Things are heating up in Michigan. Its House Judiciary Committee has attacked the House floor with three new bills that are supposed to not only legalize marijuana dispensaries but related edibles as well. As a brief history lesson, all the way back in 2008, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was approved by the general public. Naturally, it had its flaws. For one, it didn’t mention medical marijuana dispensaries, which is kind of insane, like somebody intentionally wanted to kill it in its inception. It contained no regulations on oils, concentrates and edibles, even though we are pretty sure those existed back then but maybe just weren’t as widespread as they are today.

Due to the lack of defining these issues properly, a great number of dispensaries were operation without regulations, guidelines or any protection whatsoever. Even if the licenses were there, they wouldn’t have made any difference in the eyes of the law and we would have another California on our hands. The new legislature would regulate taxes and put a regulation system in power that would control and track marijuana products. A Medical Marijuana State Board would also be created to oversee the entire venture and organize licenses according to growers, processors, provisioning centers, secure supporters and safety compliance facilities.


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