The task force tasked with implementing the newly-expanded medical marijuana law in Maine say they are facing a daunting task, despite that the expansion, which includes the setting up of dispensaries, was voted by 60% of the electorate.

Brenda Harvey, Panel co-Chair said yesterday:

“The Legislature will have some statutory changes to deal with, and the most significant one will certainly be who will be allowed to grow? Will it be one or two large growers that are already producing in our state, or will there be all of these – what people perceive to be – small dispensaries?”

Despite the difficulties, however, Ms Harvey says that the panel are making progress.  Currently, work is ongoing to establish a process for revoking approval for patients who no longer need cannabis, or who might have lied to a doctor to get a prescription. The task force will meet again in early January to finalize their recommendations to the Legislature.

The city of Brewer, meanwhile, has put a six-month moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.


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