We are happy to report that we finally have some good news coming from Kentucky. It seems that the Kentucky Senate recently approved a bill that would allow the usage of marijuana derivatives for medicinal purposes. Specifically, it allows cannabis oil to be administered to children with severe debilitating diseases. The activists are quite happy about the outcome of this situation and so are we. The bill was sponsored by Julie Denton, a Republican Senator that believes in the future of medical marijuana, especially if it comes in the form of a recommendation from a physician that’s working in a state hospital.

Recreational Marijuana Still Illegal

Do keep in mind that marijuana is severely illegal in Kentucky, which means you will be jailed if you’re caught with any amount. This is a direct result of the infamous cannabis classification as a Schedule I drug, meaning it is placed in the same grade as cocaine and heroine, something that the general public has been frowning upon for years. This particular bill still has to go through the House of Representative but this is one huge step for kids who need this medication the most. These are children that suffer from severe cases of epilepsy, which have been untreatable by standard prescription medication. According to a myriad of testimonials, cannabis oil has an extremely beneficial effect in these cases and drastically reduces the number of seizures.

Charlotte’s Web

You probably heard of Charlotte Figi, a girl who used to suffer from more than three hundred seizures a day. After being administered with CBD rich cannabis oil, the seizures were not completely gone but were instead reduced from three hundred a day to a “mere” two or three per month. Now, that is one hell of an achievement. People who grow this particularly low-THC, high-CBD strain have appropriately named the strain “Charlotte’s Web”. Seizures are usually an everyday occurrence with people who are suffering from autism disorders. What’s really interesting about these people is that they have more cannabinoid receptors than healthy individuals, which makes them ideal to CBD treatment.

Mommy Lobby

We have already written about the “mommy lobby” which consists of mothers fighting to legalize medical marijuana for severely sick children and it looks like this just might be a result of their efforts as well. For instance, Rita Wooten is also a mother of a child confronted with numerous seizures and after trying out 14 different medications; she decided to look for an alternative. She spoke in front of the Kentucky Senate and her efforts definitely contributed to this new bill. Now all we have to do is wait for the House of Representative to make the final decision. Its probably important to emphasize that over 30,000 children are suffering from seizures in Kentucky alone and that should be more than enough for the House of Representative to make their final decision – a positive one.


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