Well, it sure seems like it. Albuquerque city council has officially made the first step in that direction and put possession of small amounts of weed up for a vote. So, instead of getting incarcerated for being caught with a joint, it seems that now all you will have to do is pay a $25 fine, which really works better for everyone involved. Naturally, if you have a medical marijuana recommendation, you will be neither fined nor jailed. The city has also done one extra step in logically approaching marijuana possession. For instance, the committee has made marijuana possession the lowest priority for law enforcement, meaning they would rather chase an actual criminal than a kid with a reefer.

In 2014, it seemed that 60% of people living in Bernadillo County supported marijuana decriminalization; it appears that the other 40% is adamantly against decriminalization. If the bill passes, Mayor Richard Berry will veto the law if necessary. He has done it before due to the discrepancies between federal and state law, he has no problem doing it again.


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