Cannabis for medical use in Nevada was approved via Ballot Question 9 on November 7, 2000 by 62% of voters. The bill was amended to include the need for compulsory registration via Assembly Bill 453 and finally became effective on October 1, 2001.

The law removes state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who have “written documentation” from their physician that marijuana may alleviate his or her condition.

Conditions Approved for Use of Medical Marijuana in Nevada

  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Any medical condition or treatment to a medical condition that produces cachexia, persistent muscle spasms or seizures
  • Severe nausea or pain
  • Other conditions are subject to approval by the health division of the state Department of Human Resources

Cannabis Quantities Allowed

Possession/Cultivation: Patients (or their primary caregivers) may legally possess no more than one ounce of usable marijuana, three mature plants, and four immature plants


There is provision made for caregivers under Nevada State Law.

  • A designated primary caregiver is a person who has significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a person diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating medical condition.
  • Caregiver does not include the attending physician.
  • The caregiver must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Patients may only have one designated primary caregiver.

To use or grow marijuana under Nevada law, patients and caregivers must first complete the relevant application form and register with the:

Nevada State Health Division

1000 E William Street

Suite 209

Carson City, Nevada 89701

Phone: 775-687-7594

Fax: 775-687-7595

An application form can be requested by telephoning them on the above number.

Current cost of registration is $150. You can also expect to pay an extra charge for fingerprinting as well as a fee for making the card. Extra costs should be somewhere between $15 and $50.

Full details of how to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

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  • Jasmine says:

    Trust me, you need an alternative to opiates.You might as well say we need an aeatrntlive to vitamin C. The prejudice against opiates is just that. Prejudice.If you have an endorphin deficiency opiates are indicated (in many cases). We know that such deficiencies may decrease over time for some people (I’m assuming that is your case). We also know that for some the need never goes away. (it may be satisfied by substitutes – hence methadone or marijuana).
    So why are we having a drug war? Prejudice. We once had such prejudices against coffee, tobacco, and tomatoes. Eventually experience cleared our heads (the social constructs changed). Now instead of raiding coffee houses we have them on every corner and tax them. No one gives a damn about coffee junkies. You know – the folks who can’t get a move on without the first three cups in the morning and 15 more during the day.So why are heroin junkies so fearsome? We have made it hard for them to get their “3 cups” in the morning. This changes the whole social dynamic.
    We saw similar effects in Germany right after WW2. When cigarettes were almost totally unavailable you goud buy a sex encounter for one cigarette. Then it became a pack, a carton, finally reverting to the “normal” price – around a case (well for the classier ladies).By creating a permanent shortage we have re-created the social ills that normally follow a war. i.e. we are in a permanent state of war and post war. The “Drug War” is exactly the right name.

  • Erin says:

    Does anyone know of a doctor in Northern Nevada (near Carson City) that takes medicaid and accepting new patients that prescribes medicinal cannabis? I have been told it is easy to get, once you find a doctor. Problem is, I can’t seem to find a doctor. I was diagnosed with FMS (Fibromyalgia syndrome) and none of the prescribed medicines are working for me. I have tried almost everything. I live with pain daily and have a hard time walking these days. HELP! PLEASE!

    • DaveMan50 says:

      Hi, you sound desperate. I am Dave in Las Vegas. You have a computer and a web browser search for Northern Nevada Go to “Medical Marijuana.” You can then join, Americans for Safe Access. National NORML. Marijuana Policy Project. The Regulate Like Wine movement. etc.

  • James says:

    The law in Nevada is clear in only a few ways.

    1. The law says that you won’t be held criminally responsible for use, possession, growth, of the substance, with medical approval. by the state authority, not federal. If you are found driving while under the influence, its a DUI. Go to jail. Lose your license, attend dui classes. Whatever the courts decide to do with you. If you are confused, read what I typed above.

    2. The law says nothing at all how individuals are supposed to acquire their medicine. Welcome to Nevada.

    Make the Law what you want it. That is what its for. If you people don’t stand up for what you believe in. Guess what? No one will.

