Will Medical Marijuana be legalized over 50 states?

Recently I received a terrifc email from on of our visitors and thought I would share it with you. If the USA legalized medical marijuana accross all 50 states other countries ploiticians would start to consider Medical Marijuana more seriously.

To be honest I would say that most politicians accross the world would hardly know anything about Medical Marijuana.

Everyone please read:

I just did a cursory cost savings of the incarceration of just those charged with marijuana use and or possession to distribute to the legalizing of marijuana and guess what? Over 10 years just this cost of incarceration is more than enough to offset the cost of Free Healthcare!! Please read on:

I have discovered a way for you to go from 13 States (funny how this was the number of the original Colonies before the Boston Tea Party) to all 50 States with-in the year. This is an election year and our elected officials are going to be calling for handouts provided the Big Pharmacy Lobbyists haven’t already filled their insatiable appetites we have a huge opportunity to turn the use for medical marijuana completely around!

Here it is: The Public Domain Drug Act?

We , the 13 States who have voters who have legalized medical marijuana, will start a grass roots campaign across all 50 States to OUR government Representatives to draft, vote on and PASS the Public Domain Drug Act?

What will this do?: We are denied access to many great treatments because our government does not have a system for the approval of unpatentable drugs.

This is why the FDA only will mention that “smoking” marijuana is harmful and not mention the other modalities of administration because they would then have to acknowledge the other modalities efficacy in treatments of certain human chronic diseases.

Something MUST be done. It is immoral for our legislators to deny us access to these treatments. Profit should not trump life. Can we allow special interest money to block legislation? The pharmaceutical lobby is the largest in Washington D.C. and can get whatever it wants.

There is a growing gap in the drug approval process, as more and more unpatentable compounds are discovered to have great health benefits, and at very low cost. It is our government, and our lives. It is our right to have access to treatments, whether or not they are profitable to corporations. If a drug is owned by the people, in the public domain, then the people have a right to it.

We need a Public Domain Drug Act! NOW! The FDA is nothing more than the grunts for the Pharmaceuticals! It is time to take our health into our hands folks. You saw in our government how Healthcare lobbyists have taken over our government. It is time for us to take our government back instead of the corporate welfare we are currently observing!

Please let’s get together on this.

For more information on this return to sanity read this:


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  • Linda says:

    On June 8, 2012 my sister passed away from an overdose of faulty “pain relief patches”. She had severe and chronic back pain and had surgery twice for the condition. She would still be alive if medical marijuana was legal in Mo. She was only 56 years old.

  • charlene rudd says:

    I feel medical marijauna has less side effects than alot of other pain medications out there being misused.

    I suffer from cronic paincyndrome, have been on everything lora tabs, oxycodone, morphine patches & pill’s steriod injections or trigger point injections every month. This doesn,t even cover the depression, anxiety attacks which follow. I feel that if there is a herbal medication which covers so may different medical conditions legalize it in TENNESSEE. It only makes sense!!!

    • Linda says:

      I totally agree! On Sept.8, 2012 my sister who was only 56 years old passed away from an overdose of faulty morphine patches she had to use for chronic pain. She might still be alive if Missouri had medical marijuana laws passed.

  • detox kits says:

    Politicians are 10 years behind the times, when it comes to hemp use. People have been fighting for along time against pot prohibition with some movement going on now. Still too slow for those caught up in the jail system. Our freedoms have been trampled on by folks who know nothing about how beautiful cannabis can be for someones life. Keep up the good work.

  • I agree with all that this site is for towards the government. I see no harm in medical marijuana use what so ever.

    I myself have smoked marijuana for headaches, nervousness, and to help with appetite at times when I have been sick. It has never harmed me in any kind of way or do any crazy things that the government advertises.

    I’m all for any voting on behalf of this cause. You have alot of interesting facts on medical marijuana and I enjoyed reading up on this. Keep this going do not stop pushing this act…

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