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  • There’s no doubt that the “legalization” has had some effect, but not the effect that most voters thought they were supporting. Arrests have actually increased and the confusion about the law is just plain ridiculous. You’d think we’d be able to pass a law that clearly explains itself………….

    • MCC of Grand Rapids is hosting Michigan Certification Center 22 50th SW in Wyoming Michigan, just south of Grand Rapids. We are here to provide you with all necessary services to get your card and become legal for medical marihuana (marijuana). Our Doctors and staff are the most educated and professional in the area. We also provide many services for caregivers and patients alike. Call today 855-622-6337

  • gerald allen glance says:

    Well looking for a caregiver taking in pascents here in roscommon michigan 48653 if now were one is email my add..

    Please im needing a caregiver kind of close about in a 50 mile radius any help would be appreciated.

  • nate says:

    come be a part of the newest michigan medical marijuana network

  • Joe Wright says:

    I have ADD, and have been taking pills for it for a while now, but most of the pills effects have become immune to my body and i am starting to lose my focus, not get any sleep, and if i do fall asleep, its during the middle of school or work.

    I have done a little research to show that cannabis consumption can help benefit my problem, will this qualify for a medicinal marijuana card, i am willing to try anything to focus better and get more sleep at night.

    • MeMike says:

      It seems no one has made note of the fact that Michigan has enacted a news law that prohibits the dispensation of marijuana prescribed or otherwise. At this point I see no way around it, and I’d bed happy to recieve any input that may lead to the circumcision of this news law.

  • ryan o says:

    i just found out i have hepatitis c and was wondering would i qulify for a medical card ive been having alot of abdominal pain and its to the point where all i wanna do is get rid of the pain and i cant take any pain meds bc it could make my liver bleed.

    • Jeffery says:

      You will qualify especially if you have records of this pain with doctors.

      Cannabis seems to be a very friendly drug to the body with little to no ill side effects like most other meds. You would probably wanna use a vaporizer since your probably worried about ingestings due to liver problems. Good luck.

  • Madhi says:

    I suppose the certification establishments are useful for someone who is new to the world of marijuana. However, if you simply read the law,download the applications, meet the qualifications and follow the instructions exactly, you can obtain a medical marijuana card.

    I am a caregiver and my husband (we are herbalists) has developed a pain relief oil using an extraction of hemp that literally mitigates pain within 10 seconds and only 5-6 drops are required. This oil not only relieves pain, it is a healing annointing oil and the formula can be found in Exodus 30.

  • melissa fletter says:

    I suffer from anxiety and depression i have been on and off several medication i have a constant need to be perfect it is a complete obsession for me. The medications they give me all make me feel distanT from my family and friends they make me feel nothing no emotion and i have small children who need affection from me. How can i get a medical marijuana card and do i qualify??

  • Renee says:

    I am a 24 year old female and have recently been cleared for certification for medical “Marhauna” here in Michigan.

    Still not entirely clear on why they changed the J to an H but that’s neither here nor there. I have been having back spasms for 3 years now and am sick of popping pills that do pretty much nothing for me anymore. I am grateful that the law passed here and can’t wait to see what kind of product I grow on my own, as I am to be my own caregiver.

    There are plenty of places of to get certified at and dispensaries all of the metro Detroit area. I personally went to a nice place in Farmington Hills, very clean and professional, with a very friendly staff. Pick up a Metro Times or Real Detroit, they have pages dedicated to this. This is a great website as well!

  • Andy says:

    For anyone wishing to receive their Michigan medical marijuana card you can contact us directly at 1(888)885-4446 or check out our website where you can find answers to most commonly asked questions. Thank you and we look forward to serving our community.

  • Caleb Richie says:

    P.S. im an insomniac as well

  • Caleb Richie says:

    Hello, im interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card as well.

    Im a michigan resident currently living in indiana. i suffer from severe depression and i feel like the only thing that makes my life a little bit easier is marijuana. i refuse to take prescribed pills because they make me feel like an unemotional empty shell. ive researched for awhile on state laws and medical marijuana and different sites say different things about the matter. i need a little help, is there anyway for getting a card in michigan for depression? if so, how would i go about obtaining this? any information helps! Thanks.

  • medical marijuana card says:

    like to no how can i get a medical marijuana card.
    i live in toledo oh.will come to flint.
    p.s love your help. 419-535-7987 o you.r cel 419-297-3654.

  • Cassandra Krause says:

    I own a compassion care center, 434 Water st Flint/ Open daily, I can walk you through the steps needed to becoming legal, as well as assist with your medicinal marijuana needs.

  • Claudia A. Giannini says:

    I have a number of medical issues including: fibromyalgia, sever pain back (surgery 2006). Recently 7surgeries. In 10 mtns. For hip/leg fracture, carpultunnel in wrists. Sever arthritis allover body, depression, nasusa, mirgrains 2-3 per month. I think medical marihuana would help. I’ve tried some & I did have some relief.

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