Today I thought I would share an interesting story from one of our visitors in relation to legalizing marijuana:

I’m definite, I smoke pot, sounds like an “AA” meeting in here.

I’m a former police officer. I have smoked and eaten Mary Jane for over 25 years in moderation. Moderation is of course vague, and unique to the individual consumer.

In my opinion moderation for me has been once or twice a week after 9pm for over 25 years. I can obviously still write and carry on a conversation, my vision isn’t blurred, I still use all of my senses, I can breath fine, I am not in a wheel chair, I haven’t killed anyone, I haven’t committed suicide, I still remember where I parked my car, I still know what day it is, and how old I am.

I still go to work, I function the same as I always have. However I do hate our government, I am awake to the horrors and atrocities that our government has done and is doing. My eyes are more opened than most to the evils around us.

I have allot of compassion for my fellow human, and our animal kingdom.

The point is marijuana has not in the slightest hurt me. In fact it has opened my eyes, my mind, my feelings, and it continues to help me shed light on the unexplainable that is becoming explainable.

I’m a richer person having not ever given up my Cannabis.

My medical problems are torn ligaments and damaged cartilage in my knee from years of martial arts training, arthritis and insomnia.

I have seen so much death in so many ways that I couldn’t sleep or be functional if it were not for pot. Marijuana changes my mindset so that I can forget things just long enough to get to sleep. I guess that’s PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) undiagnosed. It takes my mind off the pain in my leg, so I can function during the day time, I can actually mow my lawn, feed the horses, and dig a post hole. Arthritis, what arthritis, I’m stoned right now.

My kids and wife love me, I am not grumpy after I take weed. I’m more in tune to everyone’s needs instead of thinking about me, and how miserable I am.

It has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in pharmaceuticals and doctor visits. I don’t go to the doctor unless I rip my arm or leg off.

I haven’t taken anything over the counter in 8 years and then it was a cream for a bad case of athletes foot. Marijuana definitely has medical purpose, as well as a natural place in human society. I encourage the use and legalization of Marijuana.


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  • kansas says:

    I don’t under stand how people can get so drunk they cait walk talk or drive?

    But smoke a little pot will get you put in jail WHAT THE HELL.Now dose that make any since to u OH dont forget they can take your kids rob your home and pretty much do what they DAMN well whant just because they have a badge. Most of them smoke anyway that is after they take yours.

  • DEFINITE says:

    Hi Tim, let me start off by saying being a cop in no way ever made me a lawyer and so my advice may make sense. Good common sense may not be what your looking for or be applicable.

    Most people are convinced or brainwashed into believing that we the people need to ask the government for permission to change our laws. The bottom line is we need not ask like children would ask for candy. We are the people.

    The government we appoint and the public servants we employ work for us.
    As individuals we are helpless to change anything. As we the people the majority the mass, we decide what the law will be, we don’t ask them for anything we tell them what will be done as we the people have decided.

    Hear in lies our task of educating the masses, spreading the word, changing public opinion. Once we are the majority and the demand is made to our servants to change that ridiculous law, then it shall be done.

    In a strange retarded sort of crazy way the DEA, ATF, and the ones that profit allot from all these drug busts. They are hanging themselves. Every time there is a high profile marijuana case that hits the public eye, more and more people are converted to our side. People are hurting for jobs, we are losing our homes and the USA is collapsing around us.

    Meanwhile back at Gotham! Our public servants are wasting millions upon millions of dollars arresting and prosecuting our friends, family, and neighbours for exercising a god given right of growing and ingesting vegetable matter.

    I really believe that we have done an awesome job of spreading the word, and after using marijuana for the past um oh million years more or less. I would say we know exactly what it does to us.

    I sometimes wonder though if the government knows something about marijuana that the people don’t, like that if we smoke it we may be able to see through their b.s., we may wake up and shake their brainwashing off. We might become rebellious unite and get organized.

    Those who use pot have in the public eye always been rebels, on conformists, gangsters, evil ones, the outcasts, those who would disagree with the law of the land. Now we have a black president who smoked allot of weed in his day and if he were with his friends out of the public eye in a private off duty situation, where he was laughing, reminiscing or just watching the ball game with some buddies and they passed him the refer, I guarantee you he would puff puff pass.

    In my opinion we need to unite, organize, spread the word, re-educate the people, grow as much weed as you can, spread seeds all over this land, plant them everywhere, along the roadside, along the rivers, in every public flower bed. In the courthouse lawns, at the capitol buildings, in the police departments flower beds, in rest areas. Plant the land. Plant white widow, and bubble gum all over Disneyland, they have allot of flower beds. Spread those seeds far and wide. When you go camping, backpacking, horseback riding, to the beach, where ever you go poke a pot seed into the earth about a 1/8 of an inch with your finger, let pot spread like the weed it is, set it free as it once was.

    Make it a common thing again, make it cost tax payers millions and millions to eradicate it all over again. Not only will you be doing us and planet earth a wonderful favour, but you will be creating hundreds of jobs at the same time, and maybe just maybe people will say enough is enough stop spending my money to kill weeds.
    We are the people, make it happen.

    Yes Tim I do believe that outright disobedience is an answer if you are willing to sacrifice your personal liberty to make a statement. I suggest large groups of people make the sacrifice all at the same time in a public setting, such as a smoke out in a public park, or a huge Woodstock gathering. Plan on swamping the legal system, make the judges scream for you.

    Most important (make the law on marijuana look ridiculous and senseless and wasteful in the public eye. The best way to educate the people today is to get media attention allow the media to do what they do best, let them spin their webs.

    We all know marijuana taxation is just an appeal to government’s greed.
    When this taxation was suggested it opened Pandora’s box. Allot of politicians are asking questions now that they would have never asked before. The oil companies, the fda, dow chem, some scientists and many more are getting chills right now because the possibility of decriminalization is now a matter of when.

    Once industrial hemp is legal allot of investors will run from big oil and toxic plastic companies. They will throw their money at the renewed Hemp industry. People are already turning their backs on the pharmacies due to the popularity of pot. They would rather have pot tea and a high than have the side affects like stroke or heart attack or anal leakage due to the chemicals in the pills being peddled by big pharmacy companies.

    Well by now your eyes are bleeding so I will bring this to an end.
    What we are doing and what we have done to legalize marijuana has been appropriate. We need to not give up, we need to organize stay passionate, keep fighting but fight smart. Spread the word, plant the seeds.

  • Jo says:

    I keep hearing more and more good things about PTSD and medical marijuana. It really does seem to allow you to to change your mindset in a beneficial way.

  • tim says:

    well said!

    (as a former police office)how do u think people should go about demanding our God-given right 2 posess herb????

    …out-right civil disobedience of current cannabis laws?

    u know…i sometimes wonder what would happen if every smoker in the country just showed up in front of their local police station(say, once a month) and simply puffed the heat out of there own stations…

    how can they possible try 2 arrest 75 million people a week?!?!??…perhaps the current pot laws would simply break down under the immense pressure of an overwelming and unstoppable human behavior…

    it would be like making food illegal..cant do it.

    we must co-ordinate a nationwide puff down!…and show these elected punks WHO’s REALLY IN CHARGE of this country…(we the people, of course)

    i think a with a focused,concerted effort: we can all puff legal eagles..if we simply stand up together to show the gov that this is our country! would be nice to puff without worrying about getting a gun shoved down you throat..or having 2smoke mexi-trash(>_<)!

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