In a unanimous vote yesterday (Wednesday, 17 February, 2010) a board of Iowa pharmacists voted for the reclassification of cannabis to a schedule 2 drug – that is they recognize the benefits of medical marijuana and support its legalization within the state.

The board recommended the formation of a task force to include patients, medical professionals, and law enforcement representatives who would be tasked with finding a safe way to implement the program.

The decision came after a series of hearings and months of discussion over the drug’s risks and benefits and pushes legal medical marijuana one step closer to reality in the state

The move comes after a recent poll by the Des Moines Register found 64 percent of Iowans support allowing patients to smoke pot if their doctors approve.

Immediate action is unlikely, due in part to the short legislative session, however, it is hoped that there will be a further move forward on Iowa’s medical marijuana program next year.

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  • Trevor says:

    Well i think we should be able to have medical marijuana in Iowa. I smoke weed alomost everyday. When i have head ackes i smoke and they are gone. I also have back pain an it helps with that too. legilize medical marijuana!

  • mark krugle says:

    I agree Kevin Iowa would benifit, and instead of corn and beans we could harvest a real cash crop

  • mark krugle says:

    i am a parapalygic whom suffers from chronic spinal cord pain, and constant pain in the knees from this ailment, marijuana is the only herbal remedy for said pain and is far better than the constant over the counter addictive drugs that doctors are placing me on, which cause several after effects.

    But yet its legal to keep me doped up on said pills, who does this benefit, not me of course, but welcome to iowa set your clock back 20 years.

  • matt says:

    I give full support, numerous individuals will benifit when Iowa follows through. The quicker the better.

  • Kevin tapp says:

    Thank god Iowa is starting to catch up to speed with the rest of the world! Need to hurry though cause people are suffering and Iowa is missing out on billions of dollars of revenue in which the state needs!

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