Complications at the College Level with Medical Marijuana

college students and medical marijuanaLegalization of medical marijuana has opened the door to a natural means for patients suffering from certain chronic ailments to find relief.

Though some states and counties have passed laws providing ways to legally obtain marijuana for medicinal purposes, possession is still problematic. Medical marijuana cardholders are often still questioned by authorities, and their possession and use of the drug remains illegal according to federal law.

Among licensed users, the ones who suffer perhaps the most are college students. Short of staying at home and attending an online college, students who need medical marijuana need to take careful precautions to use their medication without harassment.

Drug Policies:

The legality of medical marijuana continues to be an area of contention at county, state, and federal levels. Inconsistent laws make possession and use legally delicate, and discretion is necessary. College students not only have to be mindful of the differences in legality at the state and federal levels, but must consider campus policies as well.

Even in areas that have legalized use with proper identification and prescription, because schools’ government funding is subject to adherence to federal law, college campuses may still refuse to allow marijuana use on campus or at school-sponsored events. Campus authorities at such schools are not likely to be lenient if possession or use should ever come to their attention.

If prescribed medical marijuana, college students should contact their school to discuss campus policy. Proof in the form of doctors’ recommendations, detailed medical histories, and x-rays, MRIs, or other pertinent test results will aid in establishing the necessity of the drug. To further assist your school in discerning a reasonable way of permitting your medicine, come up with a game plan. School officials will respond well to your understanding the need for absolute discretion in your use. Their biggest concern is likely the potential for unlicensed students to gain access to the drug and begin using recreationally, so methods you can suggest to conceal your possession and keep your use private will be greatly appreciated.

Social Effects:

At the college level, public knowledge of a prescription for medical marijuana could draw unwanted attention leading to problems with peers. Students may wish to use cannabis recreationally, and therefore see cardholders as means of obtaining the drug. College users are urged to use complete discretion when medicating, so as to prevent this uncomfortable situation.

Store your medical marijuana in an airtight container to lock in the scent, and keep it well out of reach of your peers. If possible and suitable for your condition, choose one of the more low-profile methods of medication such as edibles, topical creams, or vaporizers. These methods will assist you in protecting the privacy of your use, thereby preserving your social relationships.

In short, when it comes to medical marijuana at the college level, preparation is key. Students must educate themselves about related laws and create a game plan for keeping their medicine private from their peers. Proper preparation will assist in enabling free use and possession of your medical marijuana, allowing you to get the relief you need even while away at school.


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  • john says:

    none of this will ever be right until it is just completely legalized, I am a medical marijuana patient
    but it is rediculous that 1 should have to be ill to enjoy the benefits of marijuana. I am 57 years old, been using marijuana for 41 years, and I can honestly say I feel the negative effects of the foods that I’ve eaten, the cigarettes that I’ve smoked, which by the way work advertised freely on the television as I was growing up, the stuff that I breathe that they still call air, by the way you’re not supposed to be able to see air, are you?, more than any negative affect in all my accumulated years of using marijuana.

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