medical marijuana maineAn issue we constantly address here at Medical Marijuana Blog is the excitement of residents in newly-legalized marijuana states. On hearing that they can now legally use medical marijuana to treat a whole host of medical conditions patients write to us in their hundreds asking how they can obtain their registration card or find their nearest dispensary. Of course, if somebody has been self-treating with marijuana it’s little wonder they get over-excited because, for many, the fear of prosecution just makes their symptoms worse. The fact is, however, that it takes at least a year following legalization for the state to get the necessary admin systems in place.

An example of this delay was highlighted in a recent email we received from the Chief Counsel for the Maine branch of Americans for Safe Access, the Maine Marijuana Caregivers Network, Gregory Braun. Mr Braun tells us that statutes and regulations (even those adopted in 2009) have just taken effect, and patients and caregivers have only been required to register with the State since January 1, 2011.

As registration is now active, it seems a good a time as any to republish the salient points of the legislation, which we will do in two parts over the coming days:

  1. Medical Marijuana Maine: Qualified Registered Medical Marijuana Patients
  2. Medical Marijuana Maine: Registered Primary Caregiver

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