First AD For Medical Marijuana

As the green wave catches on and sweeps across the U.S., it was only a matter of time before advertising becomes the focal point of this new product. After all, you would think that first commercials wouldRead more ›

Mommy Lobby Fights To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Never underestimate the power of a mother. Back in the 70’s mothers weren’t really that supportive of marijuana, albeit for recreational or medical purposes. To be fair, back in those days, marijuana wasn’t viewed as a medicalRead more ›

Georgia Approves of Medical Marijuana

What was once a pipe dream (pun intended) is now becoming reality. Georgia seems to be taking baby steps to legalize medical marijuana and we just received word that the bill has a significant chance of beingRead more ›

Politics & Medical Marijuana

People have to realize one thing and once they do that, maybe they could go on leading their lives a bit differently. The government cannot take care of each and every one of us. In the headsRead more ›

How To Obtain Medical Marijuana In Massachusetts

Even though medical marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts, licenses still haven’t been sorted out. Needless to say, patients can’t really wait for medical marijuana dispensaries to open so they had to find another source of legalRead more ›

Sensi Skunk #1 Medical Cannabis Seeds

You can buy Sensi Super skunk Auto Weed Seeds at a low price from this recommended site. Ever wondered why weed is often referred to as skunk? It’s because of this particular variety right here. If it wasn’t forRead more ›

Nuvilex Thriving in the Field of Medical Marijuana

If you haven’t heard of the company so far, it’s important to mention Nuvilex, Inc. deals with biotechnology. Specifically, they are aiming to make cancer treatments available on a massive scale. Diabetes is also a priority forRead more ›

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2014

Believe it or not, despite the fact that the green hornet has been with us since Henry Ford, it seemed virtually impossible to find any research regarding the effects and usage of medical marijuana. Well, to beRead more ›

How My Mind Changed About Marijuana

How My Mind Changed About Marijuana Hey everyone I’m Josh. I’m a bit new to this whole medical cannabis thing, but I think that’s what it takes. It takes more people being open and saying, “You know,Read more ›

Medical Marijuana in Utah

A lot can be said about America’s green marijuana wave that has been sweeping across the country during the last couple of years. It started way back with California and even though that should’ve gotten the ballRead more ›