Medical marijuana vending machines have been on the market for some time now with Arizona first introducing them in order to provide patients with medical marijuana day and night. Some patients have trouble obtaining medical marijuana. Sometimes it might be because of their debilitating conditions, sometimes it’s the traffic that drives them nuts and sometimes it’s just easier to park next to a vending machine and get your weed products with no extra hassle. With that in mind, Colorado has just introduced a marijuana vending machine to the public. For now it just stands out there in the open in order to remind people of what to expect in the very near future. The marijuana industry is obviously moving forward and evolving so it is only natural that people are inventing new ways of providing this product to the masses.

Only Edibles

Make no mistake; this vending machine will not be containing actual marijuana bud. Instead, you will be able to buy edibles from the machine only under the condition that you have a medical marijuana card and are over legal age. There is no room for theft as the machine is highly secure but it won’t be easy obtaining the product. In addition to presenting your medical marijuana card, you will also need to present your ID, which will have to be verified. American Green, the company owned by Stephen Shearing, designed the vending machine and is quite proud of creating the first green edibles machine. Some of the best products from Herbal Elements will be stocked into the machine and after they make sure that the machine is full proof and rules are being adhered to, the machine will be completely open to the public.

Marijuana Revolution

This is bound to revolutionize the industry. Even though Arizona offers medical marijuana machines, those are still not out in public spaces but remain behind the counters of dispensaries. Considering the fact that Colorado now offers the very first machine to sell marijuana edibles, it is only a matter of time before those machines get filled with actual cannabis bud and that will definitely pose some challenging security questions. Because it’s one thing to place marijuana laced cookies into a machine but when we’re talking about drugs – that glass will probably have to be bulletproof.

Still, there is a slight chance that before that happens, Colorado will establish a decent marijuana culture that will not be empowering people to steal marijuana from vending machines. That’s why rules and regulations have to be implemented carefully, something that Colorado is already doing quite successfully to the point that many families whose members suffer from debilitating conditions are actually thinking about moving to Colorado in order to get successful treatment. Whether we’ll soon see medical marijuana vending machines on the streets of Colorado remains to be seen but we can’t think of a better place to test those waters.


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