Why the Cannabis Industry Needs More Research?

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In recent times, cannabis industry has been receiving a lot of attention with policy makers in different countries of the world coming up with laws that are geared towards making cannabis more acceptable. Irrespective of this emerging focus on cannabis, not a few people are still in the limbo as to what the benefits of cannabis are or its possible adverse effects, if any. The bottlenecks limiting scientists from going all out to research on it is partly due certain laws in some countries that prevent them doing so. For instance, in the United States, marijuana is still classified in the category of schedule 1 substance which automatically places a seal on it that prevents extensive studies to be conducted on it. On the other hand, just across its northern border, marijuana was made legal to be used in any form, be it for recreational or medical purposes. The lack of a consensus regarding its acceptance notwithstanding, scientists generally believe that more researches need to be conducted so that facts could be separated from the many fictions surrounding cannabis, thus making it possible for cannabis to be used reliably in the treatment of certain ailments.  Check out the wide variety of CBD products on Swiss CBD.

Misconception about the Marijuana Industry

There are lots of controversial misconceptions surrounding marijuana and its use, but I will be limiting it to the most popular ones.

  • An Overdose on Cannabis is Fatal: against this popular believe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that this assertion is false. Although there has been several claims of people dying after excessive consumption of cannabis, but studies have shown that such deaths could have been as a result of an existing underlying health problem. Nevertheless, consuming cannabis in excess is strongly discouraged as it could lead to paranoia, delusions and other serious consequences.
  • Holding your smoke longer increases your “highness”: this is another myth, however, what happens is that when you temporarily cut off oxygen going to your brain, it makes you dizzy which is misinterpreted to be “highness”. Studies have shown that almost all the THC goes into your system immediately after inhaling.
  • CBD in your system will result in a failed drug test: with a maximum 0.3% THC, CBD cannot produce psychoactive effects that are associated with THC. In essence, taking CBD weed is safe. However, it is strongly advised that anyone going into a competitive sports should avoid CBD consumption due to several factors, one of which is that some manufacturers could produce CBD that are more concentrated with THC than its normal levels, thus putting you at risk.
  • Other myths about marijuana include: (i) Consumers of cannabis are mostly lazy people (ii) strains of CBD are universal (this is no longer the case because producers in diverse regions of the world now crossbreed cannabis plants which has diluted the strains).

Future of the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry no doubt has a very bright future. Since 2013, when Uruguay took a very bold step to legalize the use of cannabis both for medicinal and recreational purposes, many other countries had followed suit and its acceptance has continued to grow globally. Similarly, as more myths surrounding the cannabis industry are busted, more people will be willing to consume CBD without feeling guilty or being scared of getting into trouble with law enforcement agencies. Also, with more researches and studies being conducted extensively on CBD, more positive results will emerge that will make the cannabis industry much more popular than it is currently.

What More Things Can Be Discovered?

A lot still needs to be known about CBD going forward, and to actualize that, there ought to be increased education and awareness. At the moment, there are inadequate training and enlightenment campaigns to reposition the mindsets of both the producers and consumers of CBD. There should be an interface that will enable reliable information to be passed across between those producing CBD and those consuming it. They should be assisted by the authorities so they can have comprehensive knowledge of CBD especially in areas pertaining to compliance, how to take care of patients and other vital areas of the cannabis industry.

Way to Consume Cannabis?

There are various ways one can consume cannabis. It can be consumed along with edible foods; it can be smoked like a cigarette or can as well be consumed as tinctures, chocolates, oils or gummies. Individuals have their favorite choices or preferences when it comes to cannabis consumption.

Tell Us the Story of the First Time You Consumed Marijuana

The first time I consumed marijuana is quite memorable to me. I must say that it wasn’t intentional then, because I wasn’t actually aware prior to consuming it. I visited a friend and who cooked rice and dished it out for me. I ate the food and after a while, I began to feel excited and music was playing on the home theater, so we began to dance, me and my host with two other friends. The funny thing was that, the more we danced, the more excited we got until at a point, it hit me that something wasn’t normal with me. There was a wall mirror nearby, so I got close to it and looked at myself. I was shocked to see how reddish my eyes were and I immediately put off the music and confronted my host to tell me if any stimulant was added in the food I ate. He denied at first, but later admitted he had put some marijuana into the food while it was still being cooked. He apologized profusely and I forgave him.


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