill so many people a year
    they should bann peanuts they kill so many people a year
    they should bann tylenol they kill so many people a year
    they should bann stairs they kill so many people a year
    they should bann knives they kill so many people a year
    they should bann hamburgers they kill so many people a year
    bann all fat foods they kill so many people a year
    bann all construction work that kills so many people a year
    bann all road work that kills so many people a year
    bann all sharp objects
    all medication
    all plants
    all animals
    and lets all just live in box until we die
    hey……… least we will be safe

  • momo says:

    As long as it’s for medical reasons only? do people drink booze for “medical” reasons only? smoke cigarettes? Take useless pharmaceutical drugs? This country has been asleep for far too long, it’s time to FREE THE WEED.

  • As long as they are for medical purposes only, then I’m OK with it.

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