    My disclaimer, I am not a lawyer, I am in no way qualified to say anything but the most obvious.

    • DaveMan50 says:

      I don’t know about you guys up north but we in the south are working on it. Yesterday Vicki Higgins, BJ and I submitted demonstration signatures to the county commission in the approximate amount of just slightly under 1,000 and asked that Marijuana offences be lowered to the least of officers priorities. and that our co-op’s or clubs be left alone, so that the state can set up a licensing and taxing arrangement.

  • says:

    1990’s Movie: American Beauty won an oscar. It mentioned capsule marijuana like one news broadcast that showed a mother giving it to her son. Amphetamine ~ Barbituate should be used not abused. Alcohol is the most accepted example, however the stigma of legislating moral-personal behavior like prostitution continue to drain vital law enforcement and financial used to intercept around 1% of all drugs since the 13 year alcohol prohibition war.

    2002 ~ 20-20 report by John Stossel show how Nations have decriminalized it.

    Their national statistic are available via the internet to silence critics and utilize resources to futurist institutions with proven adult productive mental physical regimen away from abuse with respect to safety and law. Advance civilizations faced and resolve every problem we have.

  • JamieDBaby says:

    This Law doesn’t even make any sense. It is sort of funny, but the peopLe that have access to such “medicinaL” drugs aren’t doing much with their Life. Drugs are messing this worLd up. But just Like anything ~ enough peopLe have to die before any change is made.

    • Dan says:

      Alchol and Tobacco ae legal and taxed. They are directly responcable for thousands of deaths. No one has overdosed or died from using marijuana. ( NOT true with alchol or tobacco )

    • Jake says:

      There have been more deaths associated with all kinds of drugs (even over the counter drugs) per year than the lifetime of marijuana. Just goes to show you how backwards the united states drug laws are.

  • Judi Young says:


    How do I get regestration card?

    What is the cost, Can you give general information on how to obtain?

  • Narda Lambert says:

    I injured my back in california from my C-S spine,along TOS I am a nurse by profession but due to my injuries I am unable to work for life. I am on social sercurity I was retired when I was at 48yo as if I were 65yo.

    I have constant pain in my back shoulders back of neck and numbness and tingling down my arms and legs with sciatica pain often. I moved to Las Vegas and reinjured myself after I fell off the moving van and falling down stairs when my legs sometime gives out.

    I was visiting in california and my brother in-law saw I was in a lot of pain and the pain pills just wasn’t helping much, He told me that the medical marijuana help him with his backpain and I should try it and I did and the marijuana took the pain away.

    When I return to Las Vegas told my health care provider and she gave me a number to call for medical marijuana but we couldn’t ever get the phone number right. My health care provider is Heidi Baker NPRN she can be reached at (702)363-9900.

    Thank You
    Narda Lambert

    • DaveMan50 says:

      Information available at “Medical Marijuana” When you want to apply to this state it is fifty dollers first to:
      To the Nevada State Health Division
      Medical Marijuana Program
      at 4150 Technology Way, Suite 104
      Carson City, Nevada 89706
      Phone: 775-687-7594
      Fax: 775-684-4156

  • Randy says:

    The medical marijuana program is going great in NV. It you would like to get your card, swing on by.

    Nevada Medical Marijuana Program Assistance

    • tim says:

      i have a question i cant find the answer yet!.

      if a person was arested for transporting CA aproved medical marajuana in nev and the case is dismissed due to an illegal search will they get back there medicine and be able to take it back to CA?

      Thanks for any info on this situation.

      • DaveMan50 says:

        Randy, WTF Are you kidding? you must have some kind of profit motive.
        tim No not in Nevada our police have probably smoked or sold your weed.
        Michele No not in Nevada. Go
        to South Lake.

    • Michele says:

      Once u have your card can u go to California to buy it I live on the border? Where in NV can u buy in the Tahoe area?

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