medical marijuana in mississippi Did you know that there are twelve states that have decriminalized possession of cannabis for personal use and that Mississippi is one of them? If you are found to be in possession of 30 grams of weed nowadays you will be fined $250 but not have to serve a jail sentence. You won’t be arrested either, instead you will get a civil summons.

Despite this, an attempt to get legal medical marijuana in Mississippi failed this year when, on February 1st, Senator Deborah Dawkins’ SB 2672 failed to get heard by the Drug Policy Committee. It’s more than a little ironic, therefore, that the federal government’s medical marijuana program (which we’ve written about many times before on this site) gets its weed from the University of Mississippi!

The federal program has been running for decades and now there are just four patients surviving. Every month each patient receives a canister filled with around 300 joints, courtesy of the federal government. Is it any wonder that state residents who would benefit from medical marijuana are a little pissed when they hear about this? If you are one of these potential patients, why not write to your state legislators?


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