Medical Marijuana – The Last Line of Defense

Marijuana like the word “consequences”, has been clouded in an abyss of negative value judgment losing its positive appeal. Defined as results of an action, consequences have come to only be known in usage to reference negativeRead more ›

Pot away the bottle

Alcoholism accounts for over 100,000 annual deaths in the United States due to drunk driving, terrible health complications like liver disease, suicides and others. According to statistics, approximately 7,000 children in the U.S under the age ofRead more ›

Cannabis salve, a solution to Eczema

Eczema also known as dermatitis is a medical condition that causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated. The word eczema comes from a Greek word that means to effervesce or bubble or boil over. The mostRead more ›

Cannabis, the laxative for constipation

Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal complaints in the United States. More than 4 million Americans have frequent constipation, accounting for 2.5 million physician visits a year. Those reporting constipation most often are women andRead more ›

Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania now legal

“Its law”, Senator Mike Folmer of Pennsylvania dubbed as “Marijuana Mike” for his relentless push for this legislation declared upon seeing Governor Tim Wolf’s signature on the bill. A rather hard fought and emotional goal, a billRead more ›

The winds of change now upon Europe

Recent times have seen a shift in the perception many have with regards to Marijuana and the recognition of the inherent medical value in this plant that has been part of humanity’s war chest against disease forRead more ›

Cannabis and HIV/AIDS

Many people in the US living with HIV/AIDS have for long suffered with the disease alongside its illnesses. The Human Immune Virus is a sexually transmitted infection that damages the immune system and interferes with the body’sRead more ›

Cannabis, the promising therapy for gastritis

Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining. It is a condition in which the stomach lining known as the mucosa is inflamed, or swollen. The stomach lining contains glands that produce stomach acid and an enzymeRead more ›

Pot for better sleep

No one ever wants their sleep tampered with. For some, it has been described as the sweetest thing. However, not everyone fully enjoys this daily asset. A lot of people fail to sleep because of insomnia. Insomnia,Read more ›

Tone down excess fat with cannabis

Clothes always purchased on special order, weight scale giving demoralizing results, lack of flexibility and speed, extra fat around the waist, breathing difficulties –this is the daily plight of people having obesity. No one ever enjoys theRead more ›

A better speech with cannabis

People who stutter are in most cases misunderstood for being clumsy and as thus, taken less seriously. Stuttering, also known as stammering refers to speech defect which causes involuntary disruption or blocking of speech (as by spasmodicRead more ›

DEA reschedule of marijuana to breath new hope.

Over 23 states in the US plus the District of Columbia have enacted laws that allow people to use medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. Two of those states – Colorado and Washington – have legalized marijuanaRead more ›