Where is it legal to use Medical Marijuana?

There is much debate as to whether medial marijuana should be legalized in the USA.

Some US patients who require medical marijuana for their treatment  have been forced to move to a legal medical marijuana state, to avoid getting into trouble with the police. To make it more complex, in the past the federal government have arrested medical marijuana suppliers in legal medical marijuana states.


Obama has asked the federal government not to prosecute people using or supplying medical marijuana, in the states where medical marijuana is legal.

According to the US government there are 14 states where medical marijuana is legal. In reality there are 13 states as Maryland only have reduced penalties for medical marijuana usage.

These are the legal medical marijuana states:

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Where is it legal to use medical marijuana outside of the USA?


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  • Anneliese Curtis Place says:

    You should research my article about how I myself, got my hand on some after pulling a muscle. See you can smoke dope and sell cars!!

  • I think it is interesting what the justice department has moved to action on. I am working on a documentery on this… I would love to hear more.
    Anneliese Curtis Place
    Queen of Nightlife

